Custom styles, style-combinations, etc.

Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Zodiac, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    I never had a RockCube chip... How much damage does it actually do?

    (Yeah, as you can see, I never used a RockCube chip.)

    Wait, you tried using DynaWave against Falzar? I mean, I'd understand it working on Gregar, but... come on, you should've edited your folder. XD
  2. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Dyna Wave? Isn't that from EXE 2 and 3?

    No, it was just in my folder. I don't think I had ANY level 2 or 3 chips in there. Only basic ones, from basic viruses. The only thing high-powered I had was Recovery50* chips...
  3. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Ah, DynaWave is from 2/3 only... is PowerWave the new equivalent?

    Basic ones, from basic viruses... are you, like, the... never mind. How long did it take you, anyway?
  4. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    Not true, DynaWave has been in every Battle Network game. They always drop off Mettaur3's. Or were they replaced by Guard in later games?
  5. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Guard is the equivalent of MetGuard. It was replaced by Reflector in BN6.

    Here's how they worked:

    In BN1, MetGuard could be held up for 3 seconds, but only provided defense.
    In BN2 and BN3, the new Guard * chip could only be held up for 0.7 seconds (or was it 1 second?), but reflected the attack back in the form of a Mettaur Wave.
    In BN4 and BN5, there were three classes of Guard chips, but these new chips had a fixed damage value.
    In BN6, the Guard chips were rechristened Reflector.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they worked like that.
  6. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    No, it's Guard that's been in every game. Wave chips went bye bye in EXE4. Tric is entirely correct in this.

    The Wave series of chips were completely different, though. The only thing they had in common with the guard series is that you got them from Mettaurs.

    PowerWave is from the Quakers. It's not the same as Shock/Sonic/Dyna Wave, and acts more like RnR's Mettaur Drop, able to change direction once.

    As for beating Falzar's ass, I remember that I loved using Tomahawk Cross. That probably had something to do with it. ^-^

    Charge shot.... HA! Hee hee hee...

    Not sure on the actual delete time, though...
  7. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Ah, so PowerWave would be the same as ...oh, wait, never mind. I was thinking about the Quake1, 2, 3 chips. WTF?!?

    I know what you're talking about now. But I can't believe you put them in your folder while fighting Falzar. I thought you knew that he was a flying-type... XD
  8. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    It's not so much that I put them in, as I didn't bother taking them out...
  9. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Ah. So, assuming you had four of those chips, you used only 26 really basic chips to take out Falzar's 2000 HP?

    Man, that's... hard.
  10. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Not really. Tomahawk Cross owned its ass. Runnin away, eh? Charge... HA! Bye bye hundreds of HP! ^-^ I LOVE THAT CROSS!

    Anywho, here's some more! Viva style changes!

    Weapon Element Styles - Adopting the dual-style storage of MMBN2, only this time the element squares alternate. It is again random, however when a new style is gained, if it's an odd number, it goes off of the element cycle (Heat, Aqua, Elec, Wood). If it's even, then it goes off of the Weapon Cycle (Swrd, Brak, Crsr, Wind). One Element Cycle style may be stored in memory, and one Weapon Cycle style may be stored in memory, but not two of the same cycle styles.

    SwrdTeam/SwrdGuts/SwrdShld/SwrdCstm/SwrdGrnd/SwrdShdw - When undergoing a style change to the Sword Element, the charge shot becomes a Long Sword, and will remove shadows. Breaking attacks now do double damage. (Charge shot damage - Lv1: 60, Lv2: 80, Lv3: 100)

    BrakTeam/BrakGuts/BrakShld/BrakCstm/BrakGrnd/BrakShdw - When undergoing a style change to the Break Element, the charge shot becomes a Cannon Ball thrown three squares ahead, and will break through guards. Cursor attacks now do double damage. (Charge shot damage - Lv1: 50, Lv2: 100, Lv3: 150)

