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    I realize, but I mean both constellations, if they existed, might intersect, so the Sun might have been in both at the same time.
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    Just FYI I'll be posting Chapter 12 early this Monday. I'll be away from home around scheduled posting time so expect it sometime around 4pm CST
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    That's... 5 PM EST. Today is Victoria Day! (Well, in the Commonwealth anyway. I live in Canada, so we pay attention to British holidays that aren't chiefly British.)
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    Okay I lied, lol. Late tonight, Ch. 12 below and happy Victoria Day!
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    Mutators Ch. 12

    Chapter 12 – Zodiac Pt. 2

    Alex felt his feet lift of the ground as they entered the strange portal. This was a sensation he had never experienced before. It was completely different from flying; he didn’t need to do anything but just let himself go. But unfortunately it ended as soon as it began and Alex found himself hitting the floor face first. Alex opened his eyes but saw nothing but pitch black darkness. Then he heard Katie whisper through the darkness:

    “Alex? Are you okay? Did you fall?” Asked Katie above Alex.

    “I’m fine but I can’t see anything. Is this a side effect of using the portal?” Asked Alex getting back to his feet slowly.

    “No, we’re inside a storage closet and the door is closed.” Whispered Leon.

    “Right, okay that makes more sense.” Whispered Alex back, feeling a little dumb.

    After a moment, Alex’s eyes adjusted to the dark and he could see Leon fumbling around looking for something. After a few moments he found it; the doorknob. He slowly turned it and gently pushed open the door to a small crack and looked through.

    “What do you see, Leon?” Whispered Katie.

    “Nothing really. We’re clear.” Said Leon.

    “Shouldn’t we just bust in there now?” Asked Alex. Leon shot a look at him like Alex was stupid.

    “No! Not yet. It’s best we stay invisible a little while longer.” He said.

    “So we’re going Rainbow Six here then? All right, sounds good.” Finished Alex.

    “Are you two ready?” Asked Leon. Through the little light coming from the outside he saw Alex and Katie nod. “Then let’s go.”

    Leon pushed the door open and stepped outside casually; Alex and Katie followed behind him. Outside the three stood in a large empty room the size of a large living room. Leon motioned for them to follow and led them to a door on the far side of the room.

    “Nobody ever comes in here because it’s just a storage room.” Leon explained. He opened the door and poked his head around outside the door. He brought his head back in to explain the situation. The three of them kneeled down on the floor and huddled together.

    “Alex, you and Katie find Zane’s room. It’s on the 3rd floor, the only room on the 3rd floor. It’s most likely where he’s keeping the Zodiac Orbs.” Explained Leon.

    “What about you?” Asked Katie.

    “I’m going to find some of the remaining Mutators and attempt to persuade them to join our side. You shouldn’t have a problem running into anyone, most of the Mutators who were living here for Zane have been defeated.” Alex looked down to the floor.

    “Because of me…” Said Alex disappointed.

    “Don’t worry about that now, let’s go. Oh yeah…” Leon reached into his pocket and pulled out another red marble. “Take this. Use it if things get hairy. Just throw it on the ground like I did.”

    “What if they follow us?” Asked Katie.

    “Just say ‘Close’ as you jump through and they won’t be able to follow. Okay, that’s all. Good luck.”

    Leon bolted out of the door without saying another word. Alex looked to Katie and shrugged. Together they got up to their feet, poked their heads outside, and saw Leon heading down the hall to their left so Alex and Katie decided to go right.

    Alex had no idea how large the building was that they were walking through until they left the storage room. Looking up, Alex saw that the roof was very high up and could see a railing that was the second or third floor. His eyes followed the railing down into a spiraling cascade of stairs leading down to the first level. Katie elbowed Alex in the ribs getting his attention. She pointed at the bottom of the staircase some 30 feet ahead of them; Alex nodded acknowledging Katie.

    Alex and Katie stood at the bottom of the monstrous staircase looking up. The main set of stairs branched off into two separate spiral staircases around a support beam while the main set continued forward to the second floor. At the top of the spiral cases were paths leading to the third floor. At this rate it would take forever to find Zane! Alex and Katie looked at each other sideways and gulped.

