Which Charactar are YOU like?


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Which Charactar are YOU like?

Well, the title says it all, which charactar are you like?

I personally am like...Solo, Subaru, and the guy who gets taken over by Condor.

Reasons: I'm pretty independant and quiet like Solo. But I'm also like Subaru who's got friends supporting him and is always there to help whoever it is. Lastly, the reason I'm like the Tribal Chief is...I worship Rockman >_<.


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You know, if I could ever find a character that reminds me of myself, I'd probably spam how much I loved them.

The one that probably comes closest is War-Rock, since he gets sick of boring things and bullcrap people say very quickly.


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Well, for my favorite, i always choose the villains
And my favorite is Bly/Burai and Gemini Spark
Man, they're just awesome


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Missed the point of the question...which charactar are you like, not your favorites, and personally, I also like Bly! :D


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I have no idea who I'm most like. But both my boyfriend and one of my other friends keep calling me Luna now XP Each time they do, I smack them ^_^ It just makes me feel awkward when I'm called a character, even if it's one of my favorites XD

Edit: Their reasoning:
1. They think I'm rich >___>
2. How "passionate" I get about things
3. How I can be in denial about ceartain things
4. How I hate asking for help.
5. How I'm a perfectionist.
6. How I hate to fail.

Some other stuff that I usually don't pay attention to XP


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PrimoPiccolo;25678 said:
But Luna always has help from her two loyal monkeys--er, best friends.

Not that kind of help XD I have two people I ask for help for the stuff she asks for too. It's for something else that I can't really explain :p There's more to it, but it was late last night so I kind of screwed up on the list seeing how I don't think I'm like her and they're jerks T_____T Who need serious punches to the face.

Edit: Okay, after thinking while rushing to get ready for my special day of work today -_- I have thought of an example: Pretty much the whole thing with her parents when she just did everything by herself, didn't really bother explaining to anyone, and ended up breaking down when caught. Supposably that sums me up in a nutshell. Yeah, my friends suck XP


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give me a bit time to think of a text
I´m a bit like Saburu too: I´m extrem helpful (a friend once joked that I should call a doctor, I´m too helpful, it could be something serious ^^), even if I don´t like a person; I just can´t see someone I know suffer ^^


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I know what you mean...I'm always offering to help somehow...by letting them cheat on homework, tutoring...and money loaning, etc.


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Hmm... I guess I'm... I dunno... I'm kinda like Subaru. Depends on friends for comfort, and *cough* extremely helpful *cough*.


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Gotta make a correction
For traits, i think i'm like......
I can be very thrilling and cruel if i targetted someone
Though i'm not that strong and quiet
My talkative side is just like Subaru


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Hm..... when I think about it.... I'm probably more like Subaru's mom then anyone else... for one thing... I'm nice ^^ but also like to play around XD


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DarkRock;133006 said:
Dunno who I'm like. Lazy, prefers games over homework(who doesn't?), stay up all night gaming.

Holy thead necro, Batman!

Anyway, it sounds like something Netto would do (the lazy and liking games, i.e. NetBattles, more than homework is DEFINITELY him).

As for me...I don't think I fit in with any of the characters that I know of.

If anything, I can probably associate myself with Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh! I know she isn't from any of the Rockman anime, but her attitude and what not is almost exactly like me.

But, if I had to choose...I would say Enzan, to an extent.