    CrsrTeam/CrsrGuts/CrsrShld/CrsrCstm/CrsrGrnd/CrsrShdw - When undergoing a style change to the Cursor Element, the charge shot becomes a three hit auto-locking shot (like Search Cross), and will remove invis. Wind attacks now do double damage. (Charge shot damage - Lv1: 20, Lv2: 25, Lv3: 30)

    WindTeam/WindGuts/WindShld/WindCstm/WindGrnd/WindShdw - When undergoing a style change to the Wind Element, the charge shot becomes an Air Shot and will remove Barriers/Auras. Sword attacks now do double damage. (Charge shot damage - Lv1: 20, Lv2: 30, Lv3: 40)

    As for speed of charging, the order from fastest charging to slowest charging is:
    Wind, Crsr, Swrd, Brak - with Wind charging as fast as Aqua Styles, and Brak as slow as Elec Styles.

    But wait, there's more!

    Chips have dual elements, rather than just one. If a chip does only have one element, the secondary element is Null. If no element, both are Null. Now we can have chips like FireSwrd and AquaBlad again! ^-^

    Now then...

    Chip - Element1 - Element 2 - Damage - Range
    PA - Components - Damage - Range

    WaveSwrd - Sword, WideSwrd, LongSwrd, WideSwrd, Sword - 300 x2 - Swrd Element, LifeSwrd range attack, hits twice.

    FireKnfe - Heat - Swrd - 90 - One Square ahead (Sword range)
    FireSwrd - Heat - Swrd - 90 - One Column ahead (WideSword range)
    FireBlad - Heat - Swrd - 90 - Two Squares ahead (LongSword range)

    HLfeSwrd - FireKnfe, FireSwrd, FireBlad - 400 - Heat/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack
    HWavSwrd - FireKnfe, FireSwrd, FireBlad, FireSwrd, FireKnfe - 300 x2 - Heat/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack, hits twice.

    AquaKnfe - Aqua - Swrd - 90 - One Square ahead (Sword range)
    AquaSwrd - Aqua - Swrd - 90 - One Column ahead (WideSword range)
    AquaBlad - Aqua - Swrd - 90 - Two Squares ahead (LongSword range)

    ALfeSwrd - AquaKnfe, AquaSwrd, AquaBlad - 400 - Aqua/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack
    AWavSwrd - AquaKnfe, AquaSwrd, AquaBlad, AquaSwrd, AquaKnfe - 300 x2 - Aqua/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack, hits twice.

    ElecKnfe - Elec - Swrd - 90 - One Square ahead (Sword range)
    ElecSwrd - Elec - Swrd - 90 - One Column ahead (WideSword range)
    ElecBlad - Elec - Swrd - 90 - Two Squares ahead (LongSword range)

    ELfeSwrd - ElecKnfe, ElecSwrd, ElecBlad - 400 - Elec/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack
    EWavSwrd - ElecKnfe, ElecSwrd, ElecBlad, ElecSwrd, ElecKnfe - 300 x2 - Elec/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack, hits twice.

    BambKnfe - Wood - Swrd - 90 - One Square ahead (Sword range)
    BambSwrd - Wood - Swrd - 90 - One Column ahead (WideSword range)
    BambBlad - Wood - Swrd - 90 - Two Squares ahead (LongSword range)

    WLfeSwrd - BambKnfe, BambSwrd, BambBlad - 400 - Wood/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack
    WWavSwrd - BambKnfe, BambSwrd, BambBlad, BambSwrd, BambKnfe - 300 x2 - Wood/Swrd element, LifeSwrd range attack, hits twice.

    GigaSwrd - Sword, FireKnfe, AquaKnfe, ElecKnfe, BambKnfe - 900 - Ultimate Sword attack. Strikes single panel ahead (sword range). Deals Swrd Damage.
    GigaWide - WideSwrd, FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, ElecSwrd, BambSwrd - 900 - Ultimate WideSwrd attack. Strikes single column ahead (widesword range). Deals Swrd Damage.
    GigaLong - LongSword, FireBlad, AquaBlad, ElecBlad, BambBlad - 900 - Ultimate LongSwrd attack. Strikes two squares ahead (longsword range). Deals Swrd Damage.