    Alex took the initiative and began his ascent up the staircase; Katie following behind him. Following Leon’s orders that Zane would be on the third floor, Alex and Katie continued going up to the spiral staircases. Alex’s intuition told him to take the left spiral staircase, so he and Katie continued to climb.

    “Geez haven’t Zane ever heard of elevators?” Asked an irritated Katie. Alex did not answer; he was too busy thinking about what he would do once they found the Zodiac Orbs.

    After a few moments Alex and Katie had finally reached the top. They looked down the small halls leading from the stairs only to find dead ends. The only door left on the third floor was straight ahead of them from the center of the two staircases.

    Very cautiously the two walked up to the large wooden door. Alex gently pushed open the door and walked inside; Katie following behind him. Inside the two entered a room three times the size of the storage room they had come from. Alex and Katie stood in awe at the large empty room. That’s what made it so strange, it was empty. It took Alex a minute that The Zodiac Orbs weren’t in the room. But before Alex could even open his mouth to speak, the door behind them slammed shut. Bringing them back to reality, Alex and Katie bolted around to see a woman with long brown hair grinning evilly at them.

    “Ahh greetings, Fallen Angel, Pleasure seeing you here.”

    Alex immediately recognized the cold voice behind him. He and Katie spun back around to see none other than Zane standing before them. They fell right into Zane’s trap and they had no way out.


    Leon fast walked down the hall in a hurry to get back to Alex and Katie. He turned a corner and continued on down the new hall. Finally he came to a door a quarter of the way down the hall, swung open the door and walked inside. He stopped suddenly seeing a well built man with large muscles throwing blows at a punching bag. He stopped punching suddenly as Leon entered the room.

    “Leon?” Asked the man unsure of what he was seeing. Leon walked over to him unsure if Zane had gotten to him or not.

    “Ian, Thank goodness you’re here. I need to speak with you…” Leon stopped talking and took a look around. “Where is Eleanor?”

    “Leon… she’s with Zane. Obviously you failed to stop The Fallen Angel Mutator because Leslie was sent after him. But why have you returned? Did you see Leslie?” Leon motioned for Ian to stop so he could speak.

    “It is true, I did fail. I don’t have a Mutation anymore. And I did see Leslie, she was defeated as well. But I must tell you something…”

    Leon told Ian everything he knew about Zane, about Zane’s brainwash on them, about the Zodiac Orbs, and about Double Mutation. Ian said nothing; he just stared at Leon like a scared child. Finally, Leon finished and he could see Ian trying to find the words he wanted to say but couldn’t. Finally Ian spoke out:

    “I don’t believe you.”

    Leon stood frozen to the spot. He couldn’t believe Ian would disbelieve him.

    “How can I believe you?” Continued Ian. “Did you forget what Zane did for us? When the world threw us away because of our abilities he took us in. Gave us a home, helped us, and made us a family. And here you stand telling me that the man who saved us is an evil manipulating person who is using us for personal gain? I won’t believe it!”

    Leon backed away towards the door to get away from the heated Ian. Leon couldn’t believe it. Ian was all ready affected by Zane’s spell. Just when did it first take effect? Without another word Leon exited the room and shut the door behind him. It was too late for the other Mutators. It was now up to Alex to defeat Zane and stop him. Suddenly coming back to reality, Leon remembered Alex and Katie and immediately left to find them on the third floor.


    “So what brings you around these neck of the woods?” Asked Zane.

    “We’ve come for the Zodiac Orbs, Zane!” Katie yelled with a fiery passion. Zane looked to the brown haired woman at the door and in unison started laughing out loud.

    “What’s so funny?” Asked Alex. The two stopped laughing; Zane gave Alex a very smug look.

    “You actually think I didn’t anticipate your arrival? You’ve been fooled from the start…” Zane stopped mid-sentence and looked back to the woman at the door. “…bring him in.”

    The woman grinned again and reopened the door. Just as the wooden door opened, Leon came running in and stopped next to Zane. He then turned to Alex and Katie with a worried look on his face.

