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    Series Information:

    There are others who live among us. Others who are different. These others can transform parts of their body or their entire body to do unnatural things. These people are known as "Mutators" and have the power to do incredible things. Each Mutator is unique and his/her power is different. Some range from changing their eyes to be able to see in the dark, change into another full being for fighting purposes, or sprout wings to fly. But to Alex Moore all of these things will become normal life to him as he finds out he is one of them. The power to mutate into "The Fallen Angel" mutator. Now he must fight off the evil organization of "The Cosmos" who are after his life and an evil man named Zane who wants nothing more than world domination and to be the world's strongest Mutator.
    Next Chapter Preview: 6/02/2008 - Chapter 14: Lion's Roar
    Alex's birthday has finally arrived. But of course things don't go easy for the birthday boy as Ian Oliver, The Lion Mutator, the last of Zane's followers, steps up to take on Alex.
    Status Report: 5/26/2008
    Chapters - Series 1 (Book 1)

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    Mutators Ch. 01

    Chapter 01 – Mutation Pt. 1

    Nobody knows exactly how life works. Anything can just happen in an instant. Life goes by the work of fate. It can be meeting a person, falling in love, or just about anything really. There was a time, when an act of fate would change a young boy’s life in an unusual way…

    It was the Monday before Valentines Day; Alex Moore left his house for school. That morning was cool and warm, not too cold, not too hot. Alex was fifteen and nearly sixteen. He longed for the day he would be sixteen since he turned seven. He wanted his driver’s license more than anything else in the world.

    “Only one more month… then I won’t have to ride this stupid bus anymore…” Said Alex while walking to his bus stop.

    Alex’s birthday was March 11th, making him a Pisces by the Greek zodiac. The bus finally arrived late. Alex got on and took a seat at the middle of the bus. The ride was long and yet another reason Alex wanted his license. After a forty minute ride, the bus pulled up to the school. Alex got off and ran towards his first period class. However he still arrived late. As he entered his United States History class, students stared at him until he took his seat.

    Alex’s long brown hair covered his eyes when he didn’t move it out of his face. He sighed and the teacher began class.

    “Good morning class. Hope you had a restful weekend. Today we are going to learn about the great depression.” Said Alex’s teacher.

    “Great Depression? I’m all ready in it…” Thought Alex.

    First period went by slowly and all the while Alex did his best to stay awake through class. His second period was Geometry, not a good way to start the day. Third period finally rolled around, his biology class. Biology was his last class before lunch, so naturally it was the longest. When the bell finally rang, Alex left quickly and headed for his locker. He began putting away his books when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Alex already knew who it was. He shut his locker and turned around to a girl slightly shorter than he will long brown hair tied back with a white bow lace. She smiled up at him with braces on her teeth wearing a turquoise shirt and jeans.

    “Hey Alex. Where are we going for lunch today?” She asked anxiously.

    “Hey Katie. It doesn’t matter to me. Wherever you want to go is fine with me.”

    Katie Evans; Alex’s best friend since seventh grade. She put her hands on her hips and tapped her feet.

    “You always say that! You never choose where to go but… I do feel like a burger, even though it’s so unhealthy.” She said, stopping her feet and smiling. Alex grinned and nodded.

    “Okay then. Burgers it is.”

    Together they left the building and walked across the street to a burger joint. They ate and talked about old times in middle school. Alex and Katie were both sophomores and neither of them were old enough to drive.

    “I can’t wait until your birthday Alex! Then we can go anywhere we want for lunch!” Said Katie as their free time of lunch started to come to a close.

    “That would be cool… I’m so excited!” Replied Alex as they got up to leave.

    Lunch ended as quickly as it began. Alex and Katie headed back to school and said their goodbyes as they left for class. Alex started for English II when something came over him. He groaned and held his stomach. Then it suddenly stopped.

    “What the hell was that? Must’ve been the burgers. Damn people don’t know how to cook.”

    Alex made his way to the library where the class was to meet to continue their projects on British Literature. He entered, picked up his poster, checked in with his teacher, and took a seat at a table. He began to work when three obnoxious boys walked in.

    “Look a computer!” One of them shouted. It was blatantly obvious that there was a computer there. Heck there was a whole row of them! Alex ignored them and continued his work. That is until the boys walked over to his table.

    “Hey retard! Why don’t you get a haircut!?!” Said one of the boys. Alex became frustrated.

    “Go away. I’m busy.” Said Alex but the boys did not listen to him.

    “’Go away?’ No I think we’ll stay.” Said another boy.

    One of the boys started messing with Alex’s poster board then threw it off the table. Alex began to shake violently and when the poster hit the floor, he exploded.

    “Get the HELL away from me!!!” Alex shouted as he stood up. Then a strange pain came over Alex. He held his head but the pain was all over his body. By this time the entire library was watching Alex. He started screaming from the pain and bolted out of the library, headed for the bathroom.

    The pain continued to sear all over Alex’s body as he stood in a stall in the boy’s bathroom. He continued to hold his head in pain as his entire body began to develop a silver glow. The pain became too much, Alex ran out of the stall and looked at himself in the mirror. His body was growing! He noticed he was at least a foot taller than usual. On top of that his body was turning a black color all over. He looked down at his hands and noticed claws forming from his fingers. If that wasn’t enough, two black angelic wings formed from his upper back through his clothes.

    “What the hell have I become?” Alex said aloud into the mirror. “I have to get out of here!”

    Alex ran out of the bathroom and down the empty hallway and out the nearest exit. Without realizing what he had done, Alex had flown into the air. He landed not to far from the school at a dry creek by the woods.

    Alex landed on the road bridge going over the creek and punched the ground in anger.

    “What the hell is wrong with me? What kind of monster have I become?” Then Alex heard a man’s voice in front of him:

    “A Mutator. One who goes against nature.”

    Alex stood up and looked at the man who spoke. He had short graying hair and wire rimmed glasses.

    “What did you mean by ‘Mutator?’” Asked Alex, hoping to get some answers.

    “I am known as the Elemental Mutator. I do not recognize you; you must be new to this. You need a name, hmm how about ‘The Fallen Angel Mutator?’” Said the man, eying Alex up and down.

    “Answer my question!” Alex demanded. The man chuckled at Alex.

    “Fine. A Mutator is one who goes against nature. A person who can alter their body to transform into another being. We Mutators call it ‘Mutation’. If it’s your first time then it must have been triggered. A Mutation is triggered through a surge of emotion. From then on it’s up to you whether or not you wish to mutate again. But that won’t be happening because I’ve been sent here to exterminate you.”

    “What!?! What have I done?” Asked Alex in shock.

    “I am part of a group called ‘The Cosmos’. We’re a group of Mutators set up to rid the world of low class Mutators such as yourself. Now, don’t move, just stay there and let me do my job.”

    The man held out his arm; a silver glow emanated from his left arm and began to transform. His arm was now completely gray and beginning to glow fire red.

    “Now die before the power of the elements!” The man fired three fireballs from his hand, all three of which flying straight for Alex. To avoid being hit, Alex folded his wings in front of him; the fireballs hit the wings and disintegrated without any damage to Alex.

    The mystery man snapped his fingers on his mutated arm and out from it came a gust of wind. Alex tried to hold his ground but flew off his feet. The wind stopped and Alex flapped his wings to regain control and landed back on the ground.

    How is he doing this!?! Thought Alex.

    Next the man held out his arm and from it formed a sword made entirely of ice. Alex stood shocked at this man’s new surprise.

    How can I fight him when he has a weapon? What can I do? Alex closed his eyes awaiting an attack from the man when something strange was beginning to happen. Alex looked down to his right hand and saw a gold light in the palm of his hand. The light formed into the shape of a spear and after a moment became a solid spear.

    “Don’t think that spear will save your life, Fallen Angel!” The man ran at Alex, ice sword raised high. He arrived at Alex and let the sword come down. Alex blocked the blow with his spear and his opponent jumped back and grinned.

    The Elemental Mutator threw his mutated fist into the ground; the ground in front of him forming into a large beast on four legs.

    “I won’t die. Not here.” Said Alex. Without knowing what he was doing, Alex pointed his spear into the air in front of him. Two identical spears flew out of the original and into the air. Simultaneously, the two airborne spears flew down and struck the earth beast on either side. Then Alex jumped into the air and threw his spear at the dog beast.

    “Seven leagues spear strike!” Yelled Alex as he threw his spear at the beast; the spear impaling it through the top of its body. Alex landed back on the ground and grabbed his spear. The remaining spears vanished and the earth beats turned into dirt.

    “Impressive.” Said the man, taking off at a full run towards Alex. Alex countered his enemies attack by crossing weapons with him that ended in a small explosion that destroyed the man’s sword and sent Alex off his feet.

    “Well. What an opponent. Tell me, what’s your real name boy?” He asked Alex.

    “Alex. Alex Moore.”

    “My name is Glenn Lee. We will meet again. Very soon.” Glenn snapped his fingers and disappeared with a gust of wind.

    “What is going on? Will I ever return to normal?”

    Alex fell to his knees and began to feel his body changing. His wings disappeared, his body returned to its normal size. He was normal again.

    “I don’t want to go back. Not until I find out what’s wrong with me.”

    Instead of returning to school, Alex got up and hopped down into the dry creek bed underneath the road bridge. But not long after hiding he heard a girl’s voice:

    “Alex? Where are you, Alex?”

    It was a voice that Alex did not recognize.
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    Mutators Ch. 02

    Chapter 02 – Mutation Pt. 2

    Alex could hear the girl but didn’t respond. After a moment he hard another girl speak.

    “Is he here?” Said the other girl, her voice more high pitched than the first girl’s voice.

    “I don’t know. He has to be somewhere around here. Dr. Alexander wanted us to find him.” Replied the first girl. The voices began to sound more familiar the more they conversed together. Then he recognized them: The high pitched girl was Rachel Walker and the other girl was Shannon Cook; two girls from his class. He hesitated then poked his head out.

    “Rachel? Shannon?” He said as he crawled out from under the bridge. Rachel had long blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Shannon had shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. Alex climbed out of the creek bed and walked up to the girls.

    “Alex! You’re okay! Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick! Dr. Alexander wants to speak with you.” Said Shannon.

    “I was afraid of that. All right, let’s go.” Said Alex. Alex followed the girls back to the school, trying to soak in all that has happened to him already. They finally made it back to the school. Alex walked into Dr. Alexander’s empty classroom alone. He kept his head down as he talked to Alex.

    “I’m really disappointed in you Alex. I never expected you to ditch class. Especially after you already showed up for it!”

