Another birthday!

Discussion in 'News' started by Dash, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    We certainly have a lot of staff birthdays around this time of year, eh? =D

    This time, it's digiboy123's birthday - one of our dedicated editors who's been around since the start!

    Hope you have a great day dude, and that this nasty storm that's taking over the country doesn't hit ya!

  2. Matze149

    Matze149 Assistant Pig-Keeper Staff Member give me a bit time to think of a text

    Happy Birthday, digiboy123~ \(^o^)/
    Hope you have a good one~ ^^
  3. Skr

    Skr Ishvalastrator Staff Member

    Happy birthday, digi :eek: ...even though I haven't spoken to you in a year or two :D
  4. Lige

    Lige </3 Loves Being Poked

    Happy Birthday digiboy123! :D

    Your profile lies, though!

  5. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Happy birthday Digi! :D
  6. Futamaru

    Futamaru A Translator, Not So Diligent... Staff Member

    Digi you are as old as me!

    Happy getting older. XD
  7. celestial_sacred

    celestial_sacred Active Member

    Happy birthday Digi!!!
  8. bladesworn

    bladesworn Shenanigans Instigator The Destroyer is Manifest

    Happy Birthday.

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