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  • Deltora Quest is out in a Cartoon Network Complete Collection DVD box in English! (Uncut and cencoured like the CN version of the show I suppose)

    And check out my newly scanlated version of the Deltora Quest manga no. 10 "The Last Battle" cover for DATS! Compare it to my BonBon version also!
    The Tokyo Mew Mew stuff has been removed, and Otaku Shrine's website has become a website only dedicated to DQ (Deltora Quest).
    All episodes are up. ALL.... as in "all" at all, that ran in all of the CN..... All, a annoying word right now ;D
    Did you know that all your English DQ downloads have been taken down by MU? I'd cry, except that they've started airing here on US TV now so I get a new ep every day, heh.
    Change in Otaku Shrine's website: Tokyo Mew Mew is now available as well as Deltora Quest are, just subbed. And a new way to get to download the episodes has been made: Now, instead of choosing Episodes Download, you need to choose Dubbed Anime or Subbed Anime to download subbed or dubbed anime. DQ (Deltora Quest) is in Dubbed Anime and Tokyo Mew Mew is in the Sub-section. Enjoy!
    PS DQ is currently up on 20 episodes available and is updated every week, where it airs on saturedays. The current episode is The Shifting Sands.
    Oh I forgot to update and add something helpful!
    Its cause I have been on a school-camp thing, and I couldn't get online in that time so here is the newest news and updates, but its something I knew from the BEGINNING! :
    Go to:

    to watch Deltora Quest anime in English DUB!

    Updated each week's weekends from the Australian Cartoon Network and New Zealandian Cartoon Network! Recorded, encoded and uploaded by the Otaku Shrine and its owner, and DragonPieceNZ! Uploaded via Megaupload!
    Luk-out! Hahaaa!

    Go to Episode Downloads and click on the section called:
    Deltora Quest (Uploaded By OtakuShrine - DragonPieceNZ) DUB ;) :D
    I own the Deltora Quest Nintendo DS game imported from Japan, the good thing about Nintendo DS is that its not region locked/protected, and therefore they can play ANY and EVERY game from ANY or EVERY part of the world, but Iam learning Japanese, and is trying to hack, reprogram and program plus HEX edit a backup of the game, and by that I can change what they says, and translate it, and create a new rom with the translated version. I heard somewher that you could use HEX editing to create and change images too, so I can also change the title and stuff on paper notes, papers and signs and all that on Lief, Barda and Jasmines quest, adventure and journey.
    I will be creating an English walktrough for the game, bu7t the game is only exclusive avaible in Japan in Japanese, and its very rare.

    Now I must get back to my scanlations of Deltora Quest! BACK TO WORK!!! "Iku ze!" (Lets do this!)~Rallens fav-quote from Spectrobes.
    Iam Blades and the other scan and translators personel assistant, I will be working on a secret project nicknamed PROJECT: PB.
    The first chapter is already going through QC, so we already have as you put it, an "error finder".

    You are involved just not officially. If you do your job of reminding me (make sure you stick the times and days I previously mentioned) I will make sure you get mentioned in the credits.

    As for translator please wait til the first chapter is released and then begin translating it (if of course Greg says you can) yourself. I don't think anyone here can really help with that so it will purely be in your hands. That doesn't me we definitely won't help, but we really don't have the ability to.
    Lukas I think you have misunderstood something. Have I ever told you I that you are involved in scanlating?

    The answer is no.

    I think you misunderstood one of my posts. While you are helping me by being my personal assistant, the term personal assistant means you remind me to get back to work, this does not mean you are involved with scanlation.
    Involving you doing a Danish translation this should not be a problem, just simply wait for us to finish a chapter and use that as the basis for your translation. As for the Raws, it is not in my power to grant you access to them.

    Be careful how you ask for things, if you do it in such an overbearing way people might get the wrong idea.

    Also, I would prefer that if you are going to make so many posts in someone's visitor messages it would probably be a better idea to use a Private Message.
    News and Updates. 16/05/2010 (Don't wanna check the time right now sorry)
    Join our (and my) Deltora Quest Group, my Translators Group and my Scanlators Group. The two last groups I mentioned (I think) we are going to let last as public for a little amount of time, and then change over to "Invite- and Aproove Only" cause' we can't have trools flying around us everywhere can we? :)
    -Lukas S.
    News and Updates! 16/05/2010 today 10:13 AM (in my country: 4:13 PM)
    I'am working together with Bladesworn and another >translator< on the Deltora Quest manga trans/scanlations, and we are soon to get started for REAL!
    I own the wiki, and is the admin. Its the only DQ wiki, and the biggest. It was the first that was made, and alot of people used it (I think) but someone else came up and made a ripoff, which was COMPLETLY dead. So dead that I got the permision to have it, and merge it with my own (I mean as a redirect, so that it lead to our wiki). Our wiki had (in the beginning) the name: and not, but the other one use the full name. But now we have the full name, and has the rights to use it. Come join! But not for trooling, spamming and deleting everything on the site, cause' I encountered similiar problems on one of my old other wikis, and the wiki is still being building up! Seya my >Friend(s)!<
    -Lukas S.
    Wanna know anything about Deltora Quest? Then go to my wiki:
    And learn about the series and the land of magic which its set in! Its the best series and stories man! The best author and writer! The best illustrators! The best anime/manga! And the best DS game! Well I think it is... lol.
    Now that I got that out of the way, onto my main point.

    If you really want to help could you please remind me to get back to work on the DQ manga during certain days?

    If I am on Dats I probably got distracted, and I need to get back on track. This way you could get involved in the project (If you do a good job I'll make sure you get mentioned in the credits).

    I am far too busy otherwise to coordinate two different people efforts to work on the same thing. This is the most I can do at the moment to get you involved. Maybe later I can have a chat with you and figure something out.

    Just remember if I am on the forums and active in the spam forum (only remind me to get back to work if I am very active in the spam forum, and make sure I am still online) during the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday while between the times of 9:00 am to 10:30 am and 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

    If you could do that I would be very grateful.
    I will accept your help for something, but I want make a couple of things clear to begin with.

    First, do not call me bladey. Use either blade or bladesworn.

    Second, if you have a problem with something involving a translation please first inquire whether or not the person you are complaining to actually has anything to do with translating (which I do not, I am simply in charge of cleaning, editing, and typesetting).

    Third, there is no third point.

    I am not doing this to be rude or disrespectful, I just want to make sure you understand a couple of things.
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