    “Alex! Katie! I couldn’t persuade them!” Said Leon out of breath. Zane chuckled.

    “You can quit the act now. Eleanor, if you don’t mind…” Said Zane.

    “What’re you talking about?” Asked Alex totally confused. Leon turned his back to Alex and Katie and saluted.

    “Everything is ready, Master Zane.” Said Leon.

    “Leon! How could… you… you…” Said Alex, rage building inside him. “SON-OF-A-BITCH!!!!”

    Eleanor snapped her fingers. Leon began to change form. His skin and clothing began to melt away while glowing faint silver. After a moment it ended and standing before them was Leon no longer. What now stood before them was a silver thin android with long claws for hands. The android looked to Eleanor waiting for new orders.

    Alex could hold it any longer. His anger had subsided for far too long. His body started to glow silver; he was mutating from the anger inside him. His black angelic wings appeared on his back, his body grew and his claws reformed, and his spear appeared in his right hand.

    “Before you go on a maniacal rampage, wouldn’t you like to know where the REAL Leon Rose is?” Asked Zane.

    “Where is he?” Said Alex through gritted teeth. Zane nodded and through the open door came another silver android holding a beaten up Leon. The android threw Leon onto the floor. He had no strength to fight back. Leon’s clothes were torn and shredded from resistance. He also bore many cuts and bruises all over his body.

    “Leon… What happened?” Asked Katie.

    “Mr. Rose here has been spying on me since he came here three years ago.” Began Zane. “I knew it all along. He had to be stopped. So I simply replaced him with a fantastic copy from Miss Hawkins over there and locked the original away. Of course everything the copy told you is true. I took what the original Leon had found and used it as bait to lure you here. You’ve been deceived the entire time!”

    “Katie! Get Leon and get back!” Ordered Alex. Katie nodded and started for Leon but the androids blocked her path. Alex flew full speed to the nearest android and rammed him into a wall.

    “Get him! He’s the one we want!” Ordered Eleanor. Eleanor’s body began to glow silver. She pulled out a small knife and cut a small prick into her finger. Blood dripped onto the floor and instantly the blood formed into another of her androids. Katie bent down and put Leon’s arm over her shoulders and hoisted him up. She then carried him away from the battlefield.

    “It’s been a blast, Alex. But I have other business to attend to…” Said Zane and suddenly vanished into thin air. Eleanor formed another android from her blood and sent him to attack.

    All four androids in unison sprang for Alex but missed. Alex flew up into the air but it proved useless as the androids jumped up to his level and slashed at him. He took turns blocking each android’s slash around him with his spear. He blocked another and just as the android landed on the ground Alex flew full speed for it and impaled his spear right through it. The android gave a loud whine before turning into silver dust. He landed back onto the floor as the remaining three pounced for Alex. He swung his spear and knocked them back but they continued to come back.

    “Alex!” Came Katie’s voice. “You have to go for Eleanor! She’s making the robots!”

    Right, but its not as easy as it looks. Thought Alex, still swinging his spear and knocking the androids back. Suddenly they stopped attacking and jumped back. Alex could tell they knew their strategy wasn’t working; they were going to attack at once! But it was just the opportunity Alex needed.

    Alex kicked a foot off the ground and pointed his spear forward. A surge of energy was forming around him, ready to explode. The androids went in for the attack, jumping forward at Alex at the same time.

    “Rushing Falldown!” The energy exploded and Alex flew forward and blinding speeds. He passed right through the androids, turning them to dust. But he didn’t stop there. He continued on and flew right through Eleanor as well! Alex stopped in the doorway and looked to Eleanor. She fell over onto the floor, no longer glowing silver. Above her hovered the Gemini Zodiac Orb. The orb flew straight for Alex, it was his this time. However Alex felt a strong force hit him from behind and he fell to the floor. The Gemini Orb flew through the doorway and straight into Zane’s hands. Alex slowly got to his feet and as he did he returned to normal. Zane’s left arm formed into a sword as he ran toward Alex.