    Alex just nodded and accepted his punishment. He wouldn’t dare tell him what really happened; Dr. Alexander would give him more hell for making things up. Even if they really weren’t make believe stories.

    “Well, for your punishment I want you to write me a four page paper on why you shouldn’t skip class.” He concluded. Alex nodded.

    “Yes, sir. It won’t happen again.”

    Alex turned to leave but a man wearing a dark blue suit walked into the room, blocking Alex’s way.

    “Can I help you?” Asked Dr. Alexander.

    “Yes. I need to speak with this boy. If you don’t mind.” Asked the man. Dr. Alexander nodded.

    “Be my guest. Alex, you better not have made any more trouble.” Said Dr. Alexander.

    The man in the blue suit held the door open for Alex. Alex stepped through, the man behind him. The blue suited man led Alex down the hall and outside the school.

    “Where are we going? And who are you anyway?” Asked Alex.

    “This is far enough.” Said the man, the two of them now off school grounds.

    “My name is Zane, The Swordsman Mutator. I know who you are Alex Moore. I must congratulate you on not being killed by Glenn Lee.” Alex’s eyes widened. This guy was working with Glenn!

    “You! What do you guys want with me? You’re with that group, The….”

    “The Cosmos.” Finished Zane. “I am their leader. And if Glenn couldn’t beat you then I thought I’d meet you in person, Fallen Angel!”

    Zane’s body began to glow silver all around him. Alex knew this by now, he was mutating! But unlike Glenn, his whole body was changing. The silver glow became much brighter and engulfed his entire body. His suit was now gone and replaced by a new attire of white with blue outlining his arms and legs. A pair of black wings appeared on his back, very similar to Alex’s wings. The last and most important part of him to mutate was his right arm. His whole arm, including his hand, starting from the elbow turned into a large crystal sword.

    Alex concentrated and felt his body begin to change again. His wings reformed from his back, his claws returned, and his body grew larger. Lastly, his spear appeared in his right hand. Zane flew at Alex and swung his sword high. Alex nearly had his head cut off from his shoulders but he ducked to avoid being beheaded. Alex countered by throwing a punch into Zane’s chest and knocked him back a few feet. Zane threw another strike but Alex blocked with his spear. Alex flew back form Zane a few feet and held up his spear.

    “Seven leagues spear strike!” Called out Alex. The two replica spears flew out of the original spear and flew for Zane. Zane grinned and easily moved left to avoid the first spear then back right and avoided the second. Next Alex threw his spear straight for Zane. The spear soared through the sky but it wasn’t fast enough. Zane caught the spear by the middle and crushed it in half with one hand.

    “Pathetic. You beat Glenn with this little number? What a joke. But…” Said Zane, casting aside the broken spear. “I haven’t a good fight like this in a long time. Go one, live for now. Your life must be important to you. But remember, The Cosmos will be after you, so don’t forget. Get better for me, will you? I expect a rematch. Don’t disappoint men, Fallen Angel.”

    Zane smiled and flew away, still mutated. Alex landed back on the ground and turned back into normal. He walked into his final class of the day late because of Zane. His teacher stood up and put her hands on her hips.

    “Alex! Why are so late?” She asked.

    “Someone needed to talk to me. You can ask Dr. Alexander, he was there when the man…” Alex was cut off.

    “Okay. Just sit down.”


    The final bell of the day rang throughout the school. Today was an extraordinary day by anyone’s standards. He met Katie at the buses as usual. Alex decided telling Katie what happened was not such a good idea. But maybe one day he’d tell her.

    “Hey Katie!” Yelled out Alex. Katie turned to him and smiled.

    “Hey Alex. How was your day?” She asked.

    “Great! I was late for Dr. Alexander’s class so he’s making me write a paper. But other than that it was great!”

    “I’m sorry about the paper…” Katie smiled and started for her bus but turned around before boarding.

    “Don’t forget…” She said. “…about tomorrow!” With that she boarded her bus.

    “Tomorrow…” Alex whispered to himself. He hadn’t the slightest clue what Katie was talking about. Then it hit him.

    “Valentine’s day! I should get her something. Yeah, I’ll surprise her. That’s what I’ll do!”
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    Chapter 03 – Rainy Holiday

    Alex paced around in his room thinking about what to get Katie for Valentine’s Day. Flowers? He thought. No, too cliché. Candy? No that’s even worse… a bear? Is it really supposed to be this difficult? She’s not even my girlfriend! Maybe if I go to the store, something will catch my eye. Alex left his room and walked throughout the house.

    “Mom? Mom! Where are you?” Shouted Alex as he searched the house for his mom. He stepped outside and onto the driveway.

    “She all ready left? Now I have no way to the store… unless… I could mutate and fly there. Well I have no other choice.”

    Alex looked around for any people that could see him. After he noticed nobody was watching he closed his eyes and concentrated.

    Alex’s body grew bigger, his hands formed claws at the tips of his fingers, and his wings reappeared.

    “I have to be careful, The Cosmos is after me.”

    Alex lifted up off the ground and into the air. He flew low enough to see the buildings but high enough so nobody could see him. The sun was down, making it easier to fly unnoticed. Alex flew slowly so he could find the store he was looking for. After a few minutes of flying, Alex spotted the store and landed in the alley between the store and the building next door. He turned back into normal and brushed himself off before going into the store.

    Inside, he walked over to the Valentine’s Day aisle and took a look around. The entire aisle was filled with brightly colored read, pink, and white objects, making this aisle stand out from the rest. All down the bright aisle were assorted candies ranging from the tart flavored hearts with sayings on them to full boxes of chocolates. There was also a ton of different colored bears of all sizes and flowers to top it all off.

    “Crap! It’s all the same! What a waste of a trip here!” Said Alex to himself.

    He walked down the aisle and picked out a white bear holding a small box of chocolates.

    “This’ll do.”

    Alex grabbed the bear and paid for it at the counter. The woman who rang him up was really grumpy and didn’t say a word to Alex other than the price. Alex just figured she hated Valentine’s Day and he remembered he wasn’t too fond of it either.

    Alex stepped outside and reentered the alley, stepping over a puddle. He took a look around, mutated, and flew back home. But little did he know someone was watching him.

    The next morning Alex took the bear with him and got on the bus. Luckily he wasn’t the only one with something for Valentine’s Day. Most of the bus had people carrying large amounts of flowers and balloons. First period went by slowly, Alex was anxious to give Katie the bear. He only got to see Katie during lunch and before the buses arrived after school. Second and third period were slower than molasses in the winter time. Finally, the bell for lunch rang. Alex headed for his locker and took out the bear and waited for Katie. But she never came. The halls became empty as people left for lunch. Alex sighed and out the bear back into his locker. People around Alex were giving each other gifts and making out in the halls. Alex found it rather disgusting.

    The final bell of the day rang and Alex searched for Katie by the buses but still no sign. Where was she? Disappointed, Alex got on his bus and headed for home. I’ll just go to her house and give it to her. Thought Alex.

    Alex got off his bus and began to make his way to Katie’s house. But as he was beginning to leave, something threw him to the ground. He opened his eyes ad noticed the clouds were gathering for a storm. Then he noticed it. He was soaking wet! The bear was wet too. But nothing else was wet…

    Alex stood up and saw a woman with long brown hair standing in front of him. She wore a dark blue shirt and blue jeans and stared Alex down.

    “Good to meet you, Fallen Angel.” She said to Alex.

    “You… you’re from The Cosmos!” Said Alex. The woman grinned evilly.

    “Smart. I’m Kathryn Patterson, The Aqua Mutator.”


    A silver aura formed over Kathryn and her body became liquefied. Alex stood stunned at what he was seeing! This woman had turned into water! Kathryn held out her arm and sent a jet stream of water straight for Alex. Alex cowered over as the jet stream hit and jumped as high as he could. From out of the jet stream splashed a mutated Alex flying into the air.

    “Dammit! How dare you stop me from giving Katie her present!” Hollered out Alex in rage.

    Kathryn ignored Alex and sent another jet stream into the air towards Alex. He took the hit but didn’t back down. Kathryn stopped the stream to see if her hit did any good. Alex tightly held the soaked bear in his arms and felt so angry he could cry. Alex’s spear appeared in his free hand; the bear in the other hand.

    “Seven Leagues Spear Strike!” He called out and threw the spear at Kathryn. The Aqua Mutator turned her entire body into water, making the spear soar right through her. Still in her water figure, Kathryn turned her legs into water twisters and pushed herself up to Alex’s level. Alex didn’t move, too shocked that his spear did not work on his opponent. Kathryn reached Alex and fired a stream so powerful that it knocked Alex into the next neighborhood and into somebody’s front yard. Kathryn returned to the ground and back to normal.

    “Where did he go?” Kathryn said to herself.

    The clouds gathered in the sky and began to pour down rain. Alex sat up to his knees and returned to normal. The front door of the house of the yard he was in opened.

    “Alex?” Came a familiar female voice. Alex looked up to see Katie standing in the doorway. Lucky for him, Alex had fallen in Katie’s yard. Alex’s hair was completely soaked and in his face. He held up the beaten up bear to Katie.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, Katie.” Said Alex. Katie’s face turned red. She stood stunned for a moment then ran out in the rain to help Alex to his feet. Katie took the bear and started to tear up but held her tears back.

    “Thank you Alex!” She said as they headed for the front porch. Alex then realized that his heart was pounding. What was this feeling? Was it love? But Katie is a friend! He thought as they made it to the porch.

    “Are you okay? You look hurt, what happened?” Asked Katie as they went inside. Alex couldn’t tell her what really happened; she’d never believe him.

    “Well I walked over here but it started to rain so I ran. When I reached your yard I slipped and fell onto the ground.” Alex thought it was a lame excuse but had no choice.

    Katie laughed out loud and continued to laugh as she got some towels. Alex felt both relieved and stupid at the same time. She returned and handed a towel to Alex. He dried his long hair and noticed Katie smiling and looking at the bear. He glanced out the window and noticed the rain had stopped.

    “Well I should get going.” Said Alex.

    “Oh, okay. I’ll walk you out.” She said, leading Alex outside onto the porch.

    “So how come you weren’t at school today?” Alex asked.

    “I played sick to get out of going to school because I don’t like going on Valentine’s Day. But had I known you were getting me something I would’ve come and gotten you something.” She said frowning.

    “No biggie. It was kind of a last minute thing anyway.” Replied Alex.

    “Well, thanks for the bear Alex. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” Then Alex took a big leap of faith and bent down and kissed Katie on the lips.

