can anyone read this "digital monsters ver.s"


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In an highly computerized era which each and every country throughout the world
are connected with electronic network...
Inside the computer's ??? (the word is not clear) where enormous amount of data are being gathered and dispersed,
there's a song (???) accidentally gave birth to
life-like programs which possess something similar to consciousness.
And these lifeforms, seems like conspiring something, mushroomed all over the electronic network.
People who makes networking becomes daily routine easily accepted these incidental life-like programs.
The life-like program, called "Digital Monster" are treated as electronic pets, are becoming commonly raised and engaged in virtual battle games,
and soon created a boom.
At the same time, a certain information processing experts group set up "DigiResearch" (Digimon Research center).
While they aim to getting know Digimon and utilize them for peaceful purposes,
another genius hacker group formed an alliance to abuse Digimon's power,
and it's usefulness became diversified.
Unawaringly, the commonners who raise Digimon are called "Tamers"
More and more Digimon Tamers receive praises from all people.
Also, Tamers who won in the Digimon virtual battles became envy by others.
Eventually, to be the "Top Tamer" who raises all Digimon and wins all battles became a common dream of all Tamers.

Virus detected.
Incoming Mail.

I am from "Digimon Research Center". I have sent you a Digimon by error.
Keep it as a present.
It's a safe program verified here, so please raise it properly.
Details on how to raise it can be found by clicking the right most icon on the main page.

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