Rockman.EXE Beast+ Episode 01 [DVD] (XviDv3) (h264)

Discussion in 'Fansub Release Announcements' started by Netto, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. shadowneko003

    shadowneko003 New Member

    Thanks for subbing Beast +, though I have downloaded but does not have the time to watch. Looking forward for more releases!
  2. syrg

    syrg New Member

    Like before, "Oh, it's nothing" should be Meijin's traditional "No need for formalities"
    The word "beastized" is also really sorta awkward sounding... Perhaps you could use "juuka" or "beast"/"beast out"
    For example -
    "beastized viruses" ----> "Juuka viruses"
    ----> "Beast viruses"
    "going into beastized mode" ----> "going into Juuka style/mode"
    ----> "Beasting Out"
    I do prefer the 'juuka' version because it stays closer to the Japanese raw language and is easier to say (in my opinion). Beasting out is more of an English dub sort of translation.

    Other than the neglect of Meijin's catchphrase and 'beastized' concerns, I didn't notice anything else particularly out of place. For a first release, I thought it was awesome.
  3. Quatre Winner

    Quatre Winner New Member

    Yay, Beast +! Considering I never finished watching the RAWS on Beast... <.< >.>

    Since it looks like Scar's gonna handle uploading to Megavideo, I'll just say, thanks for the release~ o> Will look for errors.
  4. zero1328

    zero1328 (1+3)*2=8

    Have you ever considered collaborating with Puku and WPP in fansubbing Rockman.exe? They've already translated most of the episodes.

    A few notes before I watch this:

    "No need for formalities" is from WPP and Puku's fansubs. It's the closest thing to the direct translation, while still maintaining understanding for Japanese illiterates. Literally it would mean "No need for the '-san'", which is pretty close.
  5. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Next person that suggests we team up with them... I'm gonna harass Zelsius into banning.
  6. zero1328

    zero1328 (1+3)*2=8

    If you're not interested, could you perhaps explain why not? If you wouldn't like to explain either, you could maybe make it more clear that you're not interested.. put it in the rules or something. It sounds like you've heard that suggested alot.

    Edit: Notes on the Episode:

    I'm not exactly sure on the context of this line:

    "Dr. Hikari! This is urgent! The Dimensional Generator is working just as you expected it to do!"

    I'm no master of Japanese yet, so I don't know what happened in the end of Beast. I don't understand why the Dimensional Generator working successfully is an urgent issue..? Maybe a rephrasing is needed.

    Another edit:

    I feel that you're using "beastized" excessively. Stuff like "beastized chips" or "beastized mode" are grammatically incorrect, but "beastized viruses" sound right. Following the quirky rules of the english language, something that is "beastized" would mean it has turned into a beast. "Beastized chip" means "chips that have turned into beasts." You could call it a "Beast chip" or "beastizing chip", and say "beast mode".

    I'm not sure if you want us to find this kind of error, but at 3:30, Dingo just calls him "Doctor", not "Dr. Hikari".
  7. RollEXE

    RollEXE Member

    Are you guys working backwards throughout the Rockman sereis? Like, when you finish Beast +, then you'll gonna do Beast, then Stream, then Axess....?

    Just curious, but love DATS always!
  8. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    zero1328: Let me put it this way. I'm, as a member, no longer welcome at REO, the home of Puku.

    WPP bans any DATS member that they see in their channel.

    That tell you enough?
  9. zero1328

    zero1328 (1+3)*2=8

    Hm.. ok then, I suppose that's enough for me to understand.

    I think it may be a good idea to reconcile on whatever happened. WPP/Puku's the only group working on Rockman, and their progress is very slow, that's why I suggested it in the first place. Please think about it.

