Brand New... A Few Questions


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Hopefully, I'm not asking the wrong thing or asking in the wrong place.

Hi! I'm 13thSyndicate, AKA Miri. I'm a big fan of some of your fansubs, and according to your lists, you're one of the only actually active groups working on Deltora Quest right now... but looking through your forum you guys haven't put out a release in over a year. Is that still being worked on?

If not, not going to bitch or anything. Just kinda chilling here in the fansub community. Thank you for having me. *bows*


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Welcome. Um, the main question is... is anything being worked on at this point?

Maybe one of us will have a moment's motivation, but really, real life kind of hit all of us pretty hard the past couple of years. Fansubbing for us has always been this kind of hobby, so we've been kind of dead.

"Active" would be an overstatement of our activity.


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I'm feeling a motivation coming on.
And it's gone now.

I keep wanting to do stuff, but I never get the gumption. I work about 60 hours a week, and at the end of a day, I'd rather just be watching something instead of subbing it.


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Same here... Officially I am working 45 hours per week, but end up 60 hours too...

I don't even have the time to watch something...


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I have some free time now. So if someone yells at me hard enough... I'll do something.