Why do you like RnR?

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Vande, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. AoBfrost

    AoBfrost Mii-Chan's #1 fan!

    That is true, most of the bosses from EXE were from previous rockman games such as 1-6. Ryuusei has new bosses so they arent remakes of originals.
  2. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    I agree with that also
    EXE is just..... what should i say...... remake/enhancement from the original Rockman
  3. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

    Exactly and that's why RnR is fresh and new.
  4. david0925

    david0925 New Member

    First of all, Ryuusei is Rockman. I've been following the game since forever (15 years without backtracking), so its only natural for me that I continue to follow it. Second, I've been pretty interested in human-nonhuman friendships and stuff like that (Digimon, and to a lesser extent, Pokemon does that as well).

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  5. Nemomon

    Nemomon <b>Gaming Freak</b><br>Chip Library Evo

    First of all, Ryuusei of RockMan.

    Why i like it? Because Battle Network series is dead because of that game (i like EXE too).
  6. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    ^ True dat.

    It's only natural to enjoy Ryuusei if you loved EXE. Game or anime.
  7. Negi

    Negi New Member

    ^^ I've enjoyed EXE, and eventually came over to RnR.

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