Why Class 5-2 DOES matter

Discussion in 'News' started by Dash, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    Why Class 5-2 DOES matter

    Ugh... this is depressing. I really really really want to finish Class 5-2... I just wish I could find a translator that would be willing to...

    I mean, it's currently my favorite thing we do. Sure, I like/have liked a number of our projects... but it's fun working on something you really enjoy. Not just something you're stuck doing (Penguin, Inazuma, Stitch...)

    I mean, it's the only series that I will actually time. If you don't read the credits, you may not realize that I don't really time stuff. I'll time short 5 minute episodes... but before Class 5-2, the last full, 24 minute episode that I timed was Pipopa 01. And that was released last September. (Timed early summer >_>)

    It's such a fun series too. Sure, you have to be a bit of a perv to see the humor... but I sit and laugh as I edit the scripts. (Yeah, I did editing too) It's fun when you're able to sit and laugh from the scripts alone, without even seeing the video yet...

    But yet, two translators have ducked out on me for this series ._. Whatshisface and Chaz... both~ gone~ I've tried asking other DATS translators, but no one is interested. It's like Penguin, except we actually get people asking about our releases. :( (Even if it's just suiton, but hey, it's more than we get for say... well, most of our stuff)

    It's just ugh. I have two episodes released, and half of another translated. I don't get why no one is interested in doing the remaining 10.5 episodes... or even just to help out on a few. :(

    I do intend on finishing it... someday. I have no clue when that'll be, but it'll be someday. It'll have my karaokes, it'll have my timing, it'll have my editing. It may not be until the day when I can translate it myself... but I'll finish it. ._.

    It's just ugh... everyone else can find translators for their stuff. There'll be umpteen groups on FmA2, every other fanservice show gets 20 groups on it... but for the one show that we're the only "quality" group... I can't find a translator. >o<

    *sighs and wanders off to bed~*


    Uhm. One PV later today for sure. Probably a Saru ep (8). Maybe another PV. It'll be either two PVs or one PV and one Saru. Depends on when Ryan gets home and if he has time to do his work on the PV~ My PV is in QC~

    Oh, and uhm, new series too. Will probably release ep1... tomorrow? Monday? Depends. Might just leave it in the Release Bin. :p

    OVA 1 should be available as soon as Umi works out the nifty encode deal we're gonna do. OVA 2 will be worked on tomorrow. OVA 3/4 will be done whenever Futa has time. Kuro 7/8 are in his hands now. He says he'll do 7 for sure today, 8 if he has time. 6 will go out as soon as Ryan encodes it. Saru 19-20 are done with QC and need to have scripts fixed. Stitch 03 is about ready. Need to do script fixes. Saru 22/23/25 are ready for TS. I'll do those tomorrow. Or soon. >o< Maybe I'll be energized if 24 gets timed.
  2. Vincentdante

    Vincentdante Member

    I quite enjoy 5-2 as well. I share your heart ache as my favorite shows have been pushed to the back as well, Deltora quest, hatenkou yuugi and now kiroshitsuji T.T

    Since I look at the credits occasioanaly I know you also worked on Deltora Quest :]
  3. redcat5

    redcat5 New Member

    just don`t give up just don`t give up
  4. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    5-2 is a really interesting series. I really enjoy it (just as many other series DATS subs), but there are times where just no one is willing to TL it. Let's just hope somebody will come around willing to help out.
  5. katawe

    katawe New Member

    Poor Class 5-2...If I had more free time, I'd help... : (

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