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Discussion in 'Fansub Discussions' started by Dash, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Angelfan

    Angelfan New Member

    I would love to apply for the position. My qualifications include being an editor in chief for school newspaper, getting straight A's in my AP English class for the past 4 years, as well as the fact that i consider myself an expert in Rockman.EXE, and all the lingo that goes along with the show. Also, I have plenty of free time to QC, due to the fact that my job has given me more appealing hours to work. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to send me a pm. It would be an honor to come aboard to work with DATS, seeing as i've been with them since the subbing of Savers. I hope I can give back to the community has they have given to me.
  2. Trivial

    Trivial New Member

    I've posted my application in the Front Page news
    I'm just a beginner, but when i watch something very closely, i might spot something
    But sorry for couldn't being too active
    Since my lecture's time made me have less room

    EDIT :
    I've decided to cancel my application post
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