    “See ya.” Was all Alex said and left a speechless Katie on her porch. Katie smiled and hugged her wet bear.

    “See ya, Alex.”
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    Chapter 04

    Chapter 04 – Aqua Memories

    Nothing happened to Alex the rest of the week. Wednesday and Thursday were mutating free and nothing so far Friday. Alex met Katie at the buses as usual at the end of the day.

    “I’ll see you this weekend, Katie.” Said Alex. Katie smiled and nodded.

    “Okay, see you then.” She said as she boarded her bus. Alex got on his bus and headed for home.

    The weather outside was rainy, dreary, cloudy, and wet with more storms on the way. Alex stepped off his bus and headed down the street towards his house. As he walked ahead, one of the larger puddles rose up from the ground and formed into the shape of a person’s head. The head of water watched Alex closely. Alex felt he was being watched and turned to look behind him but all he saw was an empty street.

    Saturday came and around one o’clock, Alex left his house to meet with Katie. He walked back down his street and around the corner to the park where they were to meet. When he arrived he saw Katie already waiting for him, sitting on a bench.

    “Twenty-two more days, Alex!” Was the first thing she said. Alex smiled; he knew she was talking about the number of days until his birthday.

    “Yep, Twenty-two.”

    Together they ate a late lunch then walked around in the park for a bit. They enjoyed the nice southern weather; warm for late winter. Alex gazed up at the birds in the wet tree top when he heard a noise behind him. He shot around quickly to find nothing but a puddle of water about ten feet from him and Katie.

    “What’s wrong, Alex?” Asked Katie.

    “I don’t remember that puddle being there before…” They stared at the puddle for about 15 seconds then Katie interrupted:

    “Forget it; we’re staring at a puddle.”

    Alex nodded and together they left the park.

    “Well I guess I should be getting home.” Said Katie.

    “Okay, I’ll walk you home.”

    “You don’t have to…. Well okay then.”

    Alex walked Katie through his neighborhood to a busy intersection where on the other side, Katie’s house resided. As they crossed the intersection thunder rumbled in the sky above.

    “Did you hear that?” Asked Katie.

    “Unfortunately. I hope it doesn’t rain on me.”

    “Do you want to call your mom when we get to my house?”

    “No, I think I can make it home before it rains.”

    The two made it to Katie’s house and stood on the front porch. They stood there awkwardly looking around and not saying a word. Alex thought back to the kiss a few days ago. Was she expecting another? Did she think they were together? Alex just put those thoughts aside and pretended everything was normal.

    “Well I should be getting home before the storm hits.” Said Alex at last, breaking the silence.

    “Oh, okay. Well see you Monday then, Alex.” She said. Alex smiled, nodded, and headed down the street as Katie walked into her house.

    Alex made it past the intersection when the rain began to fall from the dark clouds.

    “Maybe I should’ve called mom.”

    Rain began pouring down on Alex, making him completely soaked from head to toe.

    “I just love thunderstorms; they really make it easy to disguise myself. Don’t you think?” Came a familiar voice behind Alex. He turned to see Kathryn Patterson looking up at the rain.

    “You! The Aqua Mutator!” Said Alex. Kathryn looked down to Alex’s level and smiled evilly. A silver glow wrapped around her body making her body liquefy.

    Alex took a few steps back and shook his head. Time to end this for good. He thought. Alex mutated and just in time to get him by a jet stream of water from Kathryn. Alex shook it off and flew into the air. His spear appeared in his right hand; Alex prepared to strike.

    Alex dove down to Kathryn and swung his spear. Kathryn liquefied her body just before the spear could strike her. The spear quickly swung right through the water that was her body. Kathryn shot another stream, hitting Alex in the chest and throwing him to the ground. Alex got back onto his feet and flew back away from Kathryn.

    If I can’t hit her, then how am I supposed to beat her? He thought.

    Kathryn fired more streams of water but Alex swiftly dodged each stream.

    It seems she can only liquefy herself for a short while then she turns back into normal. Alex dodged another stream then flew full speed towards Kathryn. Kathryn was startled at Alex’s speed. She couldn’t even see him flying toward her. He flew next to her and punched her in the gut. Kathryn held her stomach and fell over onto the ground. Still surprised and trying to slowly get up, Alex took the opportunity to strike. He quickly flew into the air and held out his spear.

    “Seven Leagues Spear Strike!” He said, the replica blades flying out of his spear and firing towards Kathryn. Kathryn stood wide eyed and shocked as the two replica spears struck her normal body. Finally, Alex threw his spear at Kathryn and hit her dead on. But dead wasn’t even the word to cover it at all. When the spear struck Alex was blinded but a sudden flash. When the flash ended, all three spears vanished and a light blue orb with the astrology sign for “Aquarius” flew away into the sky. Kathryn got up and started to walk away unscathed.

    “What!?! How are you not hurt?” Asked Alex. Kathryn turned back and smiled at Alex.

    “Don’t you know?” She said “You killed my Mutation. It’ll move on elsewhere. Take care kid.”

    Kathryn continued down the road. Alex returned to normal and headed for home.

    “The Cosmos… just what are they after?”
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    Mutators Ch. 05

    Chapter 05 – Day of Dinner

    Monday started out terrible. Alex’s alarm clock broke overnight and he was awoken (from a peaceful slumber) by his frantic mother.

    “Alex James Moore! Get up! Why are you still asleep?” She yelled out into the quiet room.

    Alex sat up fast as if awoken from a nightmare.

    “Huh? Who?” Said Alex, his brain not fully awake yet. He gave himself a minute to let his brain wake up. “What time is it?”

    “9:30 A.M.” Said his mom.

    Alex jumped out of bed and nearly swore but stopped himself.

    “Oh no! My first class is in 20 minutes!” He said frantically digging through his dresser for clothes.

    “Hurry and get dressed and I’ll take you.” Said his mom and left Alex to himself.

    Alex quickly dressed himself (luckily he showered the night before) and met his mom out in the car. Once at school, Alex only had three minutes to get to his second period class. In the main hallway he saw a chubby portly guy walking around looking at bulletin boards and wearing a backpack.

    “Are you late too?” Alex asked the guy. The boy looked at Alex.

    “Something like that.” He replied.

    “Well those bulletin boards won’t help you! Better hurry, class starts at 10:00 A.M.” With that Alex left the boy and nearly ran for class. The boy curiously watched Alex until he was out of sight then grinned. Unfortunately Alex didn’t make it and walked into his class late.

    “Why are you late this time, Moore?” Asked Mr. Vernae, Alex’s geometry teacher. Mr. Vernae was a short balding football coach/teacher with a very bad attitude.

    “My alarm clock broke and I woke up late.” Said Alex in all honesty. The class was silent; they knew he was in trouble. Alex hated Mr. Vernae; he was so mean and full of hate, must have been because he was balding.

    “That’s no excuse,” Said Mr. Vernae. “This is the 3rd time this week! I’m thinking lunch detention for you today.”

    Alex knew without lunch he wouldn’t get to see Katie.

    “No! That’s not fair!” He said aloud. Alex could feel the tension in the room greatly build.

    “Not fair? You want to make it a week!?!” Mr. Vernae yelled. Alex scowled and shook his head.

    “Then go sit down!”

    Alex took his seat. Alex was so angry he was shaking. All he wanted to do was mutate and punch Mr. Vernae in the face.

    “Umm, Alex?” Whispered Rachel behind him. “Are you okay? You’re glowing silver…”

    Alex stopped shaking and he noticed he had started to glow. If he didn’t stop he’d mutate in the middle of class! The glow faded and Alex whispered:

    “Sorry.” He said. Rachel just stared dumbfounded.

    Alex didn’t know what Katie was going to do at lunch without him. He tried to keep his anger down for fear that he would mutate by mistake. Third period passed by and Alex headed toward the detention room. When he entered, the girl’s basketball coach was looking over a list on her clipboard. Alex sighed.

    “Sorry Katie.”

    The coach looked at the list then up at Alex.

    “Name?” She asked.

    “Alex Moore.” He said with disappointment. She looked at her list.

    “Okay. Take a seat.” She said after a moment.

    Alex took a seat in the back and began the longest hour of his life.


    Katie stood at her and Alex’s usual meeting place only to find no Alex waiting for her. She frowned as others made themselves scarce. She had no appetite and decided to just go sit on a bench for all of her lunch period.

    “There are five minutes left. You can go.” Said the coach to the kids in detention. Alex bolted out of the room in hopes of finding Katie before his next class began. Alex attempted to find Katie but with no luck, he was forced to go onto class. On his way to class, Alex noticed the boy he met earlier that morning in the hallway suspiciously following him. Alex ignored him; he had more important things to worry about. This time Alex made sure he made it to class on time. When he arrived Alex noticed the boy continued to keep on walking down the hall.

    For the rest of the day it seemed everywhere Alex went, the boy happened to either be following him or walk by him in the halls. Finally, the last bell rang for the day. Alex quickly made his way to the buses in hopes of beating Katie and telling her what happened. On his way, he noticed the boy following him again. What was with this guy? When Alex arrived he saw Katie waiting for her bus.

    “Katie!” Yelled out Alex. She looked over at him and smiled.

    “Where have you been!?!” She asked. Alex ran up to her.

    “Lunch detention…asshole Mr. Vernae.” He huffed out. She laughed at that.

    “Say Kate,” Alex whispered.


    “Is there a fate kid behind me?” She looked.

    “Yes. And he’s staring at you. What’s the deal?” She asked.

    “He’s been following me all afternoon. I ran into him this morning. I think he’s new here.” Said Alex.

    “Well he’s creeping me out. Thank goodness my bus is here! See ya tomorrow and good luck with your new friend.” She smiled and hopped onto her bus. Alex got on his bus and watched the boy through the window as the bus took off.

    Alex stepped off his bus and walked down the road to his house. Alex heard the bus take off behind him.

    “Finally, alone at last.” Came a voice behind Alex. He turned around to see the boy standing in the street.

    “What is with people wanting to get my attention while I’m turned around? What’s your deal anyway? Why have you been following me all day?” Asked Alex.

    The boy lifted his hand and pointed at Alex.

    “My name is Fred Smith. You’re a Mutator. How could you have possibly killed Kathryn’s mutation?”

    Then it hit Alex, this was no student from school. He was a member of The Cosmos!

    “Now to finish my job and kill you, Fallen Angel. Feel the power of The Food Mutator!” Fred’s arms began glowing silver; he was mutating. Alex’s body glowed silver, his black wings reappeared, and he grew bigger. His claws formed from his hands with his spear appearing in his right hand. Fred’s arms became green and appeared to be scaly.

