Discussion in 'Rec Room' started by Zeal Knight, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. mediapower

    mediapower New Member

    ZOIDS 2

    could someone please put a new direct download for episode 2
  2. Tsugunai

    Tsugunai New Member

    hey Zoids was a really good show...but wow...it is so old...Lyger 0....who else was in that?
  3. Ambellina

    Ambellina Supa Kawaii! ^-^

    I love this anime ^^ It's a shame it went away :/ Leena is my fave chatacter ever. She's just cool XD Sadly I only have 2 models. A Lightning Siax from awhile back, & a Dark Horn that I found at a flea market for $3! <3

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