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    I don't read but I watch RAW everyweek. I seen 85 episodes so far.
    I don't read but I watch RAW everyweek. I seen 85 episodes so far.
    Yeah, it's from the episode where he's part of the Galatic Enforcers, and transforms in his uniform. :D
    Aww. At least you were able to do three a bit :3 And who knows, maybe you can try again~
    Despite living here, grammar just isn't my thing. XD I'd like to learn languages, but unlike nearly everywhere else in the world, you have to go out of your way to get a class and for a lot of people, may only be able to in college :/ It sucks.

    Woo! XD
    I can barely pronounce a lot of American names stuff XD my pronunciation sucks.

    Oooo...Awesome ^_^ I feel educated now :p
    Yeah @-@ I know Sakuranbo is cherry in Japanese which is always fun. But yeah, they have lots of interesting names :D
    Yeah, though, Emi does mean smile in Japanese, so it is a nice word. It actually is the name of one of my original characters...Her full name is Emi Zelenka which more or less translates to "Smile, little innocent one" @-@ So yeah.
    XXD Yay for fruity names. Ironically, my character's (as in Emi) pet is named Cherri. Pronounced like the fruit, not like Sherri :p
    I'm not a big fan of name mergings in general @-@ I do use them sometimes, but usually only if I'm short on the character limit.
    Well, if you really like fruit... XD
    I'm not crazy about it. My boyfriend made it by merging my name and most used alias >_> So yeah.
    I might try it later. It sounds pretty neat in that aspect.
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