Happy Birthday megumi~

Discussion in 'News' started by megumi, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Happy Birthday megumi~

    Or should I say, to myself? *facepalm*

    Sept 8th is my birthday, since it's already the 9th for Futa and other people on that side of the world.

    Yeah, it was on the bottom of the page. And nobody noticed.

    Plus, in real life, only one person remembered that today was my birthday (she always does <3). Another person, I had to give her a huge hint before she figured it out.

    I guess I had to see how many people actually remembered, since I've told quite a few people over the years. So I suppose my sixteenth birthday came out quite amusing.
  2. bladesworn

    bladesworn Shenanigans Instigator The Destroyer is Manifest

    Happy Birthday.
  3. Kaitou_Yahiko

    Kaitou_Yahiko *Poke* Staff Member That Girl With the Hair

    Sorry, I don't scroll down to the bottom of the page much... Anyway, Happy birthday Gumi~ I hopes you had/have a good one. If you'd like me to do anything feel free to ask. ^_^
  4. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    I would have posted later tonight.


    Happy birthday!!!
  5. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Really? Oh, sorry. TT_TT I was kind of on a spree of telling everyone after telling no one at school.
  6. Shizuru

    Shizuru Member

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I know how it feels to have no one (well, besides family) remember. Mine's coming up too and I'm considering whether I want to make my own cake to bring into work (everyone else gets one because I remember theirs)...but I think that might be too passive aggressive ^^; Besides, it's largely my fault since I refuse to let people know that it is coming up. They've been told more than once in the past and it's not a hard date to remember. But I digress...

    Hope you had a great day and did something fun!
  7. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

    Holy shit! My instinct is correct!!!

    My colleague asked me if today is 9 September, and I've got a feeling that somebody's birthday is today!

    And I am right! (Although due to timezone difference...)

    Happy Birthday Megumi~ o/
  8. Matze149

    Matze149 Assistant Pig-Keeper Staff Member give me a bit time to think of a text

    Happy Birthday, Megumi~ \(^o^)/
    I hope you´ve got a good one~ ^^

    (Let´s see if my birthday next week is noticed too xD" *remembers last year*)
  9. Lige

    Lige Active Member Loves Being Poked

    Happy Birthday! ^__^

    *Goes back into the shadows*
  10. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    I admit I have trouble remembering other's birthdays. But I at least know what month their birthdays are in, so when it comes near that time, I actually go up to them and confirm exactly what day it is.

    But one of my friends somehow remember my birthday to be in November. -_-'

    (But when's you're birthday? We can celebrate it here (even though the cake will be a lie)! :D)

    Instincts can be quite amazing sometimes.

    I'll make sure I'll remember this time! Well, I hope. *headdesk*

    Lige! <3

    Thanks everyone. :D
  11. Shizuru

    Shizuru Member

    Heh, I'm bad at actually remembering anything but the month too, so I have a little list posted on the wall at work ^^;

    Aw, thanks! It's on the 11th. :)
  12. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    That's a good idea. xD

    *takes note*

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