Friendcodes for Rockman Games...

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by megamanlan, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. megamanlan

    megamanlan New Member

    Friendcodes for Rockman Games...

    I would like to create a brotherband with someone that has Leo or Dragon.

    Plz when you post do it like this:
    Friend Code:000-000-000-000
    Favorite Cards:xx,ss,dd,ff,gg,hh
    When I'm On:...


    So here is Mine:
    Name: Subaru Hicari
    Friend Code:206-281-887-411
    Favorite Cards:Greenburst,Recovery300,GreenBurst,TidalEdge,DragonSkySP,PegasisMagicGX
    When I'm On:All the time.


    If u would like to be my bro pm me ur friend code.
  2. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

    Isn't 'Hicari' supposed to be spelled Hikari? Just wondering.
  3. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

    DATS Mega Man Star Force/ Ryuusei no Rockman 1 Brothering Thread

    I thought we should have a Brothering Thread, here at DATS because well, we subbed Ryuusei no Rockman.

    Use this format.

    I'm looking for brothers right now, so if you want to Brother someone in this thread, just ask. Hopefully they'll answer.
  4. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Friendcodes for Rockman Games...

    I though it'd be a good idea (if it's been done before, please forgive me! I couldn't find it...), so here we are.

    When you get another game, just edit it into your post. If you're open to brotherbanding or whatever, make it known here. Also, please no discussions here, go to a discussion thread for that! I don't wanna have this place cluttered up so that people have to travel pages between friendcodes!

    Please use your region's name for the game.

    Megaman Starforce Pegasus (US) - 519836407604
    Brotherband - Requesting a Leo Brother.

    Megaman Starforce Zerker x Ninja (US) - Zerker - 502658904522
    Brotherband - Requesting a Ninja and Saurian Brother.

    Why ninja? Blame a coin. I literally chose by having my boss at gamestop flip a coin, and Ninja was right before Saurian on the sheet of paper with the release dates on it, so Ninja was heads. The coin landed on heads.
  5. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    What a coincidence, I will be getting Saurian (Because I KNOW that the majority will choose Ninja).

    Will be needing both a Ninja and Zerker brother (or can you brother yourself?).
  6. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    ...why would you able to brother yourself?

    And can't you do a "Thunder Shinobi" when you do happen to unlock both Ninja and Zerker? You'd only need to "brother" with a Saurian to get all three combos.

    (... it is two tribe-ons per game, right? Or am I misinformed by the American game covers... they say "Zerker x Saurian" and "Zerker x Ninja".)
  7. Emi-hime

    Emi-hime <span style="color: deeppink;"><strong>#1 Subaru ♥

    Megaman Starforce Dragon (US) - 0344-6750-0399
    Level: 100 -- Everything is done, I just have to work on my Battle Combo... XD
    Brotherband - Okay, last slot was taken by Role :3 So this is full now~ ^_^

    Megaman Starforce Zerker x Ninja (US) - 3480-3960-8164
    Link Power: I give 150 =D Yay for 100% Completeness.
    Brotherband - Full

    Edit: And I merged the other two topics there were, just so everyone knows ^^; I figured this was a more general Rockman one by the name so I thought this would be the best to keep...and yeah... >>
  8. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    No, you choose Zerker or Saurian/Ninja before you start the game. You know, like Double Team DS. The only form you'll get is the one you choose when you start your game. I was just wondering if you could brother yourself with a second save file. You know, like Double Team DS also had connectivity between the two versions.
  9. Emi-hime

    Emi-hime <span style="color: deeppink;"><strong>#1 Subaru ♥

    Added my MMSF2 Friend code <3
  10. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    MMSF2 (Zerker): 2535-5044-6050
  11. Rendan

    Rendan Missed <3

    Zerker FC: 3351-5584-2448

    I finally got this game. =D
  12. david0925

    david0925 New Member

    Zerker X Saurian, picked Zerker (still QQing about not keeping Berzerker X Dinosaur)

    FC: 2621-4157-8233
  13. Dorumon

    Dorumon Dorumon The Chosen One

    Those are mines XD

    Megaman Starfoce 2 Zerker: N/A
    Megaman Starfoce 2 Shaurin:4210-5423-4251
    (Current at Messie with LP:220 of NPC+Autobrother)
    Megaman Starfoce 2 Ninja:N/A

    Yes i might going to play them all :p
    (i know the story is the same etc and that only the OOPart is different XD)
  14. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    I'm a Saurian. Any Ninjas who want to form a BrotherBand?

    Zerkers are fine too but I need at least one Ninja.

    My code is 476893626300.

    Please PM me so we can figure out when we could both connect.
  15. Aurora Tenkara

    Aurora Tenkara Caught by an angel!

    You wont have too. You know the autobrother stuff at the start. A NPC forms a brotherband with you shortly after you get the OOPart power.
    So all you need is a brother who plays the third tribe.
  16. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    Yeah, I know all that NOW, but I didn't know it before.
  17. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!


    FC: 0774-6334-8193

    Looking for a Ninja. Thank you.
  18. GSR

    GSR That one guy

    I'll brother with you if you'd like. Zerker, FC's earlier in the topic.

    EDIT: I'm on right now, so you can go ahead and add me.
  19. StelarSX

    StelarSX Jack In!

  20. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    Say, just a question. Is there any reason for, say, a Saurian to have Saurian brothers? I mean, you can't double tribe with them, and the link power you get is the same for all versions.

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