    “Not a bad look, Fallen Angel.” Fred’s hands retracted into his arms, creating arm canons. Fred fired the canons but what came out was far from normal… they were watermelons! Surprised, Alex flew into the air as the watermelons hit the ground and smashed to pieces.

    “Need something that’ll hurt more.” Said Fred, firing pineapples at an airborne Alex. Fred continuously fired and Alex bobbed and weaved to avoid being hit.

    This is crazy. Thought Alex. He’s fighting with food?

    Before Alex could finish his train of thought, a pineapple hit him square in the gut. Alex fell back to the ground, holding his gut. Next, Fred fired an apple that smacked Alex right across the face.

    No way! I’m not going to die by food! Why am I holding back? I can’t take his life if I attack him. I’ll just kill his mutation. Thought Alex, remembering his fight with Kathryn Patterson. Alex stood up and rubbed his face where the apple hit him. Fred fired another apple and Alex knocked out of the way with his spear. Alex swiftly knocked away four more apples and advanced on Fred.

    “No more games! You’re done Fred!” Fred stopped firing, too shocked to move.

    Alex held up his spear, the two replica blades ejecting from the original and into the air.

    “Seven Leagues Spear Strike!” Alex called out. The two replica spears shot straight for Fred.

    “What have I gotten myself into? Damn you Zane!!!” Said Fred to himself. The spears struck Fred on either side of his body. Alex threw his spear, hitting Fred between the two replica blades. All three spears vanished and Fred fell over onto the ground uninjured. Another orb appeared in the sky, this time the sign of Capricorn, and flew away.

    “Another one.” Said Alex aloud to himself.

    “Well?” Asked Fred.

    “Well what?” Replied Alex.

    “Aren’t you going to kill me?” Alex laughed.

    “You’re so unoriginal. That line is so cliché! Nope that would be inhumane. Just leave me alone from now on, I’m not a celebrity.” Fred got up and smiled.

    “You’re a strange one, Fallen Angel. Thanks, you’re a good guy.”

    “Thanks, but just call me Alex.”

    “Will do… Alex.” With that, Fred turned and walked away down the street.

    Just what was the deal with The Cosmos? Were they good guys or bad? And what was with the Astrology signs? Alex put these thoughts aside and headed for home, his terrible day finally over.
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    Mutators Chapter 06

    Chapter 06 – Ribbon Disaster

    The next day at school went much better than the previous day. Alex’s mom had a meeting with his geometry teacher early in the morning about his behavior towards Alex the day before. Alex pulled up with his mom early to school in their car. Alex stepped out and shut the door behind him. He was very nervous about how his teacher was going to treat him after this ordeal.

    “Gee, I never thought I’d be too EARLY to school!” He’s said sarcastically.

    “Oh stop, Alex. Well I’m off to see your teacher. I’ll tell you this afternoon when I get home.” His mom replied.

    “Mom, you know you don’t have to do this. It really is okay.”

    “No way. It wasn’t your fault that your alarm clock broke. He shouldn’t have treated you like that. I’ll take care of it. Also, if he gives you trouble in class because I am here today, tell me and I’ll take it up with the school board myself.” Alex Smiled. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

    “Well I’m off now. Be good today Alex, see you this afternoon.” She said and gave Alex a hug goodbye.

    Alex entered the building and took a seat in the common area where the students ate lunch.

    “Ummm, Hello?” Came a girl’s voice behind him. Alex turned around to see a tall, thin, blonde, and rather attractive girl.

    “Y-yes?” Alex stuttered.

    “I’m new here. My name is Annie. Am I early?” She asked. Alex nodded.

    “I’d say about an hour early. I didn’t think anyone else would be up here for at least another half hour. Oh I’m sorry.” Alex stood up and shook the girl’s hand.

    “I’m Alex. It’s good to meet you, Annie.” Annie smiled.

    “Pleasure to meet you, Alex. I don’t suppose you could show me around could you?” She asked, biting her lower lip. Alex smiled.

    “I’d love to.”

    Alex showed Annie around the school. He showed her the important things, the library, her classes, and what teachers to avoid. Before he knew it, an hour had passed and the bell rang for class. People began to fill the halls headed for class.

    “Well there’s the bell. See you around, Annie.” Said Alex.

    “Bye, Alex. See you later.” She smiled, turned, and walked away towards her class.

    Annie was all Alex could think about during class. He paid no attention to anything his teachers were saying. Mr. Vernae said nothing to Alex during second period. Whatever his mom said to Mr. Vernae made him back off. Alex let out a long yawn during third period as the bell rang for lunch. Getting up early for school was getting to him. He quickly ran for the door and walked down the hall to find Katie and make up for lost time from the day before.

    Annie Constance opened up her locker and looked into its empty contents. She sighed and put away her books for lunch.

    A false life… She thought. Why did I agree to this? Zane… he seems so… I don’t know… fake. Does he really need us? This isn’t my life. I don’t want to…

    “Hey Annie!”

    Annie came back to reality, realizing she was staring into her locker. She turned around to see Alex walking toward her. Her heart began to thump rapidly as she slammed her locker shut.

    “Hi Alex!” She said her voice a bit shaky.

    “Everything all right?” Asked Alex.

    “Y-yeah. Everything’s cool. By the way, thanks again for showing me around this morning. It was real nice of you.” Annie smiled but it felt fake to her.

    “No problem at all. Actually I was looking for you, you think you might want to come to lunch with Katie and I?”

    Annie was taken aback. She stared for a moment then nodded.

    “I would love to. I haven’t made any friends yet, well besides you, so I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go.” She finally responded.

    “Then its settled! Follow me to my locker, that’s where I meet Katie everyday.”

    “Umm actually I need to use the restroom can I meet you outside?”

    “Yeah that’s fine. Are you sure you’re okay?” Annie bit her lip.

    “Everything is… I’m fine.” With that she turned and headed for the bathroom.

    Annie walked into the bathroom and put her back against the wall and wanted to do nothing but cry. That’s when she felt it: A presence was in the bathroom with her.

    “Don’t forget…” Came a voice. Annie looked around just as Zane appeared before her.

    “Zane! What are you doing here?” She asked.

    “Making sure you don’t forget you’re assignment. You don’t want to disappoint men, Annie. Go, and make sure you take his mutation.” Annie nodded and ran out of the bathroom. Zane grinned.

    “It begins. Everything is in place.”


    “Who is this girl?” Asked Katie outside waiting for Annie.

    “Her name is Annie. She’s new here I met her this morning. I thought it’d be nice to invite her to lunch with us.” Katie sighed.

    “A little heads up next time would be nice.” She said laughing. The front doors of the school slammed open and out came Annie running frantically away from the school. She stopped in front of Alex and Katie.

    “Annie! What’s wrong?” Asked Alex. Annie looked terrified but only shook her head.

    “N-nothing! I’m fine, just scared cause I didn’t know where I was going without you!” She said giggling. Katie looked at Alex sideways and raised an eyebrow. Alex just smiled.

    Together, the three walked across the street to the usual burger joint. Alex opened the door for Annie and let her through but forgot about Katie and went inside before her. Katie gasped at Alex’s rudeness and went inside. Alex and Annie didn’t even acknowledge that Katie was there. They ordered their food and sat down without waiting for Katie. Because of waiting on Annie the place was packed. The only table left was a two seater by a window which Alex and Annie claimed.

    “Alex? Where am I supposed to sit?” Asked Katie.

    “Oh! Katie… I’m not sure.” Was all Alex said. Katie dropped the tray of food she was holding. Alex looked up Katie, full of tears.

    “Why are you being so mean!?! Don’t talk to me anymore if she’s so important to you!” Said Katie upset. She started crying then ran out of the restaurant.

    “Katie! Wait!” Said Alex, jumping up and running after her. But by the time he got outside, she was all ready gone. Annie walked outside behind Alex.

    “We’ve got to find her! I’m such an asshole! What have I done?” Said Alex. Together he and Annie searched the neighborhood behind the burger joint but found nothing. The last place they searched was a park in the neighborhood. But still no Katie.

    “Dammit, where did she go?” He asked himself. Annie stood behind Alex, her body beginning to glow silver.

    “I’m sorry Alex…” Alex turned around.

    “Why are you…” He stopped mid-sentence as Annie’s body transformed and became completely covered in ribbon like a mummy.

    “Annie… you’re a Mutator too?” Asked Alex disappointed.

    “This isn’t how I wanted it Alex. But I’m the Ribbon Mutator and it has to be done. I’m sorry.”

    Annie held out her arm and five ribbons shot out of her arm. The ribbons wrapped Alex’s body and left arm but left his right arm free. Annie raised Alex a few feet into the air and slammed him down hard onto the ground. Alex let out a yell of pain and began to mutate. With Alex’s growth, the ribbons began to split apart but still held firm. With his free hand, Alex clawed the ribbons and set himself free.

    Annie sent out more ribbons but Alex summoned his spear and slashed the ribbons as they reached him. Annie raised her other arm and hesitated for a moment. Alex took the opportunity and flew towards Annie. Annie quickly fired more Ribbons that caught Alex’s spear. Alex tried to pull his spear away and Annie did the same. They were having a tug-of-war match with Alex’s spear.

    “Annie! You don’t have to do this! Please stop!” Said Alex pleading with Annie.

    “I’m sorry but I can’t! You don’t understand!”

    “Fine! Then I’m sorry to!”

    Alex broke free from the ribbons and held up his spear. The usual replica spears flew out of its host and flew towards Annie. Annie did nothing to avoid the spears and took the full impact. Lastly, Alex through his spear and hit Annie dead on.

    The ribbons vanished and Annie fell to the ground unharmed with tears running down her face. An orb with the astrology sign of Virgo rose into the air and flew away. Alex returned to normal and walked over to Annie.

    “Annie, get up.” Annie looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She sniffled and stood up.

    “Alex… I’m not who you think I am. I’m…”

    “A member of the Cosmos?” Annie looked at Alex shocked.

    “Yes! I am no High School student. But I didn’t want to fight you. Cause you see I think I’ve begun to develop feelings for you, Alex.” She waited for Alex to soak all this information in.

    “I see. I think I liked you too. So much that I hurt a friend. I have to go Annie; I hope we can still be friends though.” Said Alex. Annie smiled and wiped away her tears.

    “I would love that. Just be careful Alex, there are more Mutators out there coming for you.”

    “Don’t worry about me! I can fend for myself!”

