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  • But personel assistant means involved thats pure logic. And by being the danish translator Iam somehow involved right? :)
    But I need the base first heh. But CAN I be error-finder for you guys?
    Hey remember Iam part in this work right? So Iam also involving in the cleaning and ALL THAT! But I leave it to you cause you have the recourses and all that, and Iam going to use that source :) And for the PM thing: Thats why I senr you a PM. See you arround.
    Can I upload the danish versions to my own profile? Plus can I be the one to edit grammar errors and misspellings in your manga?
    Aye aye sir! And one last thing: Could I (in the end) get the mangas myself? Both in japanese and english, I mean as real books. If the japanese is the only >book< avaible than please get me a copy of the series. I'am acutally learning japanese and need them. PS Can I too, be the one to translate and scanlate it to my own language too? My lango is danish, and I need to know the fonts at a point kay? You have any MSN? I got my (as well as my standard email): Now get to work!
    Hey Bladey you wanna be one of my best friends? :) In that way we can help each other out easily with our projects and such, and IM FAST ;) I also love DQ man!
    PS You made an mistake: I know that Del Castle is (indeed) a caslte, but in the english and australian version and all that they all the time calls it the Del Palace, but here in my country its Del Slot (which means Del Castle).
    Looking foward to the DQ manga scanlations! Hope they will upload the rest of the series in DVD HQ format soon. I will be uploading movies, Bladesworn, based on each book, edited together expertly and professional (or at least how expt/prof it can be done) where the events will happen in correct order. Stay tuned for it. Check to see if The Forests of Silence is up!
    Hey, I forwarded your private message onto Cael, who is in charge of everything manga. He should be getting back to you soon :)
    Hello bladesworn,

    Welcome to DATS! :)

    I'm Greg, and I'm the main admin here. Have fun and don't be afraid to ask me if you have any questions or something ^^;

    If you want to leave me a message, just hit the "View Conversation" link, and it'll take you to a screen where you can write to me, kind of like Facebook's wall.

    If you feel like it, make a post in the Guestbook, and let everyone know that you're new here.

    Hope to see you around! ~Greg
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