Pocket Monsters (548) D&P 79

Discussion in 'Raws & Music' started by Satoshi, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Satoshi

    Satoshi <b>Release Bot</b><br />"Pocket Monsters"

    Pocket Monsters (548) D&amp;P 79

    [DATS-RAWS] Pocket Monsters (548) D&P 79 - Decisive Battle! Hikari vs. Haruka!! [XviD][02B22C3F].avi
    File Size: 205.32MB
    Release Date: May 20, 2008
    Torrent: Here

    Haruka leaves! Hope you enjoy!
  2. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    Thanks so much! Now I finally got the episode!
  3. Keier

    Keier New Member

    Yeah, THANK YOU !!!

    #PM who usually provide good quality RAWS have stopped providing them, so there ain't anyone capping atm except DATS.

    So please continue capping the latest DP RAWS and put them up here! (or did DATS get this ep off some japanese site?)

    Thank you now I don't need to watch crappy youtube quality.

    Once again!! THANKS!!
  4. Akaku

    Akaku コード・ブルー

    We don't cap them, the usual capper, that provides the raws that #PM gets, seems to have stopped distributing them.

    This Raw was found on a Japanese p2p program.

    I know the quality is crappy, but i thought people would rather watch a crappy quality raw than not a raw at all.
  5. Keier

    Keier New Member

    Ah, I see. But yeah, this raw > no raw at all, hands down. So try to do the same thing with the next episode ;)

    You get used to the quality after a while anyway :)
  6. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    High-Speed internet has created a whole new breed of whiners. In the days of 56K, you were happy with ANYTHING.
  7. TennisLord94

    TennisLord94 Member

    I'll have to start downloading the new eps again
  8. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    For some odd reason, the video file won't load on my computer. I try it on another, the video plays fine.

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