Ryuusei no Rockman 3 - Gameplay Discussion/Help

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Thrust, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Thrust

    Thrust New Member

    Ryuusei no Rockman 3 - Gameplay Discussion/Help

    ....i'm about to play it, Thank you internet!

    The real question is, black joker or red ace, and does anyone care?
  2. Kaeri

    Kaeri Title for Rent

    I'm personally torn between the two versions as I'd love to get both Virgo and Ophiuca (sp?) Forms....but they're in 2 different games! But, since my brother and I will both get a version, I'll trade off with him after I'm done playing through whatever version I get. My brother wants to try out Black Ace, though I'm partial to both versions.
  3. Vande

    Vande Active Member Evil Incarnate?

    Sure there are a few topics on this already but i don't care enough about RnR to search for them.
  4. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Guess who has a copy :v

    Here is a hint

    it is me :v

    Then again, my computer's broken down, so maybe it's just the universe balancing out.

    Will post impressions as I play. Having just started, it seems a little bit more polished visually than the first two, though that might just be me. Starts off at school, you get the Hunter VG, Shepar/whatever his JP name is is back. Music is a nice little remix of the first game's school tune. Little voices in menu when you pick an option are back.

    EDIT: Minor areas (eg. computers) are bigger and more complex. Battles let you destroy panel rows, bringing the enemy closer. A nice little strategy twist. You can change in to Rockman anywhere, anytime. They got rid of the dramatic 5-second animation, it's just a half-second animation of Subaru changing and you're done.

    Story-wise, there's the usual tutorial stuff. Rock takes advantage of the fact that everyone having wizards means he can materialize without any trouble, and proceeds to terrorize Luna. Madness ensues.
  5. Thrust

    Thrust New Member

    someone eithor is really good at guessing cutscenes or can read japanese. but sounds fun, I'd grab it now but I played #2 and without being able to read the tutorial was lost as heck.
  6. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Further stuff:
    -There's weird Noise Areas that pop up in various places. When you enter them you get dropped at a random point in them and can't pulse out normally, you have to find a way out.
    -Story-wise, being unable to read Japanese I'm not going to pronounce anything but as far as I can tell Shidou not only knows Subaru's Rockman but threatens to reveal it to the world (or something.) lol ignore that Drk-X over on the Undersquare says the whole thing's just to compete for a card a kid at school needs and he wanted to battle Rockman. Also, Acid pisses off War-Rock. Jack and Queentia are jerks. Shidou has an odd habit of brushing his teeth mid-sentence that makes me feel like I'm playing an Ace Attorney game. Some kid at school in the science lab joins Subaru's brotherband before too long.
  7. Emi-hime

    Emi-hime <span style="color: deeppink;"><strong>#1 Subaru ♥

    For me...I liked Black Ace for a long time, but Red Joker grew on me. I got Red Joker as it has better pre-order gifts but Black Ace has more abilities and skills I like...

    For now, I'm playing the Black Ace ROM to get screenshots for WSA until my Red Joker game arrives in the mail. Then I'll probably take a place, finish the actual game where I can SAVE and then I know what to rush to in the ROM for awesome screenshotness.
  8. Yuri



    So how is the game overall? Improved much? Or just little tidbits here and there?
  9. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    I'm barely started, but it does seem a step up a bit from RnR/2. It's a lot more polished than the others and battles are more fun with the extra strategy involved thus far.
  10. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    You know, I did create a Network Timeline News Thread for the specific purpose of keeping a ton of topics like this from popping up...
  11. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    T'be honest, Role, not a lot of people are going to go discuss a game that's just been released in a 'News' thread, and it's easier to keep them separate, especially given that in a week or two this'll be done with anyways.
  12. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Fine, but all these threads popping up like this defeats the purpose of my thread: A News, Info, and Discussion thread about the Network Timeline games. I personally am SICK of having to look at 5-6 different threads all about the same thing when they're better off sharing a single thread.
  13. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    You have to remember though, each of the threads talk about diffrent things.

    I got Red Joker. I'm still learning Japanese, so I am finding it a little difficult. I love the gameplay though. It is a huge step up.
  14. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Yes, but you can also compare/contrast those various things if they were all located in a single thread much better than if they were in fifty different threads.
  15. tanjiajun_34

    tanjiajun_34 Bly Supporter

    Ryuusei No Rockman 3 Japanese Help

    I dun understand japanese but I tried to play...zzz
    I am stuck the dun know wad place... The place where you need to pulse in and by wave road walk into the building and get the card thingy from misora then walk back out of the building then pulse out then let the others in the building. I had also done the part which u need to walk to the field behind the building and see something on the ground and a man walking around it. After then I am stucked, i talked to everyone and tried to pulse in almost all things but I still only see the misora and a man outside the building and luna in a room with a girl.
  16. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Role does have a point, so I'm merging all RnR3 topics that pop up for the time being into this thread.
  17. tanjiajun_34

    tanjiajun_34 Bly Supporter

    I solved my previous problem, now I stuck at another. The man who looks like a police gave me a card, wad is that for?

    And the top right thing in battle, how it works?
  18. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    @GSR: I guess that'll do for now, but it's exactly the reason I made that thread...

    @Tanjiajun: Don't speak Japanese? Stop playing the Rom then, and BUY THE GAME once it gets localized. <_<

    I mean, it's inevitable, and only a matter of time. Plus, it'll be a LOT more enjoyable if you know what the hell you're supposed to be doing.
  19. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

    Does it matter if it's localized or not? It's a game that's meant to be enjoyed. And if you want to know something, try other places than just this.
  20. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Still playing bit by bit. Ox is as easy as ever to fight.

    Also oh hai burai noise (courtesy I AM PRINNY GOD on the Undersquare)


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