    But wait - There's even MORE!

    Being as ever since EXE2 he's had Chng.BAT, we can safely assume he's always been able to style change, he just decided not to from EXE4 on. We can also say that Link navis is kinda like taking Soul Navis one step further. So with this, we can say that in the non-existant hypothetical SEVENTH game, he is able to do Style Changes, Soul Unisons, and Crosses. We'll say you can choose 5 of your Soul Navis to become Link navis. With that said, it is possibe to double or even TRIPLE up on the power you can get.

    Okay, lets set some ground rules. You can only get battles counting towards styles (style changes/level ups) if you do not use a Cross or Soul Unison in that battle. Also, story battles and Boss Battles do not count towards the total.

    Now then, USUALLY when you use a unison, it takes precidence over the style change, and for the next three turns you will be the Unison rather than the style. Afterwards, you'll go back to whatever style you were before. Same can be said with crosses. Crosses have precidence over Unisons. A unison will be ignored if a cross was also selected that turn. Unisons and Crosses, if selected in different turns, will overwrite each other. Only in a case where Megaman would revert to normal (hit by weakness in Cross, or three turns pass in Unison) will he return to his style.

    However, your link navis, as they were selected from your soul Navis, are ALSO soul navis. What if you Link up and Soul up with the same navi? High Unison, that's what.

    High Unison is a powered up version of a Soul Unison. The effects of the Soul Unison are doubled, as well as the charge shot power. High Unison can also be attained by using a Soul Unison of a Navi who is the same element as your style (example: Wood Style and Tomahawk Soul --> HighTomahawk Soul). High Unison only lasts for two turns, rather than three, and regardless of how it was attained, Megaman will revert to normal/his style at the end of it. However, using a Cross from a style of the same element will only result in the Cross. This way people can only use the cross if that is their wish.

    However, following these rules, one can see that it's possible to triple up. Having the same element style, and using the unison and the cross on the same turn (or, if High Unison via Style and Unison, then using the Cross), one can attain Holy Unison. Holy Unison lasts only one turn, and is the Light's answer to ChaosUnison. By using a Holy Unison, all chips of the unison's type not only are doubled in power, but have double the usual bonus on top of it. The Charge shot is also 5x as strong. It only lasts one turn, though.

    ...Okay, now your's asking: "What if I use a dark chip to attain Holy Unison, affectively mixing Holy Unison and Chaos Unison?"

    You get SaitoUnison/HubUnison. All chips double in power (not just damage, POWER. Healing doubles, +chips double, Rock Cube drops two cubes, EVERYTHING doubles), you get the Hub/Saito Shield, superarmor, Omnishoes, etc. It lasts only one turn, and afterwards, megaman will have VERY TIRED status, so use it wisely.

    So then, shall we review?

    We've got:

    Style Changes
    Soul Unisons
    Cross Changes
    Chaos Unison (Dark Chip Soul Unison)
    High Unison (Style + Soul / Cross + Soul)
    Holy Unison (Style + Soul + Cross)
    SaitoUnison (Style + Dark Chip Soul Unison + Cross)

    Finally before you ask "what about navi crosses/unisons of the same element?", I shall counter with "That's what different versions are for!"

    Two versions of said Non-Existant Hypothetical game will exist, each one with ten navis to Soul Unison with and/or Cross Link with. Add the obligatory different optional bosses and different Mega/Giga chips, and hey! Two version. Woo.
  11. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Wait, so there are "Ground" and "Shadow" styles too? I had no idea! (Ground will be 5 and Shadow will be 6. DCM, as noted below.)

    So: Sword, Break, Cursor, and Wind will be 5, 6, 7, and 8 respectively. So, Wind Guts style would be +81, and Cursor Shadow would be +76. (This is for my DCM [Dragoncode Megaman] project. I wouldn't be able to draw WindGuts, though...)
  12. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    ...You've never played EXE3? Ground had to do with affecting the ground, and Shadow focused on ninja-stuffs, like invis and anti-damage.

