Which RnR track that you like the most??


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Which RnR track that you like the most??

Just more specialized than the previous thread

Which track of your fav. RnR soundtrack that you like the most??

For me, i like the.... RnR 2 Remix for the RnR 2 Title screen


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Yeah, "Shooting Star Ver.RR2" is easily the best track I've heard since Battle Network's original theme for 1-3.

But just to shy away from the cliché answer, my favorite in-game track is "Theme of Orihime".


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The Hero music from the first game is my favorite, but for game theme songs, RnR2's menu theme is the best out of both games.


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DarkRock;133005 said:
The Wave Battle theme of RnR 2

from the anime...i like sonia sky's feel inside(her first insertion song...)i've seen guys on youtube that have friends who are absolute sonia fanatics


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I like the title screen for the first RNR game, really catchy, I want it to be my cell phone ringtone