Now accepting applications for the position of "Quality Checker"


Well, I might be a bit late and I might have only this post at this time, but here's why I would be a good quality checker:

1) BA in Creative Writing (so, lots of editing experience) and English Lit.
2) MA in Children's Literature, including Literary Translation & Adaptation, which would be useful for knowing how a sentence gets across when read.
3) I adore Digimon so much I actually got a job in Intertrack (Mexico) and dubbed some characters in 02 and Tamers as well as being advisor and stand-in for the voice director.
4) My second job at Intertrack was QC of the dubbed animes and films, including working with Hi-8 tapes.
5) I have the free time and the will... and I'm pretty good with time management, so I'll be okay with it even if I do get a job anytime soon.
6) I love Digimon.

[EDIT] I understand your point completely, Scipio. :) I'll prove my worth!


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Just to note... I don't always give permissions right away. I wait to see if you stay active at the forum.

If you post your application, and then never show back up... no powers for you. But if you're still posting a few days later, you may just see powerz. ;)

Two new QCers have been added. Welcome to the team ^_^


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I would like to apply if I may. I'm sorry about not having any posts but i usaly just watch from the background and never really say much unless something has to be said. I'm not the person to push my views on to others but at the same time i will say what must be said.

As for my application I have never done anything like this before although I have keen eyes and will rip apart anything to make sure that everything is perfect. Even if that means spending endless days re-reading something until every little in perfection is fixed :).

As for making sure that I stay active I can assure that I will still be here even though I may or may not post anything. I hope you dont mind that.


I would like to apply for a QC position. I believe I am talented in finding typos and grammatical errors. I can not remember the number of times I have spotted an error in a book that none of my friends had noticed. My home state gives standardized tests to all students starting early in elementary school (third grade, I think) up to 10th grade, and have always scored high in all sections. Especially in the reading and writing sections, I scored at least 90th percentile. When typing, I routinely (about every sentence or two) check my spelling, where I am usually only corrected on names, onomatopoeia, and fictional words that are not in the dictionary. I have learned to avoid using passive sentences and clichés, except in dialog or where there is no other easy way to get the point across to the reader.

My favorite part of English class has always been grammar and spelling, and since I have always done well in that regard, I believe that I would be a good candidate for proofreading subtitles in videos, translated manga, and books.

I notice small things outside of language and wording as well. I remember as a young child, I was watching Winnie the Pooh and noticed that in one frame, Pooh's nose wasn't colored in. No, I was not going frame-by-frame, I just noticed it as I was eating my breakfast. That is just one example of my observational skills, which I believe could easily allow me to spot timing errors and other miscellaneous glitches that could occur in the subtitling process. Another thing I am good at is estimating the NTSC overscan area, since in High School, I edited video and taught others to edit video that would be shown on the closed circuit TV system. I like to burn episodes of "Ryuusei no Rockman" to DVD and watch them on my TV when my computer is applying updates, defragmenting, or just not cooperating.

I honestly believe that I would be very helpful as a Quality Checker, and hope you consider me a qualified candidate.