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Discussion in 'Rockman' started by Role, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Role

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    What if...

    Not sure if we have a what if thread yet... Again, I couldn't find one, so here we go!

    The what if thread is simply that: What if Capcom did this? What would the games be like? Post your version of what you think happened, then the next person posts their version of what they thing, followed by a what if of their own.

    Basically: Always open your post with the answer to the previous post's what if. Then post your own what if and answer. Then at the end, add to any discussions about any of the previous posts.

    What if... Capcom made a DS game for EXE6, similar to EXE5?

    If it happened... As an unlockable, once you beat both sides of the story, you'll be able to Beast-Cross with any of the 10 crosses, using either beast. Though it won't be crossable, you'll be able to double-beast. Similar to 5, a soul-cross will be possible with Bass. Bass cross will be the new normal-type form, meaning that crossing and beasting will take precedence over Bass form. Of course, all of this is post-game, and won't be able to be used in-game.
  2. Zodiac

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    What if Capcom decided to create an EXE 6.5?

    As a "tribute" to the anime, I think they'd probably make something about Beyondard...

    Anyway, that one sucked. Let's try:

    What if Capcom made a port between the DS 6 game mentioned above and the new Ryuusei 3?

    I'd want War-soul to be unlockable by Brotherband... And if EXE DS 5 permits, have a double-cross.

    A double-beast Megaman? As in, [Gr/Fz/M]? No idea what that would look like.

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