    But it’s Katie I’m worried about. Thought Alex. How can I explain everything to her and make things right? Should I tell her? Should I explain everything to her?
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    Chapter 07

    Chapter 07 – Rematch at Central Square

    “And what if I don’t?” Asked Glenn Lee almost at the point of frustration.

    “Glenn, listen to me,” Said Zane. “You’re my strongest Mutator; I need your help to get rid of this kid. He’s defeated my best fighters so far, Kathryn, Fred, and Annie.”

    “What is the significance behind all of this? What did he do to you?” Asked Glenn, pushing his wire rimmed glasses pack up his nose.

    “I cannot tell you that, Glenn.”

    “But he’s just a kid! I have a girl myself! What if she becomes a Mutator too!?! Will you try to get her killed as well?” Zane said nothing.

    “Calm yourself, Glenn. You are the only one who has survived a run in with Alex Moore. I need your help.”

    “Zane, his power, its beyond normal. He’s not a normal Mutator. And to think he hasn’t even found his full potential!”

    Zane poured himself a drink of whiskey and took a sip.

    “All the more reason he must be stopped. Say he does find his full potential he could do mass amounts of damage to the town or…” He took another sip.

    “…the entire world for that matter.”

    Glenn Lee sighed and thought about that kind of disaster.

    “Fine. I will help you. But only for the sake of my little girl’s future.”

    Zane took another drink.

    “Deal then?” He asked Glenn holding out his hand for a shake. Glenn hesitated for a moment then shook his hand.



    Annie never came to school the next day. Alex didn’t think she would.

    I am no High School student. But I didn’t want to fight you. Because you see I think I’ve begun to develop feelings for you, Alex. Those words continued to ring throughout Alex’s mind as the morning class hours slowly passed by. He still had no clue what he was going to do to make up with Katie. Slowly the bell for lunch finally rang but Alex was not excited like usual. He slowly walked down to his locker and out his books away. He waited. No Katie. She really was peeved at Alex. He quickly walked down to Katie’s locker to find her still putting her things away. He slowly walked up to her; he was a nervous wreck.

    “Umm Katie?” He asked and waited for a response that didn’t come. Finally after a moment she slammed her locker shut and looked at Alex with a look of pure hatred.

    “You have some nerve! You treat me like scum yesterday then you just expect to come to me today and talk to me!?!” Alex was taken aback and couldn’t even talk.

    “Katie… I’m sorry.” Was all he could muster.

    “Where’s your little girlfriend anyway!?! Shouldn’t you be with her!?!” With that she stormed away. Alex stood there frozen to the spot. Would she ever forgive him?

    Alex spent all of his lunch period in the library. The silence helped him think about what to do next. Unfortunately as much as he tried, he came up with nothing. The rest of the day he couldn’t concentrate in class and finally decided not to talk to Katie at the buses after the final bell. It was Friday and Alex would think about what to do over the weekend.

    The final bell rang and Alex put his books away in his locker and took a detour to the buses to kill some time. But just as he was about to walk outside it hit him. He had to go to the bathroom. Bad.

    “The buses haven’t left yet, I can make it.” Alex turned and bolted for the bathroom. Luckily he made it and quickly relieved himself. He ran back to the buses and stopped at the door and noticed something terrible. The buses had all ready left.

    “No! Now what do I do!?!” Said Alex to himself. “Guess I gotta hoof it.”

    Alex left the building and began his hike for home. The weather was abnormally warm for late February. Good thing too. The walk home was actually just what Alex needed. It gave him a lot of time to just think. He also walked past houses in neighborhoods that he didn’t even know existed. Alex quite enjoyed himself. Finally Alex came to a park in one of the neighborhoods. This park was one of the larger parks in town. The park was called “Central Square” a place people went to when they wanted to get away. Alex stopped and sat on bench, resting his tired legs.

    “Quite a nice place, isn’t it?”

    Alex looked up and saw Glenn Lee standing a few feet in front of him. It no longer surprised Alex when Mutators just appeared from out of thin air. Glenn continued to speak:

    “I used to bring my daughter here when she was six. Too bad she grew out of going to parks, I really enjoyed coming here.” Alex sighed.

    “What do you want? Wait, let me guess, you’ve… come to finish me off?” Said Alex. Glenn chuckled, running a hand through his graying hair.

    “I don’t want it to be this way.” Said Glenn.

    “Then why? Annie wanted the same thing.” Glenn sniffed and looked at Alex.

    “There are just some things you don’t understand about yourself, Alex. You’re a good kid. But… you’re dangerous.”

    Glenn held out his arm, glowing silver and mutating. Alex sighed and stood up. Alex’s body glowed silver and an instant later he mutated into the Fallen Angel Mutator. Glenn summoned his ice sword in his right hand. Alex did the same and called out his spear.

    “Let’s dance, Alex.”

    Glenn took the initiative and ran at Alex. Glenn let out a series of five blows with his sword. Alex blocked the five blows with his spear then swung, making Glenn fly back a few feet.

    Alex took the moment he had and flew into the air, out of Glenn’s reach. Or so he thought. Glenn countered by throwing his sword in the air towards Alex. Alex dove out of the way but not quick enough as he felt a sharp pain behind him. The sword had completely sliced off one of Alex’s wings! He fell back to the ground and winced from the pain but stood his ground. Glenn’s sword returned to him and marvelously caught it with one hand by the handle. Alex looked behind him to see his amputated wing disappear.

    Angered, Alex ran towards Glenn carelessly and found himself hitting the ground as Glenn knocked him aside. Glenn put his boot down on Alex’s chest and pointed the sword at Alex’s throat.

    “Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt for a moment, you’ll have no wound at all.” Said Glenn.

    Alex was too shocked to move. He tried to raise his spear but Glenn kicked it aside.

    I’ve really screwed up. Where did I go wrong? Thought Alex. I couldn’t protect myself. I can’t protect anybody. Katie… I’m sorry. No! I’m not going to go down like this!

    “NO!!!” Alex yelled out, making an unknown force burst from within and knock Glenn back onto the ground. Alex got back up quickly and pointed his spear at Glenn. Glenn slowly stood back up and looked into the angered face of Alex Moore. Alex’s wing regrew onto his back.

    A strange force formed around Alex as his levitated off the ground. The force grew stronger as Alex flew at Glenn with blinding speed.

    “Rushing Falldown!” Alex flew straight through Glenn like a ghost through a wall. Glenn fell to the ground as his mutation, the orb of Cancer, flew away into the distance. Alex returned to normal, panting from exhaustion. Glenn slowly stood up and stared into the sky.

    “That power… It’s coming. Zane, you were right. I have failed.” Glenn turned to Alex and looked at him.

    “Alex, you have incredible power. You’re also a good person. Don’t lose sight of that. And…” Glenn walked up to Alex and held out his hand. “Good fight.”

    Alex smiled and shook Glenn’s hand.


    Alex finally arrived at home just as the sun was going down. When he entered his mom was standing in the living room with her hands on her hips.

    “Alex James Moore! Where have you been!?!” She asked very upset.

    “I missed the bus. I’m sorry.” His mother smiled.

    “Well at least you’re okay. Wash up, dinner is almost done.”



    Zane held the orb of Cancer in his left hand. He smiled as he examined the orb like a kid with a new toy.

    “Glenn… thank you for the gift. It shouldn’t be too much longer now…”

    Zane turned and opened up a large box, inside were the orbs of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Virgo. He set the orb inside and shut the box.

    “Four down, eight more to go.”

    Zane laughed to himself and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.
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    Mutators Ch. 08

    Chapter 08 – Disaster at the Races

    Alex sat up quickly in his bed, half awake. He was awoken by the sound of a loud knock on his bedroom door. Instantly, Alex looked to his alarm clock and noticed it was 12:10 p.m.

    “Alex? Get up! We need to talk to you!” Came his mother’s voice from the other side of the door.

    “There… right… coming!” Alex’s brain finally woke up. He jumped out of bed, left his bedroom, and walked into the kitchen. Still in his pajamas, Alex made himself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the kitchen table to eat. While he ate, his mother came into the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the fridge. She looked at him and shook her head.

    “It’s about time you got up! How long were you planning on sleeping anyway?” She asked. Alex slurped down the remaining milk in the bowl.

    “Longer if you hadn’t woken me up.” He replied. His mother laughed.

    “Say,” Said Alex. “Why aren’t you and dad at work anyway?”

    “We both have the weekend off. So do you plan on getting dressed at all today?”

    “Eventually. It’s the weekend, cut me some slack!”

    “It’s the weekend for your father and I too but you don’t see us lying around all day.” She said. Alex chuckled.

    “We’re going to the races tonight. Do you want to come?” Asked Alex’s mother. Alex thought for a moment. He decided it would be nice to get away.

    “Sure. When?” He asked.

    “We’re going to leave around seven. Think you’ll be showered and dressed by then?”

    “I don’t know, it IS the weekend.” He replied sarcastically.

    “Well be ready or we’re leaving without you.”

    Alex nodded and set his bowl in the sink then ran back to his room.

    Several hours later, Alex was dressed and ready to leave with his parents. He met them outside and helped them carry a cooler full of soda into the car.

    “Have everything, Samantha?” Asked Alex’s Father.

    “Yes. I believe so.” Replied Samantha. “Can you think of anything else, Daniel?”

    “Nope. Alex?” Asked Daniel.

    “I’m good, got everything.” Replied Alex.

    “Then let’s get going.” Said Daniel getting into the car, Samantha and Alex Moore doing the same.

    The trip there took about an hour but it felt like forever for Alex. During the drive Alex stared out the window and thought about Katie. So much had happened in the last couple of weeks. Mutating, The Cosmos, and the Mutators who were tearing Alex’s life apart. Alex finally decided on a decision; apologize to Katie and hope she’ll forgive him. Alex continued to stare blankly out the window as they pulled into a large grass and dirt field where parking for the races was held. In front of the parking area was a large old building leading out to the stands and the race track beyond the stands. To the left of the building was the racing pit.

    Daniel finally found a place to park and killed the ignition. He and Samantha got out of the car and took out the cooler out of the back. Alex hesitated.

    Katie would’ve loved to be here. I sure do miss her…

    “Alex? Alex!” Shouted Daniel. Alex suddenly came back to reality.

    “Yeah, dad?”

    “Are you coming?” He asked.

    “Oh, right. Yeah coming.”

    Alex got out of the car and slammed his door shut. He followed behind his parents up to the front gate.

    “Hey there! How’re ya’ll tonight?” Asked the man at the gate. The man had a strong southern accent.

