Favorite Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pocket Monsters' started by Elecmon, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Johnzaloog

    Johnzaloog DATS Yu-Gi-Oh! Official

    Ow, my eyes or the pichu!
  2. Kazemon15

    Kazemon15 AMV Freak

    Umbreon, Espeon, Absol, Mew, Mewtwo. (Can you tell I like Light and Dark?)

    I also love Lapras.
  3. Arkyoptrix

    Arkyoptrix New Member

    Articuno, Ampharos, Furret, Butterfree, Caterpie, Nidorino, Sandshrew, Charmander, Squirtle, Totodile, Entei, Mew, Celebi, Wooper, Minun, Plusle (Okay, I know I said I don't like 3rd gen Pokémon, but Minun and Plusle are just too cute! ^^)

    ...Although it would probably be easier for me to list the Pokémon I DON'T like. :)
  4. Wanderer_D

    Wanderer_D Digi-lurker

    Gardevoir, Umbreon, Mewtwo & Lugia
  5. fun duelist

    fun duelist Yuuki Juudai's Successor

    Mainly BUGS cause they're <3. Forretress, Masquerain, Ariados, Ledian and Yanma.
  6. evilkitsune71290

    evilkitsune71290 New Member

    mine are absol, ninetales, all eevee evolutions, milotic, arcanine, lucario, & dragonair
  7. Lionessmon

    Lionessmon New Member

    Flygon, Charizard, Thyranitar and Umbreon
  8. FlameStream

    FlameStream New Member

    My favourites are the following:
    • Pikachu
    • Lucario
    • Charmeleon/Rizaado
    • Buoysel (Tails~!)
    Yeah, I'm pretty limited.

    I used to be a fan of Mew, but I suppose I only liked the fact that she was a secret pokemon. Still likable though.
  9. Veemon93

    Veemon93 ..........what?

    Basicaly charmander lol
  10. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights... I'm back!

    I like you.

  11. pawitp

    pawitp Tech Admin Staff Member

    She's a cuty.
  12. Veemon93

    Veemon93 ..........what?

    Yeah i have a little bayleef figure ^^
  13. Magna

    Magna New Member

    Vaporeon (Showers) has to be my first <3.
  14. Subaru/Rockman

    Subaru/Rockman #1 Rockman Fan

    ok i have so many favs i cant decide well theres Tortarra, Pikachu, Rigigigas, glaceon well theres so many i cant list them all ^_^; well i can just say i have a lot:D
  15. Infinity-X

    Infinity-X 遊んで火災、痛い

    Favorite Pokemon:Flygon.
  16. Chimera

    Chimera The other burnt meat!

    1. Mewtwo
    2. Blastoise
    3. Gallade and Gardevoir(Their both own)
    4. Articuno
    5. Lugia
    Yep, those are my favorites.
  17. WarGrowlmon-X

    WarGrowlmon-X New Member

    I have a lot of favorites, which is pretty much every legendary and a few others. My absolute favorite Pokemon is Typhlosion.
  18. Yukihiro

    Yukihiro Yellow Snow Merchant~

    I am attracted to Chimecho. The rarity of the Pokemon also dazzles me.
  19. evilkitsune71290

    evilkitsune71290 New Member

    yeah, but in the new games it it so common it's annoying...
  20. Volt

    Volt DC Comics Enthusiast Vengeance

    The first time I saw it, I loved it. I still love it as my #1 favorite today.


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