Four years old, wow

Discussion in 'News' started by Dash, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Four years old, wow

    Today is an exciting day at DATS. We turned FOUR! Yes, four years old. We've been around for that long. How crazy is that?

    Granted, we've been dead for the better part of the last year, but we managed to make it through.

    The night of the 25th of August, I wasn't able to sleep. So at 2:02AM, I posted this insane idea. We would release FORTY FIVE things between September 1st and the 5th. What did we actually release? 33. So not a bad amount, considering that 90% of the stuff that was released had scripts - if that - and nothing else done.

    What's the missing stuff?
    Deltora 15-18: Ryan's been busy with school and just didn't get around to doing the encodes. And pretty much everything is done too, so we just need the encodes and we can start releasing~~
    Four OVAs: Didn't get encodes. :/ Rest of the stuff is practically done on them, so as soon as we get encodes...! (Two of the OVAs are 2 ep ones, so 6 releases total)
    Bakegyamon 01: We need Futa to take another glance at it. Could go out tomorrow :)
    Marie & Gali 10: Encode.

    So yeah, it would have been KILLER. But we worked HARD to get what we got done done.

    So, a thank you post is in need:

    Futa. You deserve to be #1 on this list, no doubt. Those forty-five releases? He would have been involved in 90% of them. And guess what? He got ALL of the stuff he would have had to get done done. Everything is TL/Ced, and it looks gorgeous. Futa, we love you. Please never leave us.

    Megumi. You TLed a show you hated, even though it didn't get released. :( Sorry. But megumi singlehandedly QCed EVERY SINGLE THING. For some stuff, megumi was the ONLY QCer. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Kaitou. You timed a LOT. Thank you very much. :) A lot of the stuff that got released today was timed by Kaitou. We'd be lost~

    Digi. Thanks for the Hipira editing and MapleStory upscripting. :)

    August. Oh, August. For anyone that doesn't know, August is my real life best friend. Mid-August (haha) she didn't have a clue how to fansub. She is now an editor, timer, and quality checker. Dark Cat is pretty much her pet project - she timed and QCed it all, and was the one that got me to typeset it in time to release the first two episodes. Thanks. :)

    Tetris no Miko. Even though you'll probably never read this, thanks for TLing Dark Cat so quickly. ^o^

    Matze. Thanks for your continual QCing. You've been with us for years, and we can always count on you to QC something. Even if you have to bribe your brother. :)

    blade. Thanks for the encodes on MapleStory, and not getting *too* mad at me when I kept making you redo 'em.

    Ryan. You're at the bottom of the list, but that doesn't mean you are any less important than rest of us. Thanks for doing your random pretty much nothingness. <3 He's the guy that put together the Pokemon PVs (3 is due out tomorrow probably) and did a last minute QC of Bakegyamon, even though that didn't go out. D: Good luck in school tho! If you fail this semester, I shall be angry.

    I guess thanks to me? I went over everything. +o+

    So what all did we release today?

    Seven episodes of Fireball DVD, finishing it
    [DATS] Fireball - 07 [DVD][75CCFFC0].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 08 [DVD][10A6A4D2].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 09 [DVD][E8DCC3B6].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 10 [DVD][035912E4].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 11 [DVD][74DDD03E].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 12 [DVD][7B4F27B4].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 13 [DVD][44ECEABB].mkv

    FOUR episodes of Hipira, finishing it
    [DATS] Hipira-kun - 07 [h264][6E14F209].mkv
    [DATS] Hipira-kun - 08 [h264][CB84416D].mkv
    [DATS] Hipira-kun - 09 [h264][7189C1EC].mkv
    [DATS] Hipira-kun - 10 [h264][60B43670].mkv

    FOUR + one episodes of Weiss Survive R, finishing it
    [DATS] Weiss Survive R - 08 [HD][CAA302F8].mkv
    [DATS] Weiss Survive R - 09 [HD][401FE775].mkv
    [DATS] Weiss Survive R - 10 [HD][5484EA63].mkv
    [DATS] Weiss Survive R - 11 [HD][EF208AF7].mkv
    [DATS] Weiss Survive R - 12 [SD][F48624EB].mkv

    One episode of Shibawanko
    [DATS] Shibawanko's Japanese Spirit 05-06 [h264][9D1805D2].mkv

    FOUR episodes of MapleStory
    [DATS] MapleStory - 11 [h264][4133413A].mkv
    [DATS] MapleStory - 12 [h264][D8EAADE1].mkv
    [DATS] MapleStory - 13 [h264][D135380D].mkv
    [DATS] MapleStory - 14 [h264][E55E7C48].mkv

    One chapter of Deltora Quest
    [DATS] Deltora Quest ch01 [49A16E6F].zip

    FOUR episodes of Dark Cat, finishing it.
    [DATS] Dark Cat - 03 [6874C10B].mkv
    [DATS] Dark Cat - 04 [72CD1932].mkv
    [DATS] Dark Cat - 05 [A7341A53].mkv
    [DATS] Dark Cat - 06 [2F2071B2].mkv

    That is, by the way, FOUR series that we finished.

    And 1.51GB worth of data.

    Hope you guys enjoy what we put out today! We released five episodes of Weiss R... hope that's a sign that we'll still be around come our fifth birthday!!! :)
  2. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Thanks to everyone who worked to their best abilities to make this day happen~ :D

    Actually, I didn't QC one thing: the manga chapter. I QCed all the anime releases... I think. *still feels like she missed something* o_o'
  3. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Oh, it was 1.51GB worth of data too.

  4. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    And it's spelled forty. :<
  5. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    You remind me of bluesun, who used to QC my posts.
  6. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    I have faint memories of that. xD

    And technically, it's single-handedly, not singlehandedly, but I'll let you go on that one. I have troubles with hyphens too.
  7. bladesworn

    bladesworn Shenanigans Instigator The Destroyer is Manifest

    I don't remember ever getting mad. You were just helping me get it right.

    Also, thanks for finally getting my name right.
  8. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

    I has always being an honor being in this group.

    By the way, I don't think I involved in that many releases. For instance, Fireball, Maple Story and Dark Cat were out of my league.

    I won't leave you, for I grew up (In the sense of fansub) here. I love you guys too especially Greg <3<3<3

    I will always look into ways that can be any help to the group. :)
  9. Kaitou_Yahiko

    Kaitou_Yahiko *Poke* Staff Member That Girl With the Hair

    Good job everyone~ I didn't think we'd actually get this much done. But we pulled through. ^_^

    You're welcome. I hope my timing was good, and sorry I didn't finish the last one... I was just so tired of timing.
  10. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    I would like to add an extra thanks of my own.

    Matze. Thank you for QCing whatever you could for us, despite the prices you had to pay.
  11. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    [DATS] Fireball - 07 [DVD][75CCFFC0].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 08 [DVD][10A6A4D2].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 09 [DVD][E8DCC3B6].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 10 [DVD][035912E4].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 11 [DVD][74DDD03E].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 12 [DVD][7B4F27B4].mkv
    [DATS] Fireball - 13 [DVD][44ECEABB].mkv

    I did nothing :-*(
  12. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    You did 7!

    (And how did I forget Matze? *edit*)
  13. vonshude

    vonshude New Member

    :eek::eek: i love marie and Gali!!, I can help encode in xvid or mkv ... if you want...

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