Rockman.EXE Beast+ Episode 04 [DVD] (XviD) (h264)

Discussion in 'Fansub Release Announcements' started by Netto, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Netto

    Netto <b>Release Bot</b><br />"Rockman.EXE"

    Episode 04 [DVD] (XviD) (h264)

    [DATS] Rockman.EXE Beast+ - 04 [XviD][DVD][E01A20EC].avi
    File Size: 74.26MB
    Release Date: June 10, 2009
    Trigger: !bp04x
    Torrent: Click Here

    [DATS] Rockman.EXE Beast+ - 04 [h264][DVD][276225B5].mkv
    File Size: 49.95MB
    Release Date: June 10, 2009
    Trigger: !bp04h
    Torrent: Click Here

    Translation: flyboy87, Futamaru
    Timing: Yuumei, Koroku
    Typesetting: Koroku
    Terminology Check: Akai-Shuichi, Kaeri
    Editing: Akai-Shuichi, digiboy123, Koroku, Trefender, Yuumei, PurpleShadow
    Encoding: Akaku, zero_hunter
    RAW Provider: Kaeri
    Quality Check: [​IMG]

    One year & one day...

    This will be v2ed at some point in the future~ 1-6 will all get redone~ but not now~
  2. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    I still say 11-9=2.

    MediaFire (XviD)

    Will get h264 up later. The XviD took three hours to upload when it was supposed to take one. *goes to bed*

    Edit: MediaFire (h264)
  3. Vincentdante

    Vincentdante Member

  4. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    So, after about 4 months, huh... well, we'll pick up soon. I know it...

    Wait, a year already? My memory must be hazy.
  5. taigila

    taigila New Member

    thx a lot, but, can i ask u? r u still doing this project? thx
  6. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

    Thanks for your support, but we have dropped this project months ago. :)
  7. kagami kaoru

    kagami kaoru nothing

    Where did you get all raws?
  8. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Kaeri bought the DVDs.

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