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Discussion in 'Digimon' started by Role, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    *sighs* Man, if only Japan wasn't all uber-pokemon loving... I mean, as good as pokemon is, it's not THAT good... I've always felt that digimon for the most part was better. But it's not like anything matters outside of how they do in Japan... Not to mention it's unfortunate status here in the US a pokemon knockoff... Uggh...

    If only it had more popularity, then we'd most likely see new stuff more often...

    Any updates ANYWHERE that y'all know of? Even in the official online media stuffs? I mean, if all they've got so far is a new version of Butter-fly (which is a great song and all, but...), then what does that mean for the future of the series?
  2. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    I dont know if someone noticed something on the trackers today, but i started to fansub the Digimon adventure series ;) just to let you know guys if you didnt saw it :)

    (Digimon Adventure ep.48)

  3. Kage

    Kage THE all-high-and-mighty

    You seriously didn't pay attention to some of the threads that came out during some wank.

    So if not, you'll see this.

    Current Projects
    ► Digimon Adventure DVD
    47/54 episodes
    ★ See our IRC channel topic for current project status! There will be a v2 release of this series once subbing is complete (mostly encoding changes)

    ► Legendz DVD
    35/50 episodes
    ★ nezucho is leading this project

    ► Onmyou Taisenki DVD
    20/52 episodes
    ★ Lalala~

    ► Switch OVA
    1/2 episodes
    ★ Episode 2 DVD to be subbed after Digimon Adventure. MKV in progress

    You'll also notice that they UPDATE this. Note the first thing. KTHX
  4. Seraphimon-T.K.

    Seraphimon-T.K. <b>Scan Editor</b><br>~Holy Warrior~

    Drop the "all-high-and-mighty" attitude. In the blog i wrote that they dropped the project because thats many people think (included me), blame anidb and the livejournal post that they said that. I'll not sniff around to find the truth. Anyone from RyRo can edit the status to "ongoing" that way it will be easier...

    And to be honest, i never checked the profile page to see the status, i only check the news entries, since i saw in anidb the "dropped" status and the entries that said that i believed that, and now that you said it i saw it.

    I apologize to Splash for that misinformation, but i didnt really knew that RyRo will continue the series, and thats why i wrote that in the blog (i already erase it).
  5. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    ...Isn't this thread SUPPOSED to be for official/canon news, rather than scanlation status stuff?
  6. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Well you're the one who made the topic, but I didn't see that specified on the first post XD You should edit that in then :-O And if that's the case, the other guys should make a new topic if they want to continue talking about it. By the way, RyRo's Digimon Adventure is a fansubbing project, not scanlating XD

    *dons Kage "THE all-high-and-mighty KAGE"* yattaze
  7. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Well, you'd assume from the title that it's news and discussion about upcoming digimon stuff... Not scanlations/fansubs. That's got its own section on the site.
  8. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Like I saidddd you didn't mention anything about official/canon, just "Any news or rumors on upcoming digimon projects are welcome here! "

    There aren't specific "sections" for scans/fansubs except for DATS-only releases. So yeah like I said, just make a separate topic if you want to keep going on with the issue. It's not difficult. XD
  9. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    My fault for not being clear enough I guess...
  10. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Okay now for official news :D

    MOAR DIGIMON MUSIC... looks like a single, I'm hoping a song along the likes of "Yuuki o Uketsugu Kodomotachi e"

  11. celestial_sacred

    celestial_sacred Active Member

    Oh yay! Something like Yuuki wo Uketsugu Kodomotachi e would be sweet.
  12. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Aww... more music?

    * Role sighs

    I shall repeat it agian, then... Music is great and all, but I was hoping for something more...
  13. SSJ Jup81

    SSJ Jup81 Official Link Fanglomper

    Wish they'd come out with a drama or an OVA or if they do music, come out with a bgm collection with all the music used in the series. It would be nice to release bgm that wasn't on any of the Uta to Ongaku Shuu albums.
  14. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Oh, a complete remastered collection of all the music would be AWESOME... I'm guessing IF they did that, though, there'd be a separate release for the Anime and Video Games.
  15. D1 Unit

    D1 Unit Digimon Refresher Unit

    Finally, a sign of movement of the Digimon still continue on. TT TT

    But... 10th Anniversary work? This is really confuse me. Then, what is the previous 10th Anniversay Album? Is it the new one or re-release?

    You're so up-to-date,Splash. Thank you. :D
  16. SSJ Jup81

    SSJ Jup81 Official Link Fanglomper

    Did I miss something? There was already a 10th Anniversary album?
  17. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Hey gaiz... MORE NEWS... XDDDD

    They're releasing a BOOK for the memorial!!! <3 ~~~ DEFINITELY getting this, one of the top things I've been wanting them to release more of.
    I translated the neowing description:
    I'd certainly hope for earlier since September is a bit more ways to wait to go with the CDs, but we'll have to see... XD;

    Also, it's not what we were REALLY hoping for, but they're reissuing a whole ton of Adventure-related CDs. ._.;

    To answer the 10th anniversary confusion stuff, they're reissuing the 10th anniversary album Yume e no Kakehashi, but they're releasing a new SINGLE for the actual 10th anniversary date.
  18. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    Um... LOL sorry for the double post, but I just spotted another something...!! D:

    On TOP of the 10th anniversary single and all the reissues of the Adventure CDs (btw I missed the non Wada Kouji-related ones, you can see them all here:
    http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/newrelease/anime_cd/index.html?month=2009-8 )...
    For the first time, we're getting the Digital Monster X-Evolution soundtrack!

  19. Galaxy Limit B

    Galaxy Limit B Ghostmemba

    Wait, a databook covering ALL five series? Like, behind the scenes stuff, such as Konaka's Alice6 website, but for ALL of them?

    That's AWESOME.
  20. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    I kind of doubt they'll go as in-depth or behind the scenes as Konaka's website, but I'll be more than happy enough if we get some gems of that level in the book XD;;; More likely that kind of thing will pop up in the "special interviews." But who knows~ they've got almost 400 pages for it after all~ *CAN'T WAIT*

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