OMG Digimon Adventure 03! WITH SCREENSHOT

Discussion in 'Digimon' started by Skr, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    OMG Digimon Adventure 03! WITH SCREENSHOT

    So yeah, I found this video today and it was a preview of 03 ;D It has Armadimon armor evolving using the digimental of friendship ;D whoo~

    AND LOOK! It's in widescreen :D

    Show Spoiler
    Yeah, in reality that was just an error in Movie 3. It should have v-mon's name there for when he is evolving into Lighdramon... So to stay on topic... had anyone else found animation errors in digimon somewhere along the series

  2. Takayu Syaoran

    Takayu Syaoran The GoggleBoy is BACK!!

    Aww... I knew it was too good to be true...
  3. Megidoramon

    Megidoramon Megido Flame

    lol, i thought that was true >.< oh well it was fun while it lasted
  4. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    LOL ! Dub Mistakes. I think the reverse case, with V-Mon´s Name appearing in Armadimon´s Evo Sequence exists aswell.
  5. MirageDukemon

    MirageDukemon New Member

    cool find. i remember in tamers when jeri used the card slash she had takato's red digivice.
  6. Akai Shuichi

    Akai Shuichi The Pierrot

    MugenSeiRyu, that mistake was in the Japanese Movie 3, it has been fixed in the Dub.
  7. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Sure that wasn´t in the Dub ?
  8. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Took the screenshot myself, so I'm sure it's from the japanese version...

    For one the english is in 4:3 not 19:9... and Armadimon is something like Armadillomon or something isn't it? XD
  9. KingBurgermon

    KingBurgermon New Member


    That's funny, though.
  10. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    But wasn't that because she didn't have her own.

    She thought Leomon was her partner in that episode, but he didn't become her partner until later on ;)
  11. celestial_sacred

    celestial_sacred Active Member

    *watched the part in the movie* It really is a mistake in the original movie. It was when V-mon was evolving into Lighdramon. And they spelled Fladramon's name Flaydramon in that movie! XD
  12. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    So even the original Japanese versions can make a mistake, it's not always the dubs that make a mistake.
  13. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー


    I was kinda shocked too, i didn't really expect a mistake... i haven't really watched the movie yet ={

    But I'll get around to watching it =D
  14. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    If you're careful enough, you can see errors all over in anime :-p
  15. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Actually, you can find Errors like that Everywhere. Especially Hollywood Blockbusters are full of them.

    The Dub just makes it more likely.
  16. MirageDukemon

    MirageDukemon New Member

    actually i was talking about after she got her own digivice.
  17. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    Really... i must've missed it then :p

    Was this in the Dub or the Japanese Version... b/c i know there hasn't been a group that has released Tamers Sub After Kato-san got her Digivice.
  18. pinkechidna

    pinkechidna New Member

    You make me cry... ;~;

    Neat though, XD I catch weird things like that sometimes too, I'm so anal. X3;;
  19. Elecmon

    Elecmon New Member

    At first I thought it may have been an animated version of that CD drama where the 02 digimon using the other digimon's digimentals.
  20. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    ...No? She has her Yellow Digivice when she Slashes the LadyDevimon card. She only Slashes a card two times, (Well, she used the same card twice before she had her Digivice).

    Lol at the screenshot. I've watched the subbed version of the movie twice, surprised I never saw it. Funny stuff.

    I found a few glitches in the Tamers opening just the other day. I'll post them a bit later.

    I didn't fall for Adventure 03 =D

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