    “Just fine, thanks. Three please.” Said Daniel. The man ripped off three ticket stubs and handed them to each of the Moore’s. Daniel gave the man the money for the tickets.

    “There ya’ll go, if you leave just show that to get back in. Enjoy the races.” The man said.

    “Thank you.” Replied Daniel.

    The three walked past the man and walked into the old building. The building was two stories tall with the stands on top of it all. Alex was eager to check out the building.

    “Hey, I’ll catch up with you guys, I’m going to take a look around.” Said Alex.

    “Okay, we’ll be at the top, left section.” Said Daniel.

    “Okay.” With that, Alex took off to explore the building.

    Alex climbed up a small flight of stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs in front of him was a dark office looking area that Alex tried to explore but the door was locked. Instead he turned and walked around a corner, leading back to the front of the building. Around the corner was an open area with a large window looking down on the parked cars outside. Pieces of the window were broken and never replaced. Below the window was an old 1930s looking bathroom that was obviously out of commission. Opposite of the large window was an open door leading up to the stands.

    Alex walked over to the gianormous window and stared out of it at the people walking up to the gate. He began to think of Katie again. If only she were here to see this view and this building. She liked really old buildings and stuff. Alex continued to stare until he noticed something below. Someone was looking up at him. Surprised, Alex turned from the window and paced around in the open area.

    Alex could hear the race beginning outside. He never realized just how loud old racing cars really were. Alex looked outside the window again. The sun was setting and Alex thought it would be creep to be here in this area of the building when it got dark and decided to find his parents. But as he turned around he came face to face with a young man. The man was a lot bigger than Alex, wearing a sleeveless shirt and short blonde hair. Was Alex not supposed to be here?

    “So I finally get to meet you! What an honor!” Said the mystery man.

    “What? Who are you?” Asked Alex. The man laughed out loud.

    “John Zachariah, The Wild Bull Mutator. Never thought I’d find you HERE! What luck.”

    “Y-you’re a Mutator!?! Even here… I can’t get away.” Said Alex.

    “You seem disappointed to meet me.” Said John.

    “I didn’t want to fight. Not again. Not here. Why can’t you guys just leave me alone!?!” Yelled Alex as his body began to glow silver.

    “The infamous Alex Moore. The Mutator who defeated Glenn Lee. We’ll see just how tough you really are!”

    The sun finally set and darkness fell over the racing grounds outside. The man at the gate had closed because the race had started and left to watch the show. No more people were outside. John’s entire body glowed silver and Alex watched as his body grew even bigger and became furry. Two large horns sprouted out from his head and a snout from his face. Alex was stunned, he really was a bull! He was a Minotaur! Alex finished his mutation and just in time, because John ran full speed at Alex, grabbed him by the waist and went right through the large window.

    John let go and Alex spread his wings and flapped them, landing safely on the ground. John landed on his feet with a loud thud, completely unharmed. Even while in his mutated form, John was still much larger than Alex was. Alex’s spear appeared in his right hand as John ran at Alex once again. John reached out to grab Alex but got his hands wrapped around Alex’s spear instead. The two struggled for power to throw the other aside. John won.

    John threw Alex quite a distance away. Alex hit the ground hard and slowly got back up. John laughed. Alex scowled, held his spear firm and ran at John. Alex let out a thrust of his spear at John but he grabbed Alex’s spear and threw him back where Alex fell before.

    “Got any other tricks up your sleeve?” Hollered out John to Alex.

    Alex held up his spear, letting loose the replica spears from the original. The replica spears shot straight at John but John simply smacked the spears out of his way.

    “Pathetic, is that all you got?” Said John.

    “Not quite.” Said Alex.

    Alex kicked up a foot off the ground and pointed his spear forward. A force of energy formed around Alex. The force continued to grow and grow and finally exploded and Alex sot forward straight for John at a blinding speed.

    “Rushing Falldown!” Alex went right through John just as he did to Glenn. Alex landed and turned around. John was normal again and on one knee. Above him was an orb with the zodiac sign for Taurus. Alex watched once again as it flew away into the night.

    “I knew I would lose. If you beat Glenn, how could I win?” He said, slowly getting back to his feet. Alex returned to normal.

    “Then why? Why bother me when I’m trying to enjoy myself!” Said Alex.

    “Can’t tell you that. Because I don’t really know myself. Well, see ya around, Alex.” Said John, walking into the crowd of parked cars.

    Alex shook his head and walked back inside. He found his parents in the stands, exactly where they told him they would be.

    “Where have you been?” Asked Samantha.

    “Just looking around, this building is very interesting.” Was all Alex said.

    Alex took a seat and enjoyed the rest of the races with his parents. Monday at school, Alex would find Katie and make up with her, even if it killed him.
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    Mutators Ch. 09

    Chapter 09 – Katie’s Nightmare

    The weather was dreary, dark, and rainy. Alex stared out of the bus window on his way to school; rain pouring and beating against the window. He ran it over a million times in his mind; all the possibilities of what Katie could say to Alex’s apology. The bus finally pulled into the school parking lot and Alex jumped off the bus and ran into the school before getting too wet.

    Alex tried his hardest to concentrate in class but usually every 15-20 minutes Alex would start thinking about Katie again. When the bell for lunch rang, Alex quickly walked to his locker only to find no Katie. Was she still this mad? Alex put his books away and decided she had to be in the building because it was raining outside. So he set off and began his search. He walked up and down the main hallway three times then decided to check the common area. Unfortunately all he found there were a lot of annoying and loud teenagers who had no where to go for lunch because of the rain. Alex returned to his locker, only to find no one in the hallway. Alex punched the locker in anger.

    Alex finally walked down the main hallway to a bench he liked to sit on when he needed to be alone when he saw her. She was sitting on the bench eating a bag of potato chips and staring at the floor. Alex quickly walked closer and as he did she looked up at him. She rolled her eyes and stood up to leave.

    “Katie, wait! Please!” Alex called out. She stopped and looked to Alex. He caught up with Katie and couldn’t find the words he wanted to say.

    “What? Did want something?” Asked Katie.

    “Katie… please. I’m sorry. I acted like an ass. I know there’s no way to take back what I did but I want to make it up to you. Please forgive me.” Katie stared at him without saying anything. Finally she said:

    “You were acting worse than an ass. I’ve never seen you act like that. It was so rude.” Alex began to lose faith. They were never going to get through this and continue to be friends.

    “But,” She continued. “It’s a silly thing to ruin a friendship over. As long as it doesn’t happen again, I forgive you.”

    Alex looked up, smiled, and gave her a huge hug, lifting her up off the floor. He finally let go and she started laughing.

    “You know, it’s been terrible alone at lunch. I felt like such an outcast. So what have I missed?” She asked.

    “Well…” Alex told her everything about the races he went to, about the old building, but left out the part about John and the fight.

    “Well it sounds like I missed quite a lot. Say…” Katie hesitated for a moment. “You want to hang out Friday, come over and watch a movie or something?”

    “Of course! We have to make up for lost time! What time?” Asked Alex.

    “Hmm I’ll call you okay?”

    “That’ll work.”


    The rest of the week went by without any problems. Alex was happy that he and Katie were friends again. He met her by the buses like they usually have done every day after school the past couple of years. Alex walked up to Katie; she was always there first.

    “Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” She said. “Saturday at 7:00?”

    “Huh?” Alex had almost forgotten. “Oh yeah! Of course! I’ll be there. See you Saturday.” Katie boarded her bus and Alex his.

    Alex walked down the street to his house more excited than he had ever been. He entered his house, said his hellos to his parents, went to his room, and fell onto his bed. He smiled and slowly dozed off into a nap.

    Alex wondered all day Saturday if there were no more Mutators coming for him. He had not fought with one for a week now. Maybe he could just go back to living his life as a normal teenage boy and not have to tell Katie anything. 6:30 P.M. finally arrived and Alex began his walk down to Katie’s house.

    When Alex arrived he saw a middle aged man getting ready to get into his car and leave. The man walked up to Alex, making him nervous.

    “Alex I take it?” The man said, holding out his hand for a shake. “Nathan Johnston.”

    “Nice to meet you Mr. Johnston.” Said Alex politely taking his hand.

    “Just call me Nathan.” Nathan turned to Katie who was standing on the porch. “Be good, I’ll be home tomorrow.”

    “Okay dad. You can count on me.” Said Katie. He gave Alex a courtesy nod and got into his car and drove away. Alex stepped onto the front porch.

    “Sorry for that. He’s overprotective.” Said Katie.

    “Don’t be, he seems nice.”

    Together they entered Katie’s house. Immediately upon seeing the living room, Alex remembered Valentine’s Day when he and Katie were standing here soaking wet. They sat down on the couch and watched a scary movie about human who were actually robots disguised as humans. Alex thought it wasn’t scary and kind of lame. Katie however, held onto Alex’s arm and stared at the T.V. too scared to move. Alex looked at the expression on Katie’s face and laughed to himself.


    Down in the dark streets outside Katie’s house, a blonde woman checked her sheet of paper, looking for something or someone. Her hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and her deep blue eyes scanned the houses then down at the paper again.

    “If we can’t beat him at the source…” She said as she looked up at Katie’s house. “Then take what he values most.”


    The movie finally ended and Katie looked up at Alex with her still scared look then laughed.

    “You don’t look too impressed.” She said.

    “I’ve seen scarier, besides, its not like humans could actually be robots.” Said Alex.

    “You think?”

    “Positive.” Katie sighed.

    “Okay, I feel better!” She said laughing. Her laughter suddenly stopped as she glanced out of the window. The blonde woman stared right at Katie through the window.

    “Who is that outside?” She asked. Alex looked outside. The woman continued to stare.

    “I don’t know. Let’s check it out.” Said Alex.

    Alex and Katie swung open the front door, the woman watching them.

    “Who are you? What do you want?” Asked Alex.

    “My name is Emily Porter. I came for her… Fallen Angel.”

    It finally dawned on Alex. She was with The Cosmos. But what did she want with Katie?

    “What is she talking about? Huh? Alex?” Alex stepped down off the porch.

    “Katie, what I am about to show you… please don’t be scared. I’ll explain everything once this is over.” Said Alex.

    “Alex? What on earth…” She stopped mid sentence as Alex began to glow silver. Emily grinned as her body began to glow as well.

    Katie watched in complete shock as Alex grew wings from his back and mutated into the Fallen Angel Mutator. Katie stepped back in shock and didn’t stop until she hit the wall. Emily’s body completely changed, her entire body was completely metallic.

    “A… robot!?!” Said Katie on the verge of tears.

