There is a Plot?


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There is a Plot?

So in Fireball 04 Gedächtnis mentions that the Castle is surrounded by a city ( okay, we knew that ) and the city is surrounded by a desert, where Human Troops are stationated.

Do you think that will lead to a further plot?


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PrimoPiccolo;50586 said:
You're kind of missing the point of the project. To laugh, and not think.

Laugh? In no way have I found it funny or amusing. It makes me thing of the clock ticking by :-(
But seriously, I'm just weird XD

It would really be nice if there was a plot though.


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There was a plot if you watched the whole series... though it was kinda weird. xD


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Yep. Really hope there is Season 2 soon!
And yes, I was right that it would play a role in the future.

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