5 original Chosen Children

Discussion in 'Digimon' started by Ingrimm, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    That's true...I'd advise to go here for better details...really researched on his data.
  2. _Z-mon_

    _Z-mon_ New Member

    Wait...I sorta know what you're talking about with Ken going to the digiworld before 02's events...but I thought the person he was with had a V-mon with them, not..um... what ever Ryo's digimon was in tamers.
  3. SSJ Jup81

    SSJ Jup81 Official Link Fanglomper

    Ryo used Wormmon before too, if I'm remembering right (it's been forever since I've played either of those Wonderswan games dealing with Ryo). He's partnered up with Taichi's Agumon before too (game wise). Anywho, it still doesn't change the fact that Ken had his adventure with Ryo at one point, and how Ryo was with him when he was infected with that Dark Spore.

    As for his partner for Tamers, the story for that is explained too...but, since I'm not at home, I can't really remember all of the details. All of my old info dealing with Ryo is at home (I kept it for fic purposes), but I'm sure someone else here could explain it. It has something to do with the final game, and the Digital World's restarting, or something, which leads up to the partner he has for Tamers.

    Seems that before the Tamers continuity, Ryo never had his very own partner. He was always partnered up with someone else's Digimon (Agumon, Wormmon, V-mon, etc.)
  4. conankudo4

    conankudo4 Detective Conan God

    I think that's it, but are they gonna bring them back? I'd like to see the 7th season of digimon being an epilouge showing their adventures.
  5. SSJ Jup81

    SSJ Jup81 Official Link Fanglomper

    I kind of doubt that that would happen since Adventure is literally over and so is everything connected to it, for the most part. I doubt they'd go back and redo a story for that, and as far as I know, there's nothing about a 7th season. As far as I know, it was only contracted for five.
  6. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    Ryo originates in another dimension – the dimension the Tamers believe to only be a television series. Ryo’s first adventure was, with the aid of Tai’s Agumon, to rescue the original eight DigiDestined from the clutches of the evil Millenniummon. Some time later, when Millenniummon returned, Ryo teamed up with a young Ken Ichijouji to restore the shattered DigiWorld, defeat him and seal his darkness within a crystal. Ryo then participated in a tournament against several of the other DigiDestined, defeating them soundly, only to discover that the tournament had been fixed by the Harmonious Ones, to train Ryo for battle against Millenniummon, who had returned again, now as Moon=Millenniummon. After a battle, Moon=Millenniummon tore open a portal in space and time, and Ryo was pulled along for the ride.

    Ryo awoke in the Digital World’s distant past, having lost all his memories, where he met Monodramon and ENIAC (Electronic and Numeric Integrator And Computer), the first patented computer and creator of the Digital World. ENIAC explained that many different Digital World realities existed, having grown from him, and that Millenniummon, having now become ZeedMillenniummon, had conquered the future, and was now intent on conquering the past. Given the power to travel between the dimensions, Ryo and Monodramon had a series of adventures in various continuities, eventually confronting ZeedMillenniummon, who revealed that he was always supposed to have been Ryo’s true partner, but now, with Monodramon, that was impossible. Monodramon forced a DNA Digivolution between himself and ZeedMillenniummon, which resulted in a Digi-Egg. Ryo elected to live in the Tamers universe, and the egg hatched and eventually Digivolved into Cyberdramon.

    A year before the Tamers’ adventures, Ryo won the D-1 Tamer Digimon card tournament of that year, defeating Rika in the process, leading her to bear something of a grudge again him. At some point after winning the card tournament, Ryo was forced to travel into the Digital World because Cyberdramon was too feral to fully control, and it was no longer safe for him to exist on Earth. Ryo was in the Digital World for months, his absence allowing Rika to claim victory at the card tournament of the following year.

    Got it from http://digipedia.db-destiny.net/encyc/t_r.htm
    Ryo's bio.
  7. conankudo4

    conankudo4 Detective Conan God

    Odd, I remember reading on the internet somewhere that there was supposed to be a full 7 seasons/series.
  8. KouseiKibou

    KouseiKibou New Member

    I remember someone saying that they were contracted to do six seasons, but Frontier was such a ratings flop that they ripped it up.

    Unless the contract IS still there and that's how we got Savers, which means there could be another series in a few years.
  9. conankudo4

    conankudo4 Detective Conan God

    Yes, I remember it mentioning that because so few people liked frontier, that the entire franchise was to end there, but then they came out with savers a few years later. Unless the ratings were secrectly kept, I think it's okay for us to assume that savers had good ratings (I have an anime ratings list on my google site, and I remember that numerous episodes of savers were on the top 10 listings.) That meaning, there should be no need for them to break the contract, so there should be another season.

    P.S:sorry for going off topic.

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