    “They call me The Metallic Mutator. I had not anticipated that you would be here Fallen Angel.” Said Emily.

    Alex swiftly flew straight for Emily and delivered a punch right to her face. Emily did not even flinch. Alex flew back and held his throbbing hand. Alex’s appeared in his right hand just as Emily began to run toward Alex. Before he could dodge, Emily threw a punch at Alex and knocked him back a few feet.

    His hand and face now throbbing, Alex held up his spear. The replica spears ejected from the host and flew at Emily. Emily just let the spears harmlessly hit her metallic body and fall to the ground completely useless. Katie watched Alex in awe from the porch and gained some courage. She jumped up and shouted to Alex.

    “You can do it, Alex! I know you can!”

    Alex smiled; Emily threw another punch. This time, Alex caught her fist and threw her back some feet away. He kicked a few inches off the ground and held his spear firmly in front of him. The familiar force began to form around him like a barrier. The force continued to grow until it could take no more and exploded. Alex shot straight for Emily, his spear pointed forward. Upon impact, he flew right through the metallic Emily, destroying her mutation. She fell to one knee, no longer metallic. Above her the orb of Sagittarius flew away into the night.

    “Unbelievable…” Said Katie to herself. Without a single word, Emily got up and ran away. Alex looked over to Katie on the porch. He returned to normal and walked over to her.

    We’re friends right?” She asked.

    “Yeah? Why?”

    “Then why didn’t you tell me sooner!?!” Alex frowned and looked at the night sky.

    “It was hard. Its something you can’t just easily tell somebody, you know?” He said.

    “Yeah, I understand.” She said.

    “Don’t worry though, I’m the same ole me. Just don’t tell anyone okay?” He asked. Katie nodded.

    “You got it.”
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    Chapter 10 – Rose Cannon

    The next week at school couldn’t have been better for Alex. Not once the entire week did he have to fight a member of The Cosmos and best of all, he and Katie were friends once again. And to top it off, he no longer had to hide his Mutating abilities from Katie. That week, Alex recapped all of his fights and news about The Cosmos with Katie. Whenever Alex retold the events she just stared and occasionally her mouth would hang open. But the weekend came to a close and Monday morning had come.

    Alex’s bus surprisingly arrived at school earlier than usual Monday morning. He stepped off the bus and headed to the front of the school. When he came around the corner he saw Katie sitting on a bench doing homework. Alex walked over to her; as he approached she looked up at him and smiled, putting away her books.

    “Well this is a shocker.” She said. “Alex Moore early for school. What’s the occasion?”

    “Substitute driver. We’re here early!” He said. The two of them laughed out loud together. It felt good to laugh like that. Alex didn’t know when he’d get the chance again.

    “Look! Oh my gosh! It’s Leon Rose! He’s so cute!” Hollered out a girl in her junior year. Alex and Katie looked over to them. The girl and her friends stood in a tight group and whispered, giggling to each other. From out of a black car stepped a tall guy in his senior year. He had the typical “cool” look. His hair was down to his neck, brown, and covering his face on one side. As he stepped out of the car he pushed the hair out of his face and headed toward the school’s front entrance. As he passed the girl’s they stared then continued to giggle.

    “What’s the deal with him?” Asked Alex. Katie smiled as Leon walked into the school.

    “What?” She asked unaware of what Alex had just said.

    “Not you too, Katie! Wow…”

    “Th-that’s Leon Rose. He’s a senior. Its not like it matters, he’d never go out with a sophomore like me anyway.” Said Katie disappointed.

    “Ah come on! Don’t say that! I bet if you tried hard enough you could date anyone you wanted.”

    “What’s this? Alex being sensitive to other’s feelings?” Said Katie sarcastically.

    “Give me a break, Katie. I’m just telling the truth here!” The two sat there in silence unsure what to say next. Finally the bell rang and broke the silence.

    “Well we’d better get to class! See you this afternoon Alex!” Said Katie as she fast walked to the front doors.

    “Yeah… see ya later.” Alex said to himself and headed toward class.

    First period was normal as usual but Alex’s geometry class was horrible. The class was given a surprise test… which Alex failed. Third period was long as usual. Alex sat in his seat and slowly watched the hands on the clock turn. At one point he could’ve sworn the seconds hand went backwards. Finally the bell rang and Alex darted out of the room full speed, in a hurry to get out of there.

    Alex turned around the corner down the hall where his locker resided. But as he turned the corner he bumped into somebody, knocking Alex off his feet and onto the floor.

    “Hey watch you’re going! Stupid underclassmen!” Yelled the guy.

    “I’m sorry it was accident I wasn’t watching where I was going…” Alex stopped mid sentence as he looked up and saw who he ran into; Leon Rose.

    “It’s okay…” Leon looked down at Alex and was taken aback for a moment. “Accidents happen. Here let me help you…”

    Leon held out a hand for Alex. Alex took his hand, letting Leon lift him up back to his feet.

    “I’m so sorry about that.” Said Alex.

    “Don’t worry about it.” Said Leon suddenly friendly. “Hey I saw you this morning with that girl. I see her every morning. Say what’s her name?”

    “Who? Oh, Katie. Her name is Katie. She’s a good friend of mine.” Leon put his arm around Alex, the two of them headed towards Alex’s locker.

    “Well between you and me I think she’s pretty cute. She’s not like those other girls; giggling from afar and whispering to one another. Hey, you think you could do me a favor?” Asked Leon


    “You think you could talk to her for me? I’d really appreciate it.” Alex looked at Leon confused.

    “Me, set you up for a date? THE Leon Rose I keep hearing about?” Leon laughed.

    “Well don’t tell anybody this but I’m not like what most people think. I’m not this real out going ladies man. I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to females.” Alex laughed to himself inside his head.

    “I’ll see what I can do. Meet me in the park during lunch.” Said Alex.

    “Hey thanks a lot man, sounds good. Well I got to go. See ya later!” They finally made it to Alex’s locker and Leon let go of Alex and walked off.

    Alex put his books away as Katie came walking up.

    “Were you talking to Leon just now?” Asked Katie.

    “Yeah… I bumped into him in the hall… literally.”

    “What did he want?”

    “Oh nothing just wanted to apologize for bumping into me. That’s all.” Alex lied.

    Alex and Katie left for lunch, stopping to get some burgers then walked down the park. Alex and Katie sometimes ate their lunch in the park, usually on nice sunny days. Together they ate their lunch under sunny skies. As they were talking, Leon finally showed up and walked up to Alex and Katie.

    “Hey there!” Said Leon. Katie looked to Alex in shock.

    “Alex? What’s going on?” Asked Katie.

    “Leon here wants to talk to you.” Said Alex.

    “Well… sorry to say this but…” Leon paused and looked at Alex. “I’m actually here for you Alex.”

    Alex stared at Leon with a confused look on his face. Leon’s right arm began to glow silver. Alex stood up quickly, realizing what was going on.

    “Katie! Run! He’s a Mutator!” Yelled Alex. Katie hesitated for a moment then got up and ran back away from the two.

    “What’s this all about, Leon?” Asked Alex.

    “Sorry Alex, but I had to use Katie to get to you. I’m from The Cosmos.”

    Alex didn’t say anything. He was used to this sort of thing. Leon’s arm finished mutating and changed into a large cannon. Alex’s body glowed silver and transformed into The Fallen Angel Mutator once again. His spear appeared in his right hand, ready for combat. Leon grinned and aimed the cannon for Alex. He fired; a large cannon ball firing from the barrel straight for Alex. Alex flew up into the air and dodged the cannon ball. Leon continued to fire, cannon balls flying all over the place and vanishing once they hit the ground.

    “Leon! Stop it! You don’t have to do this!” Shouted Alex.

    “Sorry but it has to be done! Now just stay still!”

    Leon fired again… and hit his mark. Alex took the cannon ball right in the gut and fall back to the ground.

    “Alex! Get up!” Shouted Katie from a distance.

    “He’s finished…” Said Leon.

    “And what gives you that idea?” Said Alex as he slowly got back to his feet. He kicked a foot off the ground and held his spear forward. The usual energy force formed around Alex and continued to grow, ready to burst at any moment.

    “No! I’ll finish you!” Said Leon. He fired another cannon ball towards Alex.

    “Rushing Falldown!” The energy exploded, sending Alex flying full speed for Leon… and the cannon ball. Alex flew right through the cannon ball, making an explosion behind him. He continued to soar and flew right through Leon just as he did his previous opponents. He landed and watched Leon fall to the ground. Leon’s arm returned to normal and the Orb of Scorpio flew away into the sky. Leon stood up and started to walk away.

    “Leon!” Yelled Alex. Leon turned and looked at Alex.

    “Until next time, Alex.” He waved and continued on walking. But Alex noticed something. It wasn’t a wave Leon gave them. He had thrown away a piece of paper. Alex returned to normal and picked up the paper, Katie ran up to him and read it with him.


    The astrological 12 zodiac signs. It is said that when a Mutator collects the 12 Zodiac Orbs he will awaken the Serpentarius Orb and can perform a “Double Mutation” becoming twice as powerful as before. I have been watching Zane closely; he has been up to something. If he is indeed collecting the Zodiac orbs then it will only be a matter of time before he collects them all. And when that happens there will be nobody left to stop him…
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    First comment!

    Your story seems okay... (however based on astrology it is... so is Ryuusei.) ...but in some areas, the story seems a little rushed. For example, in chapter 2: "he mutated and flew back home." It just seemed kind of rushed when I read it. I'm starting to second-guess that, but other than the fact that you spelled "cannon" wrong in the entirety of chapter 11 (or did you mean to spell it that way? I have no idea...), the story is excellent. Looking forward to reading your work!

    (Oh, wait. Is this supposed to go elsewhere? I didn't see another thread anywhere.)
  13. Sir Kibbles

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    Well for starters, I never watched Ryuusei (And posting this on a forum with a huge fanbase for it doesn't help) so I had no idea of anything sounding alike. Next, the reason the beginning seemed rushed was because the first 4 chapters were written 2+ years ago before I got better at writing and all I did was edit it up a little bit. plus there was really nothing I wanted to put in there, he really just "flew home" lol. And honestly I had NO idea I spelled Cannon wrong. lol. Microsoft Word didn't tell me it was incorrect so I left it. But I wrote the outline for books one and two WAY before Ryuusei came out. Starting from Ch. 11 (Which is this upcoming monday) and beyond the rest of book one gets significantly better in terms of plot. A new main character will be introduced but I'll keep that hush hush for now :D If anything look forward to Book Two as it is a million times better than the first! And THANK YOU so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it! And please continue with the comments, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something right. (or wrong lol)

    EDIT: Oh and forgot to mention, comments are ment to be here, you're just the first :)
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    I wonder if someone could make a picture sketch of Alex Moore and his Fallen Angel mutation. That would be kind of cool... (You know, for some reason, a lot of popular stories that I like involve humans changing form in some way or another. It's just a weird thing I've noticed.)