    “Alex! Run!” Yelled Katie. Alex took off forward, seeing Zane in the corner of his eye. Katie quickly reached into her pocked and pulled out the red marble. She threw it onto the floor as hard as she could and another portal appeared before them. “Alex! Hurry!”

    Katie entered the portal with Leon. Alex jumped and dived into the portal, Zane only a few feet behind him.

    “Close!” Yelled out Alex and instantly the portal closed on Zane.

    Alex, Katie, and Leon fell out of the portal and onto the ground of the park they left from. It seemed like years ago that they left the park and hard to believe that the Leon with them was a fake.

    “What now?” Asked Katie. Alex was still shaken up from the battle. He had no idea what to believe anymore.

    “Helllllo? Earth to Alex!!!” Yelled Katie, bringing Alex back to Reality.

    “What do we do with Leon?” She asked with a hint of fear in her tone.

    “He needs medical attention right now. Let’s get him to a hospital ASAP!”
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    Hmm... the ending is kind of rushed again... I don't know why, but for some reason I think you gave Alex too easy a victory there... even if it wasn't a real victory, he did escape too quickly. Maybe you could have made Zane attack him a few times more before he struggled up and pushed the three people through the portal. (Wow, I seem to be the only one giving commentary. If you could, "sir", please read my fanfic and give comments?)
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    Well theres a reason he got away from Zane easily and you'll find out in a few chapters. I did notice you're fanfic but didn't read because I've never seen the show. But I think I'll read it anyway since you were kind enough to comment for me :)
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    If you want to watch the show, it's available for download on GRN (GeoRockman.Net), a branch of DATS.

    (It's mostly based on EXE for now... I'll finish chapter 6 and then wait until the Ryuusei storyline is completely finished (I don't think even RnR 3 will be the final one) before starting to work on chapter 7 and beyond. Just a note, even I don't know when the story will be finished. I don't plan these things, you know.)

    By the way, the story is actually kind of like a teaching-story, where you can learn about all the characters in both stories while having a real storyline. I didn't mean for it to become like that, but it just did.
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    Mutators Ch. 13

    Chapter 13 – Singer’s Battle

    “How’s Leon?” Asked Katie as she walked up to a worried Alex. The two had taken Leon to the hospital after their ordeal with Zane and Eleanor. Alex sat outside the room that Leon was currently in. Katie sat down next to Alex on the bench, awaiting his response.

    “The doctor said he was in pretty bad shape when we came in. But nothing life threatening, he’ll be out by tomorrow.”

    “That’s good. But what do we do now?” Asked Katie.

    Alex knew what she was talking about and he no longer wanted to think about it. But that was impossible; all he did was replay the last couple of hours over and over again in his mind. Starting with the defeat of the fake Leon then finding out Leon was actually a mindless android created by Eleanor Hawkins’ mutation. And to top it off Zane only needed two more Zodiac Orbs before coming for Alex’s Pisces Orb. It was definitely going to be a showdown of power but did Alex have enough to stop Zane? Their first encounter was very unsuccessful for Alex’s part and this time Zane isn’t playing around; he’s out for blood… and a Zodiac Orb.

    “I don’t know…” Was all Alex could come up with. Suddenly the door to Leon’s room opened up. Alex looked up to see the doctor walk through.

    “Mr. Moore? Miss Johnston? You can visit Leon now.”

    Alex and Katie nodded and walked into Leon’s room. Leon was lying on the bed with a hospital gown on; his cuts cleaned up and bandaged. He sat up as Alex and Katie walked in. The doctor left them alone and shut the door as he exited back to the hallway.

    “You’re real this time, right?” Asked Katie smiling. Leon laughed at that.

    “Yes, I must be real; the pain hurts like I’m real. So, mind filling me in a little?” Asked Leon. Alex retold the story of entering Zane’s hideout with the fake Leon and the battle with Eleanor.

    “I’m sorry; I couldn’t stop him from taking the Gemini Orb. He snuck up behind me.” Said Alex.

    “Don’t worry about it, everything happens for a reason.” Was Leon’s reply.

