Favorite Digimon


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Favorite Digimon

I guess I should start this one. What Digimon is your favorite?

Mine should be obvious enough...


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guilmon93950;360 said:
I'd deffinitely have to say WarGreymon.

You know how many people pick WarGreymon as their favorite?

Okay for my pick, I would have to say that MagnaAngemon would be my favorite. Even if he is not the most powerful Digimon is the Digital World, he still took out Pidemon in Adventures and almost taken out BlackWarGreymon which was surprising.


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Hmmm...At the moment, I would have to say Antylamon. Something about really tall bunnies with blade power.
But I'm also fond of Fresh digimon.


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Dynasmon. He's so powerful and quite beautiful... *sigh* <3

Theres also alot of other digimon I really love, but I'm too lazy to say. lol ^^


Elecmon;353 said:
I guess I should start this one. What Digimon is your favorite?

Mine should be obvious enough...

I can't tell, which is it (points out that guilmon93950 has Wargreymon as his)

Mine is BlueMeramon, he is totally awesome.

Also if there is such a thing, DarkGaomon (and if there isn't I call ownership)


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My favourite Digimon is Dorumon, he has been ever since I watched X-Evolution. I identify myself with Dorumon.


Devkyu;395 said:
Hard to say. I have a few. It's probably a toss-up between Tsukaimon, Monodramon and Lilithmon.

You could have them all together, a dragon with wings for ears and breasts:p ?

I would find it quite hard to decide,but probably MirageGaogamon Burst Mode.
A horn, long grey hair and a flail, what more could you want?


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Hmmm...that's a hard question, I have too many favourites to choose but here goes...
Baby (or in-training but I prefer to say baby): Calumon
Rookies: Gomamon, Patamon, Gazimon, Renamon, Impmon, Gaomon and Kudamon
Champion: Garurumon, Tailmon, Kyubimon, Blacktailmon, Tobucatmon, Blackgarurumon, Youkomon and Sangloupmon
Ultimate: Qilinmon and Mihiramon
Mega: Banchouleomon, Sleipmon, Lilithmon, Sakuyamon, Alforceveedramon and Beelzemon
Hybrid: Garmmon
Armour: Pegasusmon, Goatmon and Raidramon

I have to choose one favourite digimon that would be Kudamon because not only I adore ferret-looking digimon like him (blame savers' design), I also do not mind the original pipe fox design as well as the evolutions are awesome.


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Gaomon (and his evos) rock forever. The end.
Runners up are: Gabumon and evos, Renamon and evos, Labramon and evos.

But yeah. Gaomon FTW.


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Airdramon. <3 A bad-tempered, intelligent dragon with a super-awesome mane. What's not to love? ^_^ Plus, it took me forever to get him on the Ver. 1 V-Pet so long ago, hehe.

I also like Leormon, Lynxmon, Coronamon, Dracomon, Gomamon, and MarineAngemon. :3


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Tsunomon-Gabumon and evolutions - Just always liked him for some reason o.o
Gaomon and evolutions - Savers love :p
Terriermon <3 NO EVOLUTIONS :) Funny, and cute...


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As for me, I suppose I've always had an interest in Puppet Digimon in general. However, I'd say that my absolute favorite would be that little Pumpmon. What an interesting life he must live, forever stuck with a pumpkin head and an axe through that head....