    What do the claws really look like? I want to make it kind of like an Anime-like sketch, and the claws can't be anything like human hands. (Well, besides the basic structure. If you give a visual description, then I might be able to think something out.) Something more like a beast's? Should his arms and legs be furry black, or just black human skin? He'll be wearing the same clothes, though... I think that would be a nice addition. The story is entirely yours... I'm just thinking up a sketch. :) If I'm insulting your work, I'm sorry.
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    Mutators Ch. 11

    Chapter 11 – Zodiac Pt. 1

    Alex read the note. He read it again. Then he read it a third time before he stopped. Katie stopped after her first read and looked up at Alex, not sure how to make heads or tails of it all.

    “Who is Zane?” she asked.

    “He’s the Mutator I fought on the first day I ever mutated; the one who took me from Dr. Alexander’s class to “talk.” He was the only Mutator so far I haven’t defeated.” Explained Alex.

    “Oh yeah, I knew that.” Said Katie trying to play it off but she actually forgot. “But what does he have to do with any of this?”

    “He’s the leader of The Cosmos, remember? But what does he want with me?” Alex crumbled up the paper and put it in his pocket.

    “Forget it for now,” Said Alex. “Let’s get back to school”

    Alex and Katie high tailed it back for the school before they were late. As they arrived, students were arriving back from lunch and crowding the hallways.

    “Alex! Katie!” Came a voice from the chaos that was teenagers post lunch time. Alex looked around the crowd and saw Leon waving to them. Alex and Katie ran up to him.

    “I need to talk to you. Let’s go outside, it’s too loud in here.” Said Leon. Katie stopped them as they turned to walk back outside.

    “What about class? The bell is going to ring any minute!” She said.

    “Katie,” Said Alex. “There are bigger issues right now other than being in class! If you want to go to class, fine by me. But this whole thing is bigger than any of us. And it involves me. So I have to go.”

    Katie smiled. “Good, cause I didn’t want to go back anyway. Just checking with you. I’m not about to leave now without knowing what is going on!”

    “Good, can we move now?” Asked Leon in a hurry. Alex nodded and they quickly walked out of the front entrance. The tardy bell rang loudly inside the school but as soon as it ended, Alex, Katie, and Leon were in silence.

    “Okay, what’s this all about, Leon?” Asked Alex. Leon nodded.

    “Well did you get the piece of paper I threw away? I was kind of hoping you would’ve picked it up.” He asked. But something was different. Leon sounded completely different that just a few minutes ago. He sounded like a whole new person.

    “Of course we picked it up! I read it like three times!” Said Alex pulling the crumbled paper out of his pocket.

    “Excellent. Now where do I begin? Ah well for starters; the Leon Rose you fought earlier was not me.” He said.

    “What do you mean?” Asked Katie confused.

    “Well physically it was me. But I was brainwashed… by Zane. And not just me, every Mutator you’ve defeated as been through the same thing. And by defeating us you broke the curse.”

    Alex thought back to his previous fights. Every one of them seemed evil and so bent on killing him but once they were defeated they seemed nice. But Alex thought they were nice because their will to kill Alex’s mutation was gone when he defeated them. Leon continued to speak.

    “I’ve been watching Zane for several months now. He started “The Cosmos” back in January. When The Cosmos was first formed he spoke to all of us. He told us of a fallen angel who will surface soon. A Mutator who will become of age and realize his power. But he said this Mutator was different. His power was much more than the average Mutator’s power. Zane then told us that this Mutator must be stopped because if he found how to harness his full potential he would have the power of a…”

    Leon paused and gulped. “…a God.”

    “A God? No way! But what does any of this have to do with The Zodiac signs and ‘Double Mutation?’” Asked Alex.

    “I’m getting to that. I was a bit skeptical that a kid would have that much power. But I don’t think that is the case anymore. I think it’s all a set up. So I started watching Zane. That’s when I found out he wants something you have. Tell me, when is your birthday?” Asked Leon. Alex was taken aback at such a trivial question in a time like this.

    “My birthday? Next week, March 11th.” He replied.

    “Just as I thought. You, Alex, hold the Pisces Zodiac Orb. And Zane is using others to get it for him because he knows he’s not strong enough to do the job himself.”

    Alex had a hard time getting the words Leon spoke of into his mind. Was all of this true? Was Alex’s destiny much more important then he thought possible? Suddenly, a driver’s license didn’t seem so important. Then something hit Alex.”

    “But coincidently, Zane has gotten a hold of many of the Zodiac orbs because of me. So this is all my fault…” Said Alex.

    “No! It’s Zane’s fault! He’s been manipulating everyone since the beginning! You had no idea of any of this! Only Zane and I know about ‘Double Mutation.’”

    “’Double Mutation.’ What exactly is that?” Asked Alex.

    “Double Mutation is the process of Mutating again once you have all ready mutated to gain twice the power you had before. But not every Mutator can do it. There has to be some way, something that triggers the Double Mutation. And for Zane it’s the Serpentarius Zodiac Orb.”

    “Which he gets if he collects all 12 Zodiac orbs, including my own.” Finished Alex.

    “Exactly. We must stop him and get those Zodiac Orbs before he gains anymore. Follow me; I know where his hideout is.” Said Leon. Alex nodded.

    “I’m so confused.” Said Katie. Alex looked back at Katie.

    “Katie, stay here. It’s too dangerous.” Said Alex.

    “No way! I can’t just stay here when I know you’re out there in danger! I’m coming along too!” She countered back.

    “It’s okay Alex. I can’t fight anymore than she can. I can no longer mutate remember?” Said Leon. Alex thought about this then nodded.

    “Fine. But stay close to me. Leon, lead the way.” Said Alex.

    Leon led them across the parking lot and back towards the park. As they continued on into the park, a cannon ball hit the ground in front of Leon and blew a chunk out of the ground. The three of them stood shocked because the cannon ball disappeared, just like Leon’s did.

    “Umm, Leon, what the hell was that?” Asked Alex.

    “That… was one of my cannon balls.” He said. “It could only mean one thing…”

    Suddenly a woman jumped out of a tree and landed before Leon. Alex was shocked the woman was not hurt, and had a cannon on her arm identical to Leon’s cannon.

    “Leslie Mills, The Lover Mutator. She copies Mutator’s abilities by kissing them.” Said Leon. Alex didn’t say anything but put two and two together.

    “Leon Rose. So you’ve turned on us as well!” Said Leslie.

    “Leslie! You must remember! You’re not yourself, Zane is controlling you!” Said Leon.

    “Lies! Now get out of the way of my job!” Leslie pointed the cannon at Leon and fired. Alex in an instant, Mutated and destroyed the cannon ball with his spear.

    “There’s no other way! She’s not going to stop. Leon, Katie, get back!” Said Alex. He watched as Leslie’s cannon vanished and was replaced by Glenn Lee’s Ice sword.

    Leslie ran at Alex and crossed weapons with him. She began swinging away madly but Alex blocked every blow with his spear. Alex then flew into the air between blows.

    “Leslie, think! We’re not enemies! Zane is the enemy. He’s using you!” Alex said trying to convince her.

    “Shut up! That’s not true, you’re the enemies!” She countered.

    “Then I have no choice.” Alex held up his spear, the replica spears flying out of the original. The replicas flew at Leslie and both hit their mark.

    “Seven Leagues Spear Strike!” Alex threw his spear and nailed Leslie. All three spears vanished as well as her mutation. The Libra Zodiac Sign started to fly away. Alex ran for it but wasn’t quick enough and the orb flew away into the sky.

    “Damn it! He’s got another orb!” Said Alex. Leslie got up and looked around.

    “Leon?” She asked.

    “Yes! Leslie! The curse is broken! Are you okay?” Asked Leon.

    “My head hurts but I’ll be okay. Is this The Fallen Angel Zane spoke of?”

    Leon nodded and helped her to her feet. He explained everything to her.

    “Leslie. We’re going after Zane. Go home and relax. We’ll take care of everything.” Said Leon.

    “Okay Leon. Be careful.” She said and kissed Leon. The two were apparently dating. She left them and headed for home. Leon looked to Alex with his game face on.

    “Alex, Katie, Are you ready?” He asked. Alex nodded. Katie did nothing. Leon reached into his pocket and pulled out a small red orb the size of a large marble. He threw it on the ground, letting out a sudden flash. After the flash, a large portal sat before them.

    “We can get there using this. Shall we?” Said Leon leading the way.

    Alex and Katie followed behind Leon into the portal, taking them right into the belly of the enemy.
  16. Sir Kibbles

    Sir Kibbles New Member

    That actually sounds awesome! I would love to see a sketch of him! I would do it but I suck at drawing. You're idea of a sketch sounds great! I think it should be human skin and not fur, I just never imagined him with fur... And for the claws kind of like long sharp fingernails if that makes any sense. Just not super long claws.

    And don't think you're insulting the story cause you're not. If you were insulting the story I'd let you know. lol. Do you think you could do a sketch? Cause that'd be great if you could.
  17. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Well, what I meant by "furry" was, kind of like short fur, with human skin underneath. Nothing you wouldn't find on a boy with extra testosterone.

    The long sharp fingernails thing makes him look like a goth of some sort. I would do a sketch, but it might not be loyal to the original appearance much. (The claws won't be
    long at all; that's not what I had in mind...that's not very manga-ish either.)

    The only reason I suggested it this way is because I like dragons too much.

    BTW, a comment on the story itself: Is "Serpentarius" a new constellation that the Sun has moved into now, or is it just Sagittarius?
  18. Sir Kibbles

    Sir Kibbles New Member

    Sounds good I would like to see what you come up with anyway. It'd be cool either way. :) And Serpentarius was the rumored 13th astrology sign for those born on leap year (Feb 29) but in real life it doesn't exist but I read it and had to use it somehow!
  19. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Well, wouldn't a Serpentarius just be a Pisces?

    I think it's actually "Serpentia", which is a different constellation altogether.
  20. Sir Kibbles

    Sir Kibbles New Member

    Maybe I dunno when I looked it up it said Serpentarius. And Pisces is two fish, Serpentarius is a snake.

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