    “So, Leon, when you get out of here, are you going to help Alex and fight along side him?” Asked Katie. Leon frowned and shook his head.

    “Do you remember the fight you had with me before leaving for Zane’s hideout?” Asked Leon.

    “Of course.” Said Alex.

    “Well that was actually me, not the fake. Zane couldn’t make the fake Leon mutate so he used me and did the brainwash thing he does. I was the one who left that note, not the fake. But stupid me went back to Zane and that’s when he injured me and locked me back up. But tell me, who all is left?”

    Since Alex didn’t know their names, he listed off the ones he had all ready defeated. It didn’t take long for Leon to know the last two.

    “The last are Tiffany Reyes, the Rhapsody Mutator and Ian Oliver, The Lion Mutator… and you.” Said Leon to Alex. Everyone sat in silence taking this all in until Katie broke the silence.

    “Alex! We need to get home! We’ve all ready skipped all of our afternoon classes and if we don’t get home out parents will freak!” She said and she was right.

    “You guys get going, I’ll be at school tomorrow and I’ll talk to you then.” Said Leon.

    Alex and Katie said their goodbyes and went on their way. Alex walked Katie to her house. She gave him a nod of encouragement, hoping that her parents wouldn’t kill her for being gone so long, and went inside. Alex could care less what his parents thought right now, he was too busy wrapping his mind around all that was happening to him lately. Nothing is as it seemed anymore. Then suddenly it occurred to Alex his birthday was a couple days away. He had totally forgotten about it. With that thought in mind he became a little happier and continued on to his house.

    When he arrived home, Alex got a lecture for not calling and getting home so late. It was fine by him because he knew he couldn’t tell them what really happened. They would flip!

    “We’re going out for a bit. Stay here and don’t get into anymore trouble, okay?” Said Samantha Moore. Alex nodded and plopped down onto the couch. His mother and father left him alone and left for who knows where. The house was eerily silent without his parents there. It kind of startled Alex. He ignored the silence and headed for his room. Alex stopped suddenly in the hall staring at his bedroom. The door was wide open swinging slightly.

    “Why is my door open? I never leave it open…” Said Alex to no one but himself. He slowly approached the open doorway and peered inside. Standing inside his room was a woman with shoulder length sandy brown hair and looking around the room. The large window behind her was wide open; wind making the curtains sway back and forth.

    “You need to clean your room, Alex. It’s gotten pretty messy.” Said the woman.

    “Well since you’re not a guy I take it you must be Tiffany Reyes, The Rhapsody Mutator.”

    “You’re correct! Wow, how smart you are!” Tiffany said sarcastically.

    “Cut the crap, why are you here?” Asked Alex.

    “You should know by now, Alex. It is getting boring isn’t it?”

    Tiffany’s head started glowing silver; Alex all ready knew what she was doing, Mutating. So Alex did the same and mutated as well. But all was said and done; Tiffany looked no different then before. Alex took the initiative and tackled Tiffany in midair. He sent the two of them flying out of the window and into the woods behind Alex’s house.

    Tiffany opened her mouth and out came the most horrific high pitched sound Alex had ever heard. Immediately he dropped Tiffany and she landed on her feet. She continued to sing the noise, making a screeching melody. Alex fell to his knees and held his hands over his ears. Continuing to sing, Tiffany walked up to the helpless Alex. She stopped momentarily. Alex looked up at her and got up. Tiffany let out a scream that acted as a force and threw back through a small tree. Tiffany stopped and laughed.

    “What’s the matter? Too much for you?” She giggled like a kid having too much fun. She let out another scream; Alex saw it this time. The force of the scream wasn’t based on sound at all. The sound was just to temporarily paralyze Alex. He could actually see the force coming for him. Giving it his all, Alex forced himself to listen to the screeching with out covering his ears and fly into the air; avoiding the force.

    As the screeching stopped, Alex held out his spear. The replica spears flew out of the host and flew at Tiffany. Tiffany let out another screech, destroying the two replica spears, but Alex wasn’t done yet.

