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Discussion in 'Rockman' started by JKaizer, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    I just can't stand of Rockman anime
    I'm not caring it much either, since 40% of my prediction about the ending was correct, and it's still that plain thingie they have as the ending
    I just downloaded all the epis, then watch them only for 1 time, and then move them to my optional HDD

    I'd better look up on the games
  2. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    You should. They're really good. If you like that sort of game play. The story isn't disappointing though.
  3. david0925

    david0925 New Member

    Frankly speaking any anime with any sense of story continuation is hard to express in a 10 minute timeframe. Did Capcom get an "ok" profit from Beast+ that they decided to continue doing 10 minute episodes to Ryuusei?

    On the other hand, the story in the RnR game is pretty "standard", but character development is very strong. I haven't played RnR2 yet, so I can't comment on that yet.

    All in all I enjoyed the animation and the art, at least some effort was put into it. I don't know if any of you watched Legendz. Human figures in that anime were absolutely horrible drawn.
  4. Forsaken

    Forsaken *Silence*

    Is Emptys true form showed up in the series? And can somebody tell me the Japanese name of the tribe kings link force big bang (Czar Delta Breaker [CzrDBkr]) that he used against Le Mu?
  5. Rendan

    Rendan Missed <3

    *brushes dust off of topic*


    Kaizer Delta Breaker
  6. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    Empty is... empty... I mean literally! In the game Empty is another Denpa-Lifeform hiding in a costume. In tribe, Empty is himself with no true form or host body.
  7. Forsaken

    Forsaken *Silence*

    Except for the last ep... Is there other ep where he used saurian/dinosaur tribe and ninja/shinobi tribe form?
  8. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    Nope... I was actually disappointed over this... I really wanted to see Subaru use the Sauran form.
  9. Forsaken

    Forsaken *Silence*

    Shame... I was also expecting Subaru in Dinosaur tribe-on...
  10. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    You don't even see him in FireDinosaur. You see him in Bezerk/FireDino cross.
    I was so depressed, cause everyone knows fire is ownage
  11. Forsaken

    Forsaken *Silence*

    But the dinosaur tribe on was always seen on the opening theme
  12. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    *watches opening of tribe again*

    WTF? You're right!

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