    I'm not going to push any further than what I just said, so I won't mention it to you again.
  10. Zelsius

    Zelsius <b>Egosexual</b>

    You better stop it. Read Scipio's answer, there is no chance we can join with them, and that's not because we'd be unwilling to.
  11. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Let me put this in simple terms: WPP hates us. I don't know why, the feud started before my time. Sure, it'd be great if we could work together, but WPP isn't going to suddenly forgive and devote themselves to working with us.
  12. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    The feud started before my time. It goes back to the early days of Frontier. D:
  13. zero1328

    zero1328 (1+3)*2=8

    Zelsius, I already said I wasn't going to mention it again.. It's kinda off topic. I've already found enough info on that issue.

    On topic, I can't see any other problem with the subs, outside of Meijin's line and the overuse of "beastize".

    On the filesize, at the current size, the total size of all 26 eps will take up around 4.5 CDs, or 3/4 of a DVD, so shrinking it isn't a bad idea at all. Adjusting it for 1/2 a DVD sounds good, which is around 85MB each. Other fansub groups base the filesize on how a whole season will fit on a single DVD, so that will leave room for archiving a 13 ep anime series. (On that note, Ryuusei no Rockman will take up around 3/4 of a DVD, also... too late to adjust for that series, though.)
  14. Zelsius

    Zelsius <b>Egosexual</b>

    Although Scipio had already given you a definite No and a reason, you still suggested it again while saying you won't mention it anymore. That was unnecessary.
    That is all, now bury it. Quietly.
  15. Quatre Winner

    Quatre Winner New Member

    I practically live in REO and I don't understand the circumstances under which Koroku left... I haven't heard anything about a feud :confused:; I'm confused.

    As far as the episode goes... other than what's already been pointed out, I didn't see anything o> good job!
  16. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Ryouko was a complete bitch and told me to GTFO basically. :)

    And we'll probably go for 75-100MB filesizes on these, more towards the higher end.

    RnR is so low because the raw quality is just that shitty.
  17. GSR

    GSR That one guy

  18. Ryouko

    Ryouko New Member

    It would help if you clarified what is happening between DATS and Puku, instead of just calling me names...

    Several times I was asked by DATS members if Puku would joint for Beast+. Each time I politely refused, and reminded everyone that we are jointed with WPP for the entirety of Beast and Beast+. That has been a clear fact from day one, and is explained in full on our website. I'm not sure where the idea of Puku and DATS jointing came from, but it was not from our side.

    The DATS thread on the REO forums was only removed because the originator, Koroku, deleted all of their messages in the entire thread after we told them to please not post subs of Beast+ on our forums. The link was posted without asking (asking WHILE you're doing it isn't really asking in the first place).

    There is no ban against any members of DATS over at the REO forums, I'm not sure where this rumor started. We have no issues against your fansubs, we only ask for you to respect our hard work in completing the Beast fansubs and refrain from posting any other subs of the series in our forums. To do so is somewhat inconsiderate. We have always appreciated your subs of Ryuusei, I know our members always looked forward to your updates. We would truely like to see you return.

    I'm not sure if this message will retain intact, and I'm sorry for derailing somewhat. I just thought some issues should be clarified. I never intended any harm, and if my initial response seemed harsh, I can only say that we have worked very hard on our projects.


    As for the "beastized" term, we've been dealing with this a lot to. We basically just shortened it to "beast viruses" or "beast out" (yes, we adapted the dub term - though I'm fairly positive this came around BEFORE the dub came to be). Sometimes there's no other way to go than "beastized" though. n.n; just have to go with your gut.

    Another note of mention, we have changed our terminology of "Science Labs" over to the more accurate name, "Ministry of Science". Science Labs was actually a mistranslation by WPP waaay back in the days of EXE Season 1, and it just kind of stuck. You'll now notice in every recent Puku and WPP release, we now refer it always as to Ministry of Science. Every now in then during the series you'll see a written out label of the place which clearly states it as so.

    Aha... that was a lot longer than I intended. x_o
  19. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    "Harsh"? More like an out-right flame.

    Now gtfo of our homebase, like we've done for you.

  20. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    Yo, Greg, even if you don't like him here, he's at least being polite about it for the most part. No need to 'gtfo' all over him.

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