Robotics Timeline General News Thread

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Role, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Robotics Timeline General News Thread

    Jeez, everywhere I go, it's RnR, this, RnR, that...

    ENOUGH WITH THE NETWORK TIMELINE! What about the original one? You know, the ROBOTICS timeline? We've gotten ZX and ZXA... And I loved those games much more than I liked RnR (actually, of all the Rockman games, RnR is my least favorite series...). Heck, we even have news about Rockman 9...

    However... I haven't heard anything about the next Robotics Timeline game. I can't really find anything either, but then again, I suck at finding stuff... I was curious if anyone else had any news? Even so much as an announcement?

    List of Robotics Timeline Games (in chronological order):

    Rockman - NES (remake - PSP)
    Rockman 2 - NES
    Rockman 3 - NES
    Rockman 4 - NES
    Rockman 5 - NES
    Rockman 6 - NES
    Rockman 7 - SNES
    Rockman 8 - SNES
    Rockman 9 - WVC (Port - XBL, PSN)
    Rockman 10 - WVC
    Rockman X - SNES (Remake - PSP)
    Rockman X2 - SNES
    Rockman Xtreme - GBC
    Rockman X3 - SNES
    Rockman Xtreme2 - GBC
    Rockman X4 - PS1
    Rockman X5 - PS1
    Rockman X6 - PS1
    Rockman X7 - PS2
    Rockman X8 - PS2
    Rockman Zero - GBA
    Rockman Zero 2 - GBA
    Rockman Zero 3 - GBA
    Rockman Zero 4 - GBA
    Rockman ZX - NDS
    Rockman ZX Advent - NDS
    Rockman Dash - GC (Port - PS2)
    Rockman Dash 2 - PS2

    Alternate/Questionable Canon Status:

    Rockman I - GB
    Rockman II - GB
    Rockman III - GB
    Rockman IV - GB
    Rockman V - GB
    Rockman and Forte - SNES (Remake - GBA) Japan Only
    Rockman and Forte 2 - SNES (Remake - GBA)
    Rockman Power Battles - ?
    Rockman Power Battles 2 - ?


    Rockman Collection - PS2
    Rockman X Collection - PS2

    Console Abbreviations:

    NES - Nintendo Entertainment System
    SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    N64 - Nintendo 64
    GC - Game Cube
    Wii - Wii
    WVC - Wii Virtual Console
    GB - Gameboy
    GBC - Gameboy Color
    GBA - Gameboy Advance
    NDS - Nintendo DS
    PS1 - Playstation 1
    PS2 - Playstation 2
    PS3 - Playstation 3
    PSP - Playstation Portable
    PSN - Playstation Network
    XBox - XBox
    360 - XBox 360
    XBL - XBox Live

    (If ANY of this info is incorrect, or if any is missing, please PM me with the info so I can edit it in! Non-cannon stuff, like Megaman Soccer, will not be listed.)
  2. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    This is just rumors, so don't fully believe this
    But i think new ZX will be released after RnR 3
    While RnR 3 will be released around winter 2008
  3. AoBfrost

    AoBfrost Mii-Chan's #1 fan!

    ZX is after the zero series, not sure how much longer, but sometime shortly since ciel's sister is still alive (even though she is half reploid (long story))

    But X and zero were mentioned, plus really, X and zero are the original biometals created in ZX. The other biometals were just the other repliods who served evil X in the zero series.

    ZX advent though, no clue how far this also is, but cant be too long, maybe 10 years? Everyone from ZX is still alive, and not much older. But the whole copy thing was pretty lame, I liked it when you could take the actual biometal from them.
  4. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    ZX is 100 years after the Zero series, ZX:A is four years and eight months after.

    Prairie/Allouette isn't Ciel's "sister" and she's FULL Reploid. She's only sister in name... like how you consider your best friend a sister.

    And it's not been *proven* X and Zero, etc are the biometals. It's only mentioned that model X and Z are the "blue" and "red" Rockmen and that they're "based" on the legendary Maverick Hunters.
    *hops off her soap box*

    The X - Zero - ZX series timeframe is probably my favourite out of all the Rockman games. Ryuusei doesn't do anything for me just as much as EXE did after the first game. It just felt like more of the same with not a whole lot of real time "whack it with a saber until it's dead". I'm glad to see a topic relating to something else in the series.

    And I haven't heard anything about a new game either. It's kind of annoying me the way ZX:A ended. x_x I was hoping to see consecutive year released games like they did with Zero.
  5. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Zero dies in Zero 4, so that pretty much proves that models Z and X do exactly what was said they do in the game itself: EMULATE the personalities of the heroes of the past.

    Also, the 4 weren't evil. They were just loyal to a fault. This is proven when Harupia saves Zero in Zero 2, among other points that can be used as evidence later on.

    Heck, in Zero 3 Harupia even betrayed Copy X 2 since he thought that he was simply a puppet. He wanted what was best for the people. What this basically was, and what it boiled down to was that the Zero series was the Reploids fighting for equal rights. Some chose to accept being servants, such as the 4 guardians. Other fought to have equal rights to humans, namely Zero and Ciel's group.

    ...I kinda wonder... Alouette had a similar doll to Prairie. Are they the same, or just similar?
  6. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    They're the same. It's implied, but implied heavily enough to not leave any doubt. Prairie calls Ciel "sis" and if you look in her room it's got enough pictures from the Zero series to confirm it. Plus she says she had a crush on Giro because it reminded her of 'someone' she knew.

