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Discussion in 'Rec Room' started by omagaalpha, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. omagaalpha

    omagaalpha New Member

    Zoid Gensis ending >>>>*Warning alert spoiler*<<<<

    Just finish watch the end of Zoid Gensis.
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    I was think should have another episode on what happen after got done battle instand of put all in last few minutes of end last episode. Also I was surpise that Murasame Liger
    and it ability to regenerate seem to even effect Generators to repair and get running again at home village. Or did people sky help repair generator to work again?

    Notice did not show what happen rest oringnal team members. Kind of leave open end for another season swith ame character if ask me.

    Any way what all your thoughts of those who watch last episode of what was meaning of did show in last episode of what happen after battle?
  2. Liger

    Liger Overlord of ZOIDS-Anime

    hmm was that a spoiler for the ending if so aww you just spoiled it for the ppl who havent seen it xD
  3. SpiritBoy

    SpiritBoy New Member

    Man, I really didn't like Genesis' ending.
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    The last battle wasn't really epic as I expected. The old guy should've stayed dead, not come back. Murasame Liger abillity to regenerate was way too stupid. And how did the other zoids moved? Two zoid's core? What the hell? Even the DS had one, and he was combined out of two zoids.
    The ending is way, way to open. I can't even tell what happend to Ryuuji. Did he became a teacher? Did he fix the generator and left or did he stay?
    I don't know dammit.
  4. omagaalpha

    omagaalpha New Member

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    Actual I under impression regenerate ability extend beyond the zoid it self which cause other Zoids to be restored and the regenerate ability restored all generator that were broken. Though kind of like regenerate ability but probably could of done better job in final battle though.
  5. Hub

    Hub New Member

    Okay I can't relate here. Can someone tell me where I can watch this series? Cause I only watched until Volcano appeared.
  6. misthero

    misthero New Member

    @ Hub : There's a torrent... Zoids Genesis 1-50 find it.
    @ topic :
    somehow i feel that there's a second part for Zoids Genesis... i mean come on... Zoids CC ended up continuing towards Zoids GF..... Zoids NCZ towards Zoids Fuzors... anywho... i feel that the new episodes (if there are any) might consist of new Bio Zoids.
    Oh and i might add, new characters (Re Mei staying... looge... i dont even want to know -_-)

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