    “Seven Leagues Spear Strike.” Alex threw his spear straight through Tiffany’s force and struck her right through her midsection. The spear vanished and above Tiffany hovered the Aries Zodiac Orb. The orb flew away before Alex could even move. He landed and returned to normal. Tiffany looked at Alex with a look of confusion.

    “Where am I?” She asked.

    “You’ve been under a brainwashing curse by Zane. Go on get out of here.” Said Alex. The woman nodded, still confused, and went on her way.

    Alex crawled back through the window and surveyed his room. Nothing out of the ordinary was missing. Did these people just love sneaking up on their victims or something? Alex returned to the living room and plopped down in the recliner.

    Only one more. Thought Alex. Then what? Will Zane come after me? He needs my Pisces Orb in order to Double Mutate.

    Alex sat up straight, now in serious mode.

    “I won’t let it happen.” He said aloud. “I’ll defeat Zane by myself and stop all of this nonsense…” He paused and took a deep breath.

    “…for good."
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    Hmm... This one was better, by some measure.

    Plus on that, since I can't triple-post on my fanfic page until I actually finish issue 3, I'm starting to work on chapter 5 of my "Ryuusei.EXE - Forward to the Past" fanfic. It's currently at scene 26, and
    Show Spoiler
    Misora meets Harpuia and gets fused.
    It's turning into "Ryuusei.EXE Zero", and the plot is spiraling out of control. But that's a good thing for me. It gives me a lot to freewrite about. (It's about 50 pages long now... I didn't expect for it to become so big.)

    Anyway, you're halfway done the story now... still five characters to go. I hope the story doesn't focus on one mutator every two chapters and then only leaves two more chapters for the ending... that would be kinda cheesy, IMO. But, that's just my opinion, so keep on writing! I appreciate your work; it's given me a few ideas myself. (Or so I think...)
  11. Sir Kibbles

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    Actually theres only one left, The Leo Orb and thats the next chapter. Well besides Alex's Pisces Orb. Then it begins to get significantly better. I haven't had time to sit down and read your fanfic yet, I've been really busy between graduations, Church, and Memorial day stuff, I've barely even had time to write Ch. 13! Thats why its so much shorter than the rest. Hopefully this week should be slow so I'll be able to read.
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    I can understand you having a life. (Just like I can understand Puku Anime having a life... it's just that they've taken significantly more than 2 months to release even one episode! They had lives before...are these two months any different?)

    You guys have graduation too? Which grade? (Don't worry, it took 2 months for someone to comment on your fanfic; you don't have to hurry up any with mine.)

    It's my turn to palm my face. I miscounted the number of people left... you're right, there are only 2.
  13. Sir Kibbles

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    As of right now, its looking like there may be no Mutators this week. I've been to busy this week to write hardly any. The chapter has been started. The weekend is gonna be worse. It might be possible to pull it out of my ass at the last second but its not looking that way.
  14. Zodiac

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    Don't worry. I have exams in 2 weeks as well, so I might not be there to read it anyway. (Although I most likely will be, because exams aren't that big of a deal for us yet since we're only in Grade 9...)

    Anyway, if you can't even write your own fanfic because you're too busy, don't bother reading mine yet. I'm working on Scene 30 now.
  15. Zodiac

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    *bump* I'm creating an original fiction as well, but the main character's name is also Alex. XD...

    I'll post it up later.
  16. Sir Kibbles

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    The Return

    I am starting Mutators again! Yep its official Chapter 14 is finished and its good. I'll get it typed asap. Thanks for the reads!
  17. Zodiac

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    Wow, after about 17 months...? Where have you been...? (Ah, yes, this is "tricky77puzzle", I changed my name.)
  18. Sir Kibbles

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    I have been without internet, trying to live life without the comfort of my mother's house lol.
  19. Zodiac

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    Soooo... are you still trying to get used to life outside the house?
  20. Sir Kibbles

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    yeah I keep having trouble writing. I just can't seem to stay focused anymore I think it just may be everything going on in my life. I want to continue but I can never find the time for it anymore :(

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