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You mean Shoutmon X4? Yes, pretty obvious that he is a Jogress of some sorts. Seems to combine super robot style.

Totally hope for them to combine like that!

If you think about it, Dorurumon has drills and forms the legs...


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Oh, god... so this is a megazord style jogress? Didn't the whole "Super Sentai Digimon Rangers" thing fail with Frontier?


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MugenSeiRyuu;138515 said:
You hate the pink bunny already from a single pic? Wow!
We don't even know its name, gender or personality yet. All we have is a singple pic of it riding Dorurumon...
Last pink Digimon turned out pretty awesome....

lol I meant I hate his\her design there is nothing special about it :)

and if you mean lalamon,I love her dont worry my friend ;D


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More Tamers were already confirmed days ago. I wonder why it wasnt menmtioned here. Wikimon is full of News ATM.


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Well, his name is Shoutmon Cross Four... four different peeps on him :D

This is beginning to look extremely cheesy... Toei's attempt to change it up a bit while still being like the first few...


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Well, we will see how it turns out. Sooner or later. And I wonder waht Levels some of those are. Shoutmon is a Child, yes. Varistormon most likely aswell, but Dorurumon looks more like a smaller Adult and Starmon lake a Baby Digimon. Same with several others.


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A scan has emerged confirming that the title of the first episode is "Taiki, Going to Another World!"/Taiki Goes to Another World! (タイキ、異世界へ行く!)

"Possessing outstanding reflexes, Taiki, a soft-hearted person who can't say no when it comes to being asked a favor, has participated in various sports clubs. Having finished practice in basketball club, Taiki challenges Zenjirou from the kendo club to a match, but is stopped by his childhood friend, Akari.

Then, Taiki suddenly hears a melody from out of nowhere and notices a light in the shape of a musical note. When he listens to it carefully, the voice of a boy breathing feebly is mixed within that melody. Shocked by the boy's words saying "I’m going to die soon", Taiki starts searching for the source of the voice in order to save him.

Akari and Zenjirou, who follow Taiki afterwards, witness a car crashing into the top floor of a building in the middle of town. But, somehow neither the car nor the building were damaged at all. Immediately afterwards, the car falls down towards Taiki and the others along with a digital light. However, thanks to listening to the boy's voice, they escape danger.

Furthermore, Taiki hears someone's voice saying "If you want to save the boy, then follow the guidance of the light that appears in front of you". When Taiki touches that light, called a X Loader, he is hurled into digital space resembling a cyber tunnel. There, in the Digital World, the mysterious other world, in front of Taiki and the others is an enormous Digimon, Mammon.”


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OP/ED Rumors

Rumors about the Op/Ed to go on for now:

Digimon Xros Wars Opening Theme
"The Warriors"
Vocals: The NaB'S, Lyrics: KENN, Composition: The NaB's, Arrangement: RASTA

Digimon Xros Wars IN (insert) Theme
"1, 2, WAR!"
Vocals: Yougo Kouno, Lyrics: RYO, Composition: RYO, Arrangement: RYO

Digimon Xros Wars Ending Theme
"Let the Sky Go"
Vocals: Chiwata Hidenori, Lyrics: Chiwata Hidenori, Composition: RYO, Arrangement: Chiwata Hidenori


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So for the opening we are getting something like:

And something like this for the ending:

I really liked Scab... so the ending hopefully will be decent. Chiwata also wrote and did the music for Butter-fly so I'm really looking foward to put will be coming out on this.
Can't really say much about the opening band at the moment. Sounds like a band they would use on a series like this though :/

Kinda sucks to see them throwing Kouji out... maybe he'll be back for op2 or something like Savers.


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Chiwata... I quite like one of his song - Zatch Bell opening, but still not to the extend of loving it...

Others... No comment except KENN. He has nice voice. Why he didn't performed in the song?


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Is it KENN with the NaB's or just the NaB's?

I hope they do like Savers and bring us Wada Kouji for OP2