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Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by V-mon-X, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    pawitp's RP (2)

    Before we proceed any further, I would like to answer these question below:

    1) Do you believe in God and that He is far more superior and any other being?

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) No such thing as God

    2) Should Light and Darkness collide, which side shall win?

    a) Light
    b) Darkness
    c) Neither

    3) Which way do you believe is the best to ward of ghosts, spirits and demons?

    a) Exorcism
    b) Prayers and chants
    c) Sealing of the evil being
    d) Uhh... not such thing

    4) Do you feel satisfied and happy after you helped someone?

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) No feelings

    5) Do you care about how others feel before you say something?

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) I rarely talk...
  2. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

  3. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    -You awaken in a faraway place. A place unknown to you.-

    pitty: Huh? Where am I?

    -You seem to be in a house. However, it's so blurry, you can't tell.-

    pitty: Uh...

    -Are you RPing as a male or female?-

    a) Male
    b) Female
    c) DIGIMON! :D
  4. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    a. I'd rather be a Tamer.
  5. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Excuse me, you're not supposed to answer another person's RP!


    Anyway, back to pitty...

    -pitty, 14 years old, was born to a rich family in Boston. Despite having whatever he wants, his parents spend little or no time with him. He was always alone in school and no one bothered to notice him.-

    -However, pitty always had one wish... One wish. Something that money can't buy.-

    pitty: All I wanted... is a friend. A friend that cares about me. A friend that understands me...

    -pitty has everything. A room almost a big as a house, gadgets and toys that every kid dreamed of, you name it, he has it.-

    -One day, pitty arrived home from school and obviously, being rich, he was escorted to his room by a dozen maids-

    pitty: I'm okay... you many go...

    -pitty always locks himself in his room and he never socializes. His daily routine includes finishing his homework, study, browse the Net and play games.-

    -But one fine day, his wish... will come true.-

    pitty: There's nothing interesting going on...

    -You clicked on various web pages to look for interesting information-

    pitty: My life... is so boring. Isn't there anything fun to do?

    -It was night already when you finished browsing through web pages.-

    pitty: I need a friend... a friend that understands me... a friend that is loyal to me...

    -You lied down on your bed and closed your eyes-

    Voice: Excuse me?

    pitty: ???

    -You heard a voice. It was a voice so familiar. You recalled that it was from one of animes you watched.-

    -What will you do?-
  6. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Open my eye and sit up
  7. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Voice: Hi!

    -You turned to where you heard the voice. You saw a Patamon, sitting right by you.-

    pitty: Is this a joke?

    Patamon: You wanted a friend, right?

    pitty: ...

    -Explain your actions in your own words-
  8. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    - Stay still -
  9. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Patamon: Oh...!

    -Patamon looked around your room-

    Patamon: You have a very nice room.

    pitty: Thanks...

    Patamon: ...

    pitty: ...

    Patamon: ...

    pitty: ...

    Patamon: Not the sort of person who talks much, are you?

    pitty: Not really...

    Patamon: It's okay! I'll be your friend! I'll be your partner! Together, we can go to the Digital World and make lots of new friends!

    pitty: Digital... what? But I don't even know your name.

    Patamon: I'm Patamon. Male, 3 Digi-years old. Uhh... about 2 human years, I think... mmm...

    pitty: You sure are very energetic.

    Patamon: I am?

    -You heard a knock on the door-

    Voice: Sir? Is anything okay? I thought I heard two voices... I'm coming in...

    -Answer/Explain your actions in your own words.
  10. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Put Patamon under my blanket and fake sleep
  11. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Patamon: Hey...! What are you...!

    pitty: Ssh...!

    -You heard the door opened-

    Patamon: What's wrong? Is there a bad guy? Let me take care of him for you!

    pitty: Ssh...!

    -You heard rather slow footsteps approaching your bed. Somehow, you felt some pokes.-

    Voice: Sir? Are you asleep?

    -Explain your actions in your own words-
  12. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Keep faking sleep
  13. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Voice: Hmm... Did I hear wrongly?

    -You heard the footsteps fade and the door close. Patamon crawled out of the blanket-

    Patamon: Was he a bad guy?

    pitty: No he was my butler.

    Patamon: Wow... butler... you must be rich.

    pitty: ...

    Patamon: Anyway... you have not told me your name. What's your name?

    pitty: pitty...

    Patamon: Pity?

    pitty: p-i-t-t-y!

    Patamon: Wow, they sound the same.

    pitty: My parents gave me that name.

