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Discussion in 'Press Room' started by Rayana_Wolfer, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Angewolf

    Angewolf New Member

    Excuse me can someone possiabley tell me which CD is the song that plays in episode 44 of Digimon Adevnture (01) when Gabumon warp evolves?\

    No i am not talking about Seven by Wada Kouji i'm talking of the iinstermental song afterwords.
  2. celestial_sacred

    celestial_sacred Active Member

    Checked out episode 44 and it seems like there's no soundtrack of it. Haha. It was clearly played in episode 52 when Angemon evolved into HolyAngemon. No wonder it sounded so familiar. I watched it like a gazzillion times since it was the only raw I got hold of back then. xD
  3. Angewolf

    Angewolf New Member

  4. Windragon

    Windragon New Member

    Still waiting for the X-Evolution original soundtrack
    No one have it including japanese private server, really strange :(
  5. onkeikun

    onkeikun 私語が多いって言われるよ。でもそんなの 関係ねぇ

    Then please, BUY IT.
  6. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    You beg, we ban.
  7. elektra

    elektra Member

    I wonder is あの夏の輝きin which album/single? I couldn't find any info about it in CDJapan or other than 10th fan-made MV. Can you provide info? So I can search and order it.
  8. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    err, あの夏の輝き is a fanmade song too ^^;
  9. elektra

    elektra Member

    Oh, I see. Thanks. It's great fanmade, all sounds are just like Digimon artists' ^^
  10. agunimonX

    agunimonX New Member

    Thank You......

    Thank You everyone for all of this wonderful music and I hope to return the favor to you some day.:):)
  11. cardslash02

    cardslash02 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm part of the team currently subbing Tamers, and I'd like to get my hands on the kanji lyrics to some Tamers songs, specifically the Song Carnival. Rather than work with old transliterated versions from people who may not have known what they were doing, I'd like to look at the lyrics myself.

    If anyone can point me towards some scans, please do.
  12. fratta

    fratta New Member

    hi everybody. i'm looking for the 10th Odaiba Memoria CD, it came out i assume on August 1st of this year (indeed the 10th anniversaty) but i can't find anywhere.
    Here's the front CD cover i found on WtW, but no download for the cd.
    Thanks to any1 can help ;)
  13. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

    This says all...
  14. Suwae CHU

    Suwae CHU New Member

  15. Digimon

    Digimon New Member

    What is the different between normal link file and 320 link file?
  16. elektra

    elektra Member

    320 is higher quality than normal. (And bigger file)
  17. agunimonX

    agunimonX New Member

    I have purchased the new Memorial CD And will upload to here As Soon As I Get it in 2010.
  18. piccolo2000

    piccolo2000 New Member

    I wand to know is there are rips of "Digimon History 1999-2006 All The Best" online?
  19. Splash

    Splash <b>Super Moderator</b><br>♥ TOMATO ♥

    There aren't any new tracks on "Digimon History 1999-2006 All The Best", so you can just get the songs in it from the other singles/albums they're included in.

    DEATH_THE_KID New Member

    Well hello to everyone! mine came yesterday and YES theres no new songs but guess what???? all songs were remastered an example: Butter-Fly. Target~Akai Shougeki~, I wish, keep on Days~Aijou to Nichijou~ sounds more clearly and less distorted than the previous albums, for finish all songs! i could upload it but, unfortunately my dvd writer is broken T_T i cant rip CDs!!!! im so angry:mad: but i hope repair my writer and later ill rip it! in 320 with scans only wait some days or weeks if not surely another rip will be appear, here 4 pictures:

    i hate you dvd writer T_T!!

    MEGA EDIT: pictures removed, but album finally ripped in 320 unfortunately my scanner is messed up but ahhhh whatever scans credits: wtw forums XD ENJOY:

    DIGIMON HISTORY 1999-2006:
    CD 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?gouxntdmm4w
    CD 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?ovyyznyktmy

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