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Discussion in 'Press Room' started by Rayana_Wolfer, May 28, 2007.

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    DEATH_THE_KID New Member

    thank you ^^ ive checked myself the hotfile and is the flac version but messed up, only extract 8 tracks the right flac one is the torrent! but here is the mp3 version in mediafire ^^


    sorry well for me, flac doesnt like me, yes, sound better but XD only have 400GB in laptop XD i prefer mp3, but, later when im not busy im going to convert the flacs into 320kbps for the best mp3 quality see you and enjoy ^^
  2. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

  3. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

    I really enjoy listening to the OST! Well, I really like them even in previous seasons esp. Adventure (In the albums, "Uta to Ongaku Shuu", hehehe....) .
    Can't wait for the next CDs. xD
  4. Rayana_Wolfer

    Rayana_Wolfer ~Born to be Wild~

    I failed... I really thought it was October 3rd. T_T" Thank you for the head up!

    I'm enjoying the Xwars OST so far, I just hope there are more OST albuns after this one. <3
    PS.: Thank you Death_t_k for the uploads!! +added to the 1st post both mp3 and flac versions+ /happygirl *-*/
  5. D1 Unit

    D1 Unit Digimon Refresher Unit

    gosh, you guy are really quick at this.

  6. agunimonX

    agunimonX New Member

    Hey just a heads up,
    Digimon History CD 1 Butter-Fly and CD2 One Vision are corrupt.
  7. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

    Hey, just want to say that the "Never Give Up!" CD Single is already released! Is there a download link already? Thanks a lot again =D
  8. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

  9. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

  10. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

    Thanks! It's better than nothing! Now, I shall wait for the new insert songs album... "The Hero Who Dances in the Sky! X5"!(The one with Shoutmon X4B & X5's evo songs, along with DarkKnightmon's Theme!!) =D
  11. Bowl

    Bowl New Member

    The 320 Version Megaupload link for NECA-30039 Digimon Tamers Uta to Ongaku Shuu Ver. 1 is invalid, is there another link?

    Anyone has an idea on how to download from this website?

    Is it 320version for NECA-30039 Digimon Tamers Uta to Ongaku Shuu Ver. 1


  12. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

    It's already November 30 here (also in Japan, they are only 1 hour ahead of us) AND TOMORROW IS THE RELEASE OF THE NEW ALBUM, "Sora Mau Yuusha! X5" (The Hero Who Dances in the Sky! X5)

    I hope someone puts it up already xD
  13. cutejana17

    cutejana17 New Member

  14. Mienai Hikari

    Mienai Hikari New Member

    Thanks for sharing the link for the new single. But I'm just confused. The title on the album cover says "Sora ni Mau Yuusha! X5"? Shouldn't that be the correct title?
  15. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Sora ni Mau Yuusha X5 is the correct title. The link does link to the correct album. It is just the uploader mislabeled it or something.
  16. Mienai Hikari

    Mienai Hikari New Member

    I checked the credits on episode 17 and it says "Sora Mau Yuusha! X5". Maybe it's a typo on their part?
  17. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Oh shoot. I'm sorry. The title is Sora Mau Yuusha.

    xD The "ni" is not supposed to be there.
  18. cheesecat

    cheesecat Digimon Researcher

  19. Bowl

    Bowl New Member

    thank you for the release of the 320 version.
  20. CyberXIII

    CyberXIII New Member

    Hello everyone does anyone know the name of the song that plays at 6:25 when Seraphimon comes down in a crucifix position? It's supposedly an classical piece but I don't know what it is. It ain't Requiem, that comes later.


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