    Uh, Wind Guts is like ALL the other guts-styles, a pallet swap. Sure you can draw it. It'll just be different colors.

    Just look at viruses and their general color schemes that use that kind of attack, such as Swordys, CragGolems, Mark Canons/Machine Guns, Vacuum Fans, etc...

    I could do it, if I get the sprites. Recolors are easy.
  13. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Right. I can't get recolours right, though...

    I never really played EXE 3 past, say, the first 2 bosses. Actually, I never cleared any EXE game other than 6. I couldn't get past Elecman on EXE 1, and EXE 2... I don't remember where I stopped on that one, but I sure as hell didn't get to Gospel.

    So I wouldn't know about +05 (Ground) and +06 (Shadow).

    EDIT: Ahh, embarrassing error. I was thinking about +70 and +80, which aren't available at all...
  14. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Gimme the sprites, and I'll get you the recolors. I'm good with sprite recolors. ^-^

    I'd need a Zip of ALL the styles and viruses and what nots. Also, for chips, I'd prefer both EXE chips and RnR cards. To me, putting megaman in a chip is bad form. I'm looking at you, Elecswrd and Bambswrd. And the rest of you. If it's not a thing that something that's signature-like about a navi, then leave it out. Like Guts Punch. It's one of Gutsman's techniques, put in the form of chips for others to use. Of course, one would assume Gutsman would be able to pull it off without chips.

    Which makes you wonder... What chips would Megman have to give? Everyone else has special stuff but him - just a buster and craploads of memory.

    Anywho, get three. In Blue, you can get Shadow Style by using Invis and Anti chips. In White, you can get ground by affecting the ground.

    interesting note: Using Gutsman will get you Ground Style instead of Team Style in white. Found out the hard way.

    Anywho, I'm guessing you do the following setup:

    Element +tens
    Style +ones

    And, assuming you use the in game order for the element cycle...

    0 Null
    1 Heat
    2 Aqua
    3 Electric
    4 Wood
    5 Sword
    6 Break
    7 Cursor
    8 Wind
    (9 Bonus Point)
    (A Summon)

    0 Normal
    1 Guts
    2 Custom
    3 Team
    4 Shield
    5 Ground
    6 Shadow
    7 Bug
    (8 Saito)

    Okay, using that, things in ()s won't be used at all, but are there for completion's sake.
    0 is only paired with 0, meaning that Normal Style is a null element style.

    So with that, we'd have -

    00 Normal Style
    11 Heat Guts
    12 Heat Custom
    13 Heat Team
    14 Heat Shield
    15 Heat Ground
    16 Heat Shadow
    17 Heat Bug
    21 Aqua Guts
    22 Aqua Custom
    And so on, you get the point.

    I also have some ideas. I'm also kinda good with sprite edits, so I could make combined styles, or so-called Master Styles.

    Armor Style - Requires a previously mastered Guts, Ground, and Shield style. Sprite uses the Armor from Guts and Ground styles, as well as the shield from Shield style. You have Super Armor, the Guts Machine Gun, and the Ground Breaking charge shot effect of Ground style as well. Pressing Back B when getting hit will cause a shield to come up, and you will also start with a first barrier. Leveling up the style will get you programs to take less damage. Lv 2 - Damage Minus. Lv 3 - Damage Quarter. Lv 4 (MAX) - Damage Half.

    Damage minus removes 1 point of damage from each hit you take. Damage quarter removes a quarter of the damage from each hit you take. Damage Half cuts the damage you take in half.

    Swift Style - Requires previously mastered Shadow, Team, and Custom Styles. Auto ShadowShoes effect - Cracked panels don't break. Select 2 more chips at custom screen, two more mega chips allowed in folder. Charge shot is temporary invis. Upon mastering all three, the next style you would gain is automatically Swift Style. Leveling it will increase your evasive abilities, allowing you to avoid damage. Level 2 - Charge Invis. Level 3 - Charge Shadow. Level 4 (MAX) - Sidestep.

