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    So, only about 90 to go!

    dang i just know some how i will marathon this. why does this cat have to be so damn cute...WHY!!!!
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    [Game] What if 4Kids got...

    [Game] What if 4Kids got... ok here how the games goes 1. list the anime and (if when 4kids got their hands on it) a name change 2.discription ok ill go first 1. Death Note becomes Love Note 2. the journal becomes pink, has love note written on it and has 4kids on it. when you...
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    My hopeful Japanese future

    thank you Splash. i just ordered a workbook of amazon now to a do a search for one with a great math program.
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    My hopeful Japanese future

    My hopeful Japanese future Hey there people i need a little help. in about one year time im going to be selecting collages and i was wondering if anyone knows one in the US excluding Hawaii and Alaska that has a Japanese course. also does anyone know of a great textbook i can study from, i...
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    Need a little help translating

    Need a little help translating im trying to translate so thing little at a time an i wanted to post some of the script an see what you get out of it and compare it to mine. mine most likely to have tons of mistakes so before i post it i wanted it check by the people here. here the first...
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    Good recomendations for Japanese

    Good recomendations for Japanese i need some help finding a good book to learn japanese, website, or program that would help me learn. any thing will help
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    An idea for learning Japanese

    im not talking about the romanji of hiragana and katakana im talking about the words.
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    An idea for learning Japanese

    so my idea is not that far out there is it?
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    An idea for learning Japanese

    Ah thought this is what im trying to show is that to able to use hiragana and katakana effectively do not need to know what you saying. so thus by learning though romanji at first you can learn the word and then make them into hiragana and katakana. by this you will then be able to tell what...
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    An idea for learning Japanese

    An idea for learning Japanese I was just sitting here when i got an appifany. What if there a thread for just speaking in a romanji type way. that way while we read we can learn the words, be forced to pull out a dictianry to find the translation, learn the sentence structure of japanese, also...
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    [Spanish] ¿Quién puede hablar en español?

    i say bloddy'ell all the time and im an american with no british influence.
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    [Spanish] ¿Quién puede hablar en español?

    i know what you guys are saying but i cant speak spanish very well only read. but i only had one year of spanish so far.
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    Rikku's Icons of DOOOOOooooM!

    Nice Clamp icons!!! May i use one?
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    Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations

    third season still would be better but i cant complain.
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    Deltora Quest Licensed

    As long as this dub does not come out like the one piece dub im ok. voices i can get over with as long as they sound decent.