The 40th Canadian Election

Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by Zodiac, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    The 40th Canadian Election

    Today's the day.

    Well, today was the day. It's now 10 p.m. where I live, and the voting closed half an hour ago.

    I'm currently awaiting results on the election, and am creating a text file with information every 15 seconds starting from 21:30 EDT on the election. (Which means that by the time I close the program at 7:00 the next morning, It'll already have logged about a megabyte of text.)

    Right now, no data is currently in. But starting at 10:00 EDT, the data will update about once every minute. I'm getting it every 15 seconds just in case.

    Okay, damn, the data isn't coming up correctly.
  2. G4bumon

    G4bumon <b>Timer</b>

    Yeah, when I just got off work I went to vote, though it kinda sucks because were I work there is a voting station but it isn't for my area.
  3. Zodiac

    Zodiac Gurren Brigade Member

    For anyone who's interested, the results are as follows:

    Total: 308 seats
    Conservatives: 143 seats
    Liberals: 76 seats
    NDP: 37 seats
    Bloc Quebecois: 50 seats
    Other parties: 2 seats
    Green Party: 0 seats

    Note that Conservative (the equivalent of Republican) is blue, while Liberal (the equivalent of Democrat) is red. Let's hope that the same colours are elected, instead of the same parties.
  4. megumi

    megumi SPAM BOT Staff Member WARNING WARNING

    Haha. xD You just never know. Well, we'll know when the US elections come around.
  5. Yuumei

    Yuumei Spinzaku

    Wow, go Bloc! XD

    Too bad Green didn't get any... but I heard they got like 6% of the votes or something.
  6. jennysmith

    jennysmith New Member

    40th Canadian Election

    Rather Stephen Harper has proved the Canadians are not yet ready for too much change. Stephane Dion is again officially the opposition.It was interesting to see how the parties fared as the results came in. The irony that 2008 historically recorded the lowest voter turn out had not much to do with the election results. Harper seemed to be the winner in all regards. He managed to create a Conservative government with panache.


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