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Saurians are the best, and that's why. Plus, I feel like having a Saurian brother so I won't feel alone and that I'm the only Saurian on my Brother Band. (Stupid reasons, I know but their mine and I'm a sentimental fool.)


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MMSF (Pegasus) - 004446584899 (forgot my name on this lol)

Version: Ninja
Friend Code: 021629172741
Favorite Cards: PegasusMagicGX, ApolloFlameSP, MadVulcan3 x2
When I'm On: Every Day, practically
I need a suarian bro I 1090 lp Zerker FC:378107723702 I give 150 lp

I need a suarian bro I have 1090 lp Zerker FC:378107723702 I give 150 lp and my favs are Le Mu King Granduer (Tribe King) and 2 recovery 300s


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Wasn't this stickied? Why did they even start a new one? Next time, lock and purge.

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Good idea... I have only been here a short time, but its happened heaps...
Remind me to get my WiFi set up too... everytime I remember I cant, and when I can I forget


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Mega Man Starforce 3, Black Ace: 4125-3015-0519
I probably should put up my Red Joker Japanese version too at some point...


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My Red Joker FC: 0002 1490 2962

No Noise Form yet, but any brother is fine for now. Don't really care about how much link power.

Any volunteers?


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Looking for both a Dinosaur and another Ninja buddy (want another Ninja for if i lose my ninja ability to a fire user)

FC- 4554-8173-9485 i give about 100 LP


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It doesn't matter whether you have a ninja brother or not. If you're in base form, any brother card will turn you into Tribe-On.


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Here's my stuff.

Version: Red Joker

Noise: Gemini Noise

LinkPWR: 540

Giving LinkPWR: 106

Friend Code: 2407-3589-8160

I'd like to be brothers with anyone but Gemini Noise.

I'm still playing and going for 100% completion so I will be giving more LP as I update.


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Here are mine MMSF FC's;

MegaMan StarForce Pegasus (EU version) FC: 0861-0665-9410
Storyline finished + extra story, have all standard and giga class cards only miss a few mega class ones. I have a few great combo's and my level is about 86.
I am looking for 1 Leo brother. (my other brother slots are full already)

MegaMan StarForce 2 Ninja (EU version) FC: 3309-1978-7971
Storyline finished + extra story, I have almost every card from every class, I only miss a few.
I have still room for 2 brothers. I prefer Zerker over Saurian and Ninja.

MegaMan StarForce 3 Black Ace (US version) : 1548-3433-4551
Storyline finished + extra story, have all cards and libary completed. My Noise Form is atm Wolf. I give 130 LP (=max)
I have only room left for 1 brother, but you can also add me as a battle mate if you want.

You can contact me by sending me a pm or e-mail if you want ot form a BrotherBand/want a battle/...

btw isn't it a good idea too add all FC's from everyone to the first post of this topic?
Then you have a good view of everybody on one page.