    Patamon: You're opening up to me. That's nice.

    pitty: You're very direct...

    Patamon: Kind of... *laughs*

    pitty: How did you come here?

    Patamon: I sensed you.

    pitty: Sensed me?

    Patamon: Yeah. Your desires to have a true friend that understands you.

    pitty: I see. But that doesn't answer the question...

    Patamon: Umm... I don't how to say. Kind of like... time travelling?

    pitty: You're from the future? Or from the past?

    Patamon: No... uhh... how can I say this?

    pitty: In any case. I need to sleep now. I have school tommorow.

    Patamon: School? I see...

    -You moved to allow Patamon to sleep on your bed-

    pitty: I'll sleep on that side.

    Patamon: I sense... that we'll become great friends, pitty.

    -He lied down and curled up.-

    Patamon: Great... friends... *snore*

    -He sure does snore really loud...-

    pitty: ...

    -Explain what will you do in your own words-
  14. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Go to sleep
  15. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    -You closed your eyes and went to sleep. However, Patamon's loud snores caused you to stay awake.-

    Patamon: *snore*

    pitty: ...

    Patamon: Uh... *snore*

    pitty: Hmm...?

    Patamon: pitty... *snore* there's... a... *snore*

    pitty: Looks like he's having a good dream.

    Patamon: ...a HP Chip... *snore*

    pitty: I wonder what that is?

    Patamon: *snore*

    pitty: He's very curious...

    -You eventually succumbed to your tiredness and dozed off. Occasionally, you were awakened by Patamon's slight movements.-

    -The next morning came...-

    Patamon: Hey...! It's morning! Get up, pitty!

    pitty: Huh???

    -You slowly opened your eyes and rubbed it-

    pitty: It's Saturday... let me sleep for a while more...

    Patamon: We gotta get the Digivice. Hurry...!

    pitty: Digivice?

    Patamon: Yeah... I can't seem to find it. I knew I brought it along with me... uhh... how can I explain this...? It's some gadget... ah... yellow in color... oh...

    pitty: Is it important?

    Patamon: Of course! That shows that you're my Tamer!

    pitty: Okay, sounds important...

    Patamon: I searched everywhere in your room, but...

    pitty: A Digivice, hmm? I think I heard of it somewhere...

    -Do you know about Digimon and Digivices?-
  16. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

  17. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    -pitty happens to be... a rather clumsy person, see. There's a reason I type them. (Actually, slip of my mind... haha... that what makes this RP so special, I can turn things around spontaneously.)-

    Patamon: Okay. Beings like me are known as Digimon. We come in many different forms. Some are cute, like me. Some are just gross, like Numemon, and some have human characteristics...

    pitty: Gross?

    Patamon: Trust me, you DON'T want to know, pitty.

    pitty: I also noticed you say... your names end with "-mon"?

    Patamon: That's right. You're a rather quick learner. Also... when we Digimon belong to a specific Tamer, that Tamer should have a Digivice.

    pitty: Digivice?

    Patamon: Yeah. It's kind of like a symbol that we're partners!

    pitty: I see.

    Patamon: Ah! We're supposed to find the Digivice!

    pitty: That's right.

    Patamon: Uhh... you said you needed to go to school right?

    pitty: I thought today is Saturday.

    Patamon: But you said that you needed to go to school.

    pitty: Hmm...

    -You thought for a while-

    pitty: Mmm...

    Patamon: Huh?

    pitty: Let's find the Digivice. I think it's pretty important.

    Patamon: Yeah...

    -You looked all over the room. Nothing there that you've never seen before...-

    pitty: Describe to me how it looks.

    Patamon: Uhh... do you have a pencilss and paper?

    pitty: Okay, hold on a sec.

    -You got your stationery set for Patamon-

    Patamon: Uhh.. mmm...

    -He started to draw.-

    Patamon: Uhh..

    -After a while, he was done.-


    Patamon: There it is!

    pitty: Uhh... okay...

    Patamon: I may not look like it, but I sure am a great artist!

    pitty: O... kay... who's that over there?

    Patamon: What??? That's me!

    pitty: Oh... kay...

    Patamon: What's with that face, pitty???

    pitty: Nothing...

    -What will you do now?-
  18. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Go outside
  19. V-mon-X

    V-mon-X Eternal V-mon lover!

    Patamon: Okay. Can I follow you?

    -You have 3 choices-

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) Say nothing
  20. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    Yes... as a doll.

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