Stitch... English Dub

Discussion in 'General ChitChat' started by Skr, May 19, 2010.

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    Stitch... English Dub

    I was browsing through ANN today... looking at different voice actor's pages and I saw one who had a part listed for Stitch! So I went over to the Stitch page... and they have a whole cast up and listed.

    Not sure if/when it's starting... or if it already has, but they are are apparently planning on using it?

    Found it funny that the guy who voices Sai in Naruto voices Stitch though...

    They definitely aren't using the Disney voices... and looks like a Bang Zoom production... Viz, Bandai, Section23?

    The first season began airing under the English language on Disney Channel (Australia) on Friday, 4 December 2009 at 3:30 PM, and went to also air in English later on Disney Channel Asia December 19, 2009.

    From Wikipedia... why does Australia get all these dubs?

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