    Charge Invis causes the charge shot to give Megaman a 1 second invis status. Charge Shadow causes the charge shot to give Megman a 1 second shadow status. Sidestep will cause Megaman automatically dodge up or down to avoid damage. The direction is random, and if he cannot move there, he'll be hit anyways. When the enemy's attack is over, he'll move back automatically.

    If you chose not to get these styles, you can always get them again by mastering the three you need to master again.

    Edit: What the hell? Where did half my post go?! Geh, redoing it...

    EDIT 2:

    Did some sprite edits! AquaArmr style and AquaSwft style! Enjoy!


    Edit 3: And just for grins, because I felt like it... Behold, the UberH4ck that is AquaOmni style.
  15. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Well, you got the order I use them in wrong, but whatever...

    The way I order them is from appearance in the anime. (But your method is better, so why mot stick with that...)


    +11 = Heat Guts
    +22 = Wood Shield
    +33 = Elec Team
    +44 = Aqua Custom
    +55 = Sword Ground (This makes no sense whatsoever.)
    +66 = Break Shadow (Neither does this one.)
    +77 = Cursor Bug (Must not be accurate...)
    +80 = Wind (anything)

    For some reason, +01, +02, +03, and +04 all appear in the manga, as elementless styles. (At least in the English manga, it is...)

    Special styles (e.g. Saito) have their own letter. Saito would be +HS.
  16. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Ah, I see. Well, I got the jist right, and that's what's important.

    By the way, if you'll notice, the game commonly puts the elements in the order of Heat, Aqua, Elec, Wood. The anime didn't come close to getting some of these things right. I'm still pissed off at that whole "Double souls won't let you style change anymore, sorry" crap.

    The anime is okay with story, but for me, since it changes its focus from Megaman EXE stuff to a "MAGICAL BOY ANIMU", it loses its appeal. If you want to go by something, make sure it's the game. You can find official art for each style, and as for the official element list, in the final game there were 11, sorted by the game in this order:

    1 - Heat
    2 - Aqua
    3 - Elec
    4 - Wood
    5 - Sword
    6 - Wind
    7 - Cursor
    8 - Summon
    9 - Plus Points
    A - Break
    B - Null

    As far as styles go, we can go off of EXE3's ordering of programs attained from leveling up the styles. Note - In my current file, I haven't used every style, and have not yet traded ground style programs for my brother's Shadow Style programs. This is going off of a guide in gamefaqs, so it may be a little off. If that is the case, I'll come back and edit in the correct order later.

    1 - Guts
    2 - Shield
    3 - Custom
    4 - Team
    5 - Bug
    6 - Ground
    7 - Shadow
    8 - Normal

    Trust me, if you're going to go off of things like styles, it's better to go off of the game, rather than the anime. The anime leaves out a TON of stuff, and even more or less completely changes the storyline. The only thing that stays the same is the final bosses, with the exception of the Life/Dream Virus. I don't think that EVER made it to the anime, but I could be wrong (haven't seen all of Beast+).

    Anywho, if we assign the Null element and normal styles 0, since they're technically a lack of element and lack of style, we would get -

    0 - Null
    1 - Heat
    2 - Aqua
    3 - Elec
    4 - Wood
    5 - Sword
    6 - Wind
    7 - Cursor
    8 - Summon
    9 - Plus Points
    A - Break

    0 - Normal
    1 - Guts
    2 - Shield
    3 - Custom
    4 - Team
    5 - Bug
    6 - Ground
    7 - Shadow

    Now, if we group elements in a slightly more intelligent manner, keeping the cycles grouped together, we get:

    0 - Null
    1 - Heat
    2 - Aqua
    3 - Elec
    4 - Wood
    5 - Sword
    6 - Wind
    7 - Cursor
    8 - Break
    9 - Summon
    A - Plus Points

    0 - Normal
    1 - Guts
    2 - Shield
    3 - Custom
    4 - Team
    5 - Bug
    6 - Ground
    7 - Shadow

    So then, try using that order. It makes more since, as it flows with the game much better. As far as canons are concerned, I do not consider the anime canon. The game, however, is as canon as you can get, and as this IS the custom styles/chips/PA/soul/etc... thread, going off of the game would make more sense.