    If we want to get totally technical, Prairie and Alouette's VAs are the same person.
  7. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Hmm... Maybe she took on that name when she moved into her new body... Unless Reploids actually age... Which I doubt...
  8. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    More than likely she just got a bit upgraded to look older. I can't imagine many people following the orders of an eight year old looking Reploid.
  9. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    I really need to finish ZXA.

    And then they really need to make a ZX3.
  10. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    Same <<; I'm at the last bit where you fight all the Falseroids for the second time. Someone went AND SPOILED THE ENDING FOR ME, so I kind of lost interest for a while. D: I probably just have to start over at this length.
  11. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    There will be a ZX3, but they're not as consistent in the ZX series as they are in the Ryuusei series.

    For one, they have to be REALLY careful not to mess up the story continuity (again).
  12. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    Consistent as in how...? They've not really messed anything up from other timelines from what I can tell. Everything's followed chronologically, since Zero 1. o.0
  13. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    By consistent, I mean ZX isn't like .EXE where there's a new one each year.
  14. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    A new one each year? I believe you are mistaken. Both BN and BN2 came out in 2001; BN3 came in 2002, BN4 came in 2003... wait, you're right. Besides the first two, there was a new one each year before 2006.
  15. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    Zero 1: 2002
    Zero 2: 2003
    Zero 3: 2004
    Zero 4: 2005
    ZX: 2006
    ZX A: 2007

    What's not "each year" about that....?
  16. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    That's pretty much what I meant... I'm just... not that good with getting points accross sometimes... C>

    Anywho, what bothers me is the lack of anything like an announcement or what not... and another thing was with the split timeline continuity between Ashe and Grey.

    And for the love of God, PLEASE don't let them have crappy voice overs like in ZXA... If I have to hear Ashe say 'booty' again... *shakes fist in anger*. Normally I'm not a person to skip scenes... but if I can't stand the voice acting... *presses start*

    I swear, VA's need to learn how to act. It's usually not a voice thing, just a HORRIBLE acting thing... They don't get into character at all... It's annoying, especially from a roleplaying standpoint.
  17. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    yeah, I played with the sound off most of the time.. especially on Ashe's levels... Grey's weren't *as* bad. It at least made him sound like he tried.
    That and model A. I wanted to rip out his voice chip and run a steam roller over it! D:
    I've heard clips from the openings of ZX/ZX:A in Japanese...they make me want to import and pretend I never owned a copy in English. ;;

    lol. I hear that.
  18. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Seriously! I mean if I, who'd voice it for free and fun, can do a better job than the official paid person?


    Wait, before this becomes a subs vs dubs war, we need to say on topic! XD

    Umm... So, what do you hope is in the next one?

    As far as past heroness, we've got:

    ZX - Which is basically Zero, when you look at it, though is supposed to be X and Zero...

    Z - Zero
    X - X
    H - Harupia
    L - Leviathan
    P - Phantom
    F - Fafnir
    A - Axl... okay, so not really Axl, but the basis of design was clearly Axl in this case.

    So what model would YOU like to see from past Rockman Robotics Timeline Games?

    As for me... Hmm... Well, ZX is technically still Robitics Timeline in and of itself, and we need more girl Rockmen... so Pandora! (haven't played enough of X to know the other X girls... C>)

    ...Model Pa, perhaps?
  19. Tcatomon

    Tcatomon Boom de yada boom de yada

    I wont drag it down to a dub/sub war.. but I'd be happy to see it argued as a "YOU CAN'T ACT" war >_> (seriously? ZX:A's dubbing ranks up there with X4's "What am I fighting foooooooor?!111one". I'd rather see it like ZX with NO dubbing)

    On topic time!

    Hm.. honestly I think if we get anymore biometals it might over crowd the series. I can think of plenty of times I was just tired of switching between forms. I use ZX *all the time* and carrying around the rest of the biometals and switching between them became kind of cumbersome and annoying at times.
    I know alot of people who would like to see model X and Zero two separate forms again, but so long as I have a saber of some form I'm content.
    If Ciel made the original biometals she'd need something to work off of, so unless Palette, Layer, and the other X-series characters were still around back then I doubt we'd see them show up.
    One thing I think would be interesting to see? Ciel play out something like Light's 'ghost' in the X series. Have some kind of recognition between her and model Z... or at least to the point to confirm if they were *based* off the original Hunters, or *made* out of pieces of the original Hunters. It's a stretch, but I've seen Capcom pull off weirder stuff.
    That aside I think seeing as ZX is so far into the future from either classic or X or Zero there really doesn't need to be that much more tie-in. I like where the series is going. It has enough feel of the Zero games & X games to keep me playing until the series dies out. I was glad to see Zero4 end the series. It *ended*, tied up loose ends and they didn't drag it through the mud with something like "Zero: Alpha-Omega ninty billion: The Next Generation -- Swede version!" like the other series. >>;
  20. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Heh... I use old school Hx all the time... Gotta love the level 2 charge! XD

    Oh, nice idea with the Ciel ghost! Maybe instead of new models, upgrades to existing ones! That'd be neat!

    Oh god... I swear, Pokemon, though as fun as it is, was the end to decency in games, due to the versions. Now EVERYTHING and it's dog comes in two or three versions... >_>

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