Drama CD + Novel translations


私語が多いって言われるよ。でもそんなの 関係ねぇ
Drama CD + Novel translations

Translations of official material. CD discography available here.

Drama CDs
- Natsu e no Tobira
- Digimon Adventure Mini-Drama 1
- Digimon Adventure Mini-Drama 2
- Digimon Adventure Mini-Drama 3
- Tegami ~Letter~

Original Story - Master list

(Separate links)
- Digimon Adventure
- Digimon Adventure 02
- Digimon Tamers
- Digimon Frontier
- Special, ~with~

The dvd boxsets came with two booklets, one of which had interviews from some of the cast and staff. I thought I'd translate them as my little contribution for 8/1. I say "little" because it's incomplete... I definitely didn't have time at all the previous months to finish the booklets in their entirety, but I plan on posting up 1-2 interviews per day as of now. I'll edit this message as I do.
Also, I don't have the Tamers and Frontier boxsets, so I don't know what their interviews are like. Maybe some day.
Hope you like them, they're filled with some nice info.

-Digimon Adventure-
Toshiko Fujita and Chika Sakamoto (Taichi and Agumon)
Yuuto Kazama and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Yamato and Gabumon)
Yuko Mizutani and Ai Maeda (Sora and Mimi)
Masami Kikuchi and Umi Tenjin (Jyou and Koushiro)
Hiromi Seki and Hiroyuki Kakudou (Producer and Series director)
Satoru Nishizono (Main writer)

-Digimon Adventure 02-
Reiko Kiuchi (Daisuke Motomiya)
Junko Noda (V-mon)
Ro Mi Park (Ken Ichijouji)
Rio Natsuki (Miyako Inoue)
Megumi Urawa (Iori Hida, Armadimon)
Hiroaki Hirata (Narrator, Mr. Ishida, Young Gennai)
Atsushi Maekawa (Main writer #1)
Genki Yoshimura (Main writer #2)
Hiromi Seki (Producer)
Hiroyuki Kakudou (Series director)

- Mirai e no Tobira ~Ano Natsu no Hi Kara~
- Wada Kouji "ever" album (no translations yet)

- Digimon Adventure novel (on hiatus)
- Bokura no War Game storyboard descriptions

There are more translations if you browse through the categories. All translations will be posted at Digital Scratch from now on.

Edited August 8, 2009.

Enjoy! =D


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Hehe.. I love following onkeikun's translations! =3

*patiently waits for next update*

YAY! More of the novel's up!! =D

*patiently waits for next update again*


um... i think i'll check these out =D

/me loves Drama CD ever since Digi got me into it :)

hmm... when you update your translations, can you please put a post here to keep me updated ^^



私語が多いって言われるよ。でもそんなの 関係ねぇ
*returns the love to all~* xD

Kewy987;7396 said:
/me loves Drama CD ever since Digi got me into it :)
hmm... when you update your translations, can you please put a post here to keep me updated ^^

(Go Digi~~~~ xD) Yup, that's what this topic is for. And also for questions/feedback.

Can't wait to see your reaction for Michi e. xD

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I'm so glad you went back to the novel! Thanks a bunch! Since i have a lot of free time currently (must...find...new job!!!), I just finished reading it! I have so many comments to make on it, but I'll just do that later, but I will say this...poor Jou!! T_T

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I've been meaning to start reading the novel, now sounds like a good time to start! Thanks for translating these ^^


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Thanks so much for these translations! Can't wait for Michi! All I've read is a rough summary.

I'm going to start reading the novel now.


私語が多いって言われるよ。でもそんなの 関係ねぇ
Woah, my gratitude to whoever stickied this topic. I didn't realize. /o/

Thanks as always to the readers, too. I'm hoping to bring a mass-update after certain things in my life clear up. This stuff doesn't get done without your support!


私語が多いって言われるよ。でもそんなの 関係ねぇ
Some info from the Bokura no War Game storyboard. I plan to add something about Omegamon's evolution sequence in there one day... just thinking of a way to do so without scanning since I don't want to ruin the spine.
Novel and drama cd translations are being moved, so no further updates on them until I've completed that.

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Cool! Interesting notes there. At least I now know where all of the kids were from, and even now know where Ryo was. I just knew he was in the mountains, not Turkey in the mountains someplace. I wonder why he was there. He sure did seem to travel a lot.

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Those kids in Mexico? They don't look the least bit Mexican. Maybe it was because of a fandub I saw, but they always looked British or something XD

Anywho, thank you Onkeikun! It's interesting to see where all these kids are. They are more spread out than I thought!


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thanks Onkeikun - typical none were in the UK or even closeby! They hate us!

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I just thought I'd reread some of the novel that was already translated. It just got me all happy again. Still nice that you're doing this, onkei_kun. I look forward to the next installment, whenever you have the time to do so. ^_^