OMG Digimon Adventure 03! WITH SCREENSHOT


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i can't believe i fell for this 5 years later...


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:( Yeahh.. Coming from here, even before checking the date, I assumed it was a troll xD

I wish it were true though... Adventure was teh best ;x... I liked all of 'em 'cept the new crap though <.< It was like power rangers meets transformers meets voltron = the new Digimon? *shrug*


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Cause we all love Digimon Adventure and I hate Digimon Adventure 02!. I just finished rewatching the dub of Adventure and started on 02 Davis needs to die, Matt needs to die, TAIORA FOREVER! and when I finish I'm gonna watch the subs on netflix...


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Holy shit... Gotta check on my PC. Can't watch video on phone...


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Dats, you should translate it, and make sure that your releases are softsubbed MKVs so I can take the subs and translate them to Arabic later :p



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The chances of that are pretty slim unless Ryan wants to translate xx