Firefox 3 Download Day


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Firefox 3 Download Day

Download Day is now officially over. The final score is 8,252,518, 5 times the number of downloads on the previous release.

Download Day is an event by Firefox set to create a new world record for most copies of a piece of software downloaded in the first 24 hours of its release. They've spent the entire month before this preparing for it, only defining a release date 3 days ago.

Now the only step left is to have the attempt verified by GWR.

The event is being recorded by Guinness World Records. More about the event here.


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Boy 412;59466 said:
Congrats, you've made it on the main page ;)

...really?!? Thanks!

Anyway, bad news, the counter's down back down to 1.25 million, because, I'm guessing, of multiple downloads from the same IP. GWR's recording this, so they have to be as strict as possible.


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They have the letter by GWR, stating it'll be recorded? Cool!

I'll download it but I won't install. xD I'm afraid of the bugs. xD


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Kage;59472 said:
They have the letter by GWR, stating it'll be recorded? Cool!

I'll download it but I won't install. xD I'm afraid of the bugs. xD

It's a final release, so I don't see why there should be that many bugs... I started using it since its alpha 1, and never encountered any big problems other than not-working add-ons.


I just downloaded Fire Fox 3 and it works really well.


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Wow, 2 hits already? Anyway, there's still about 14 hours and 12 minutes to go, and they're now back up to 2,800,000 again! Go, Firefox!


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Well, it's not a good idea to install it. I haven't, but one of my friends who have had to uninstall it because it kept on crashing on her despite the fact that she cleared all her private data and all the addons.


I Ireland
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Then your friend didn't get the right thing...

FireFox is all good love <3


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I'm on the fence on this one - I tried the betas and wasn't impressed. I'll download it, I suppose, but I'm keeping FF2 as well.


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I downloaded it, but I didn't install it because the beta still didn't impress me enough to go back from Opera.


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Total downloads: 5,005,809 and more!!!
Download Day 2008 ends at 20:18 polish time :)
I downloaded it - a lot better from FF2!
RECORD BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wow, triple posts...

As of 06:40:00 EDT (10:40:00 GMT), the download count is at 5,807,520. Keep going! Reach for 7 million!

(And no, 5 million is not "record break". This is the first record being set for this accomplishment. I wonder if Firefox 4 will break its own record...)