Doubt about Translation of a digimon card


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Doubt about Translation of a digimon card

Hello, I was browsing Wikimon and seeing the Mikemon card, I saw it had the small Card Blurb on it translated. You know that little phrase the cards have like for example how one of the Patamon ones say "Let's Take a Fly Walk on the Sky!" or something like that.

Anyhow, the translation of Mikemon's Card Blurb says A cat type Digimon with strong fertility! I found that translation kind of strange for a digimon card, so I clicked on the japanese link to see the card's detail in japanese and the card blurb is like this:

繁殖力の強いネコ型デジモン which in romanized mode would be Hanshokuryoku no tsuyoi nekogata Dejimon!

Now I know the word Hanshokuryoku means fertility or reproductive (procreative) power since I searched for it on a japanese-english diccionary; but I realized that there might be a translation error on Wikimon thinking that it wasn't meant to be the full word Hanshokuryoku but instead that it was two separed words: Hanshoku which translated is breed and Ryoku which means strenght or power (I searched for both words on the japanese-english diccionary at

I removed the japanese kanji for the word digimon on the card blurb in kanji symbols leaving it like this (繁殖力の強いネコ型) and look how the translation changed to:

The strongest type of cat breed

See how anything fertility related fully desappeared and how I was right about not being Hanshokuryoku but instead Hanshoku Ryoku as separated words? so the real translation would be:

The strongest type of digimon cat breed! or The Strongest Breed of Cat Type Digimon!

which would make sense considering that one of the three (Gatomon, BlackGatomon and Mikemon) has to be the strongest cat type digimon, and considering that there is only one Mikemon card out there that makes Mikemon a rare digimon so the strongest breed of cat type digimon sure fits this digimon perfectly if you ask me.

So in japanese would be Hanshoku ryoku no tsuyoi nekogata Dejimon!

Now I did edited the blurb in Wikimon but one member there keeps restoring the old one and doesn't seems to accept that the original translation may be wrong.

So I want your opinions on this. I feel that The Strongest Breed of Cat Type Digimon fits better. Mostly considering that only one Mikemon card exist on the whole card game, I mean you know how most of the other digimon have different cards on the different sets released. Mikemon only got a card on the Starter Set Version 7 but after that no other Mikemon cards got released.

So it would make sense for this cat to be the strongest of the three cat digimon (I know Tobucatmon is sort of a cat too I think but in this case we talk about the three cats that look similar but with different colors)

Also in a personal opinion I doubt they would use strong fertility for a card blurb of a card that is put on a battle field to fight with.

So leave your opinions please, since I really want to get this doubt out of my head ^^


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There was nothing wrong about it.

You might found that 繁殖 was translated into "breed", but the "breed" here means "breeding" or "multiplication", as opposed to what's in "dog's breed".

For the latter case, 品種 will be a better word.


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I see, but still I felt it too awkward that of having fertility mentions on a digimon card when it was them (Bandai and Toei) the ones saying Digimon doesn't have genders so the using strong fertility kinda striked me odd o.o


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oh ok, I just wanted opinions, just to see other thoughts that's all, but okay next time I'll kept my doubts on Wikimon ^^


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Oh, and one more thing: Like I said Digimon have genders, but they don't have sexes. Guess the dubbers did not want to use the word sex, making the whole thing messed up...well as usual.


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Well just to wrap this up, I'll explain a bit more why it thought it was something else.

You see, when I translated it to spanish (my native language) it appeared as "La cria de Gato mas fuerte" now the word "cria" is the spanish used when we refer to a mammal animal's offsprings (and even on some no mammals' cases too), I mean not talking about an specific breed/race but as the general way to refer to the kittens as if to say for example "When our cat has her breedings" or "look at the cat's breedings" while for an specific type of cat, dog, etc. We use the word "Raza" which on english would be the word breed.

That's where the word Hanshoku comes in without the ryoku stuck to it say without a space between them), Hanshoku means (n) breed / multiply / increase / propagation (taken from Animelab). Now I know that it goes with the fertility thing, but seeing the word hanshokuki (繁殖期), I saw that one means Breeding season, so Hanshoku without the Ryoku well can mean Breed but as the general term to call the offsprings and not a breed in specific.

That's why maybe in spanish the translation resulted in what I mentioned above, but who knows? Japanese is very complex seeing all the different word and simbology they have like Hiragana, Katahana (sp?), etc.

Anyhow that's pretty much it ^^