    Oh, and do try to complete those games. If you're having trouble, you're probably using an alphabet soup folder. Instead, always try to have a folder that's only one or two codes (with the exception of * codes. Have as many as you want of those). This way, you can select many more chips per turn, and thus will be able to have a much better advantage in battles.

    I mean, come one. Elecman's easy. Your folder must really be made of fail if you lose to him.

    Anywho, it's up to you to follow the elements/style in game order or not. It may make more sense to me, but you're not me, so...

    Also, keep in mind that Null, Summon, and Plus Points really shouldn't be used in styles. Since they have no weakness, the style would be broken.
  17. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    Actually, it's not the boss that troubles me. It's the level. I was 10 when I played the first Battle Network, and I couldn't get past the stage. I played the subsequent ones after that, so I had completely forgotten about the first game.

    Alright, so I'll go off the game then. It's not really that much of a difference anyway...

    The styles are part of my DCM (Dragoncode Megaman) notation, which aims to abbreviate style changes, double souls, etc. as they would be combined together.

    Basically, how it works is:
    [M] is the base. The "M" stands for "Megaman". It's not R because M looks better there.

    Now, let's try adding a style-change. We'll use "Cursor Guts" for this example.

    [M +71] is "Megaman, Cursor Guts style".

    Or a double-soul:

    [M-Pm/S] is "Megaman, Proto-soul" ("Pm" is "Protoman". I make name-based abbreviations for them. The "/S" signifies a double-soul. For a Chaos Unison, add "+D" [D for dark] before the /S. So "Megaman, Dark Proto-soul" is [M-Pm+D/S].)

    How about a cross:

    [Aq/CxM] is "Aqua-cross Megaman" ("Aq" means "aqua". Self evident. The "/C" means "cross".)

    Or a "megacross", which is a cross with anything that isn't a regular Navi (e.g. Beast-out):

    [(Gr/Fz)/M] is "Grezar/Megaman". (In Japanese it would be [(Gg/Fe)/M], but hey, it looks weird. There is no appended letter because a megacross directly fuses the two bodies, and because I was lazy.)

    Now two of them combined (A double-soul and a style-change):

    [34+ M-Rl/S] is "Elec Team Megaman, Roll-soul", which I doubt exists in any of the GMA.

    : As you can see, the style change in this case goes before the M, but this is simply to balance it out. [M-Rl/S +34] is still technically correct, but it looks unbalanced, so 34+ is the preferred way here. Note that [+34 M-Rl/S] is wrong, because the plus sign must always face inward.
    If you would like to help, could you please point me to a list of all the characters that have ever appeared in the Battle Network games?

    EDIT: ...oops, maybe I shouldn't have used that example...
  18. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Actually, it would be [(Gg/Fe)/R] since Megaman is called Rockman in Japan, but I get the idea.

    As for the list of character, I'll get to work on that. You can't rely on the Wiki because they just blow the Network Timeline off and focus on Classic and X. Zero, ZX, EXE, and RnR are in dire need of attention, but nobody seems to have done much at all about it.

    It may be a week or two, though. Just got FFIV DS. ^-^;

    Edit: Oh, what is the notation format for Chaos Unison?
  19. Dengar

    Dengar New Member

    How are souls and crosses different, apart from the activation method and duration?
  20. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    I put that in later. You add +D to the double-soul character. It is a dark double-soul, right? So [M-Tm+D/S] is "Megaman, Dark Tomahawksoul". (Unless "Tm" is something else...)

    They aren't, which is why you can't have both of them together.

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