Nabari no Ou PV1 [WEB] (XviD)


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Nabari no Ou PV1 [WEB] (XviD)

[DATS] Nabari no Ou - PV [XviD][2D273771].avi
File Size: 5.62MB
Release Date: March 21, 2008
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We have removed everything from this title per the announcement.

Translation: onkeikun
Timing/Typesetting/Encoding: Koroku
Quality Check:
Mizuiro, Scar, Roid, celestial_sacred, etc...

We're interested in working on this series in the spring, but are in need of a primary translator.

onkeikun, who many of you know as being the lovely translator that did Digimon Savers and Ryuusei no Rockman/Tribe, is willing to help out, but she doesn't think she'll have the time to do each and every translation alone.

If you're interested in helping us out, please join the forums and post! We'd love to have someone new on board to help us do this project in a timely manner. <3


Just to note, I didn't letterbox the video or anything, that's how the source was. If you want to see the source, I'll show it. D:


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Hope it works out, several people on other forums seem to be saying this series (going by the manga) is great and gets pretty epic. The character designs look quite nice, I like the samurai girl's design, hopefully she gets some cool sword fights along with the rest of the action.


Ill check the manga to see how great it is but when you people ask for help like this I feel sad for not even being capable of becoming a translator.

To that anonymous translator ou there please help us out to translate this.
What is this series about? Seeing as the file size is small I download this regardless :)
edit: downloaded it and it looks good


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The animation and character art in the first episode looks fantastic. Good music too, this show has a lot of promise.

The animation of the action scenes and other high motion scenes were great and the the snippets of the samurai girl's action scene in the preview for episode 2 looks to continue it.