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Discussion in 'Digimon' started by Hagaren Gao, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    Spirit Revolution!

    I've got a game for you. You're Ophanimon, and you have all ten Spirits. The Trailmon arrives, and it's carrying every digidestined and Tamer except the Frontier DigiDestined. You're free to give any Digidestined or Tamer any set of Spirits you want. Who gets which Spirit?

    Ok, so I'll start with the spirit of fire. The leaders of each season generally have the most firey personalities, but then there are the couple of characters like Kazu and Ryo (If he's anything like the 'Hot Blooded' manga...). That aside, the leaders all have the element of fire.

    Comparing personalitites, Tai is closest to Takuya. But somehow I see Marcus with the spirit of fire. He definitely has the most firey personality (A burning passion to fight, a wildfire of....emotions...k Ill stop now), but he also matches Agunimon in the fact that they mostly fight physically. Marcus is stronged willed and freaking powerfull, and he'd make a pretty good Agunimon if you ask me. Although I really can't imagine him using those guns as BurningGreymon...

    Plus being an Agumimon would give him more of a point to beating the crap out of Digimon.

    Oi, I can't picture anyone else with the Spirit of Light...Kouji was just perfect for it. I suppose Matt would have to fill the bill, although I think Ryo might be able to fill the bill as well. (Maybe it's because Ryo and Kouji have the same VA?...naw...)

    Weather he likes it or not, I think Ken would have the Darkness spirits. Ken is the one (Kouichi aside) who has dealt with darkness the most. I'm sure he would not want the spirits nor would he use them (at least much), but he could learn to pull a Riku and use his Darkness for good.

    I want to say Mimi for the spirit of wind, but she's not real keen on fighting, and Kazemon and Zyphermon are definitely fighters. Too pink for Rika (Who would promptly kill herself if she was wearing that anyway), so I would probably say Yoshino, as she actually kicks a good amount of butt. And her costume would match rosemon to an extent...

    Henry gets the Thunder spirits. He reminds me the most of JP, and as we have seen with MegaGargomon, can be a pretty good tank. Beetlemon and MetalKabuterimon are ehavy hitters, and Henry has the ability to effectively use those powers.

    The spirits of Ice and Water were the most tough, but I think i'd give one of them to Kenta. Yes, Kenta. Lets pretend that Kenta+Water Spirit equils something male. But I'll probablly lean towards him haviung Ice instead.

    Thomas gets the Metal spirit. Mercurymon has an odd attack and defence, and I think Thomas could definately put that to good use, him being one of the smartest characters AND probablly the best stratigist out of all the Digidestined and Tamers.

    Rika gets the water spirit I suppose, because I don't really have any better Ideas. Maybe...Michel, if we can get some sort of Male version of the Water Spirit. Hey, any character can be used, right? :)

    Cody and Kazu get the spirits of Wood and Earth respectively because I say so. =_=

    So what are your thoughts of this? People talk about what Digimon partners the Frontier kids should have, but you never hear it the other way around like this!
  2. Dash

    Dash I Ireland Staff Member Supreme Dictator

    I haven't watched Frontier, so I'm semi pulling this out of my ass, but judging from what I know.

    Wouldn't Hikari work with the Spirit of Light? Yeah, the Digimon wouldn't work perfectly with her, but after all, she does host the Crest of Light. As seen in Zero Two, she isn't always the damsel in distress - she can kick some serious ass if needed.
  3. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    If we can fit Armro, it won´t a be problem. Male Ranamon would probably some kind of muscular Frog Guy in a blue Swimsuit. Female Agnimon = Agnimon with a more feminine shape etc.

    ( LOL. I at one point considered the Savers getting those Hybrid forms along a second and third Partner for a One shot FF )

    Fire: Definately Masaru. He has a fiery temperament and likes to beat up Digimon all on himself. "Hey ! It´s that Lady with the Spirits !"

    Wind: Fairymon could so kicked butt if he had the right person to go with her. ( Talking about my experience from D-Project ). Ruki would fit, but might not like the look. Sora could fit aswell, but I really think that Yoshino could take the best out of the Wind Spirits. "This Outfit makes me look like flying Fanservice. This is the Worst !"

    Ice: You would need a small Kid for those, so my choice would Ikuto since he is the one who won´t be whiny. I guess he would also uses them the honor Yukidarumon. And throwing that Boomerang of his might help him when handling Axes.

    Darkness: Someone you want to kill off. LOL ! Just kidding. Can we take Manga Characters into account ? Then I would say that Shou fits well.

    Light: In my FF it would have been Touma, but obly because he is the Lone Wolf. takeru would fit aswell, bt only if you want the Light Guy complaining about the Darkness Guy all the time.

    Water: Ruki would rock the House with those. A good alternative would be Ami, who has so much unused potential.

    Lightning: No clue.

    Wood: Someone who is as funny as Arbormon. Ivan or Ysuhima would fit in my opinion, but I don´t want to overload it with Saver Characters.

    Steel: ?

    Earth: ?
  4. PrimoPiccolo

    PrimoPiccolo After 100 Million Nights

    Wow, good question. Love Frontier, so I'm going to enjoy this.

    Spirit of Fire goes to Kouki. Why Kouki? Because everyone else already said Masaru, and they're exactly alike anyway. XD

    Spirit of Light is Rika's. She's a lone wolf, and more than likely a female in the outfit would resemble Sakuyamon. LOL

    Spirit of Ice for Takato. Tommy was a firecracker under all his fraidy-cat layers, and we all know Takato goes apefrag on you if you push him too far. Him turning into an axe-swinging bear oddly fits him. :D

    Spirit of Wind is all Yolei's. The flightcap she assumed in the Digital World implied some fascination with air travel, so the flying forms would suit her well. Plus she got huffy as often if not more often than Zoe, you'd do well to fear her.

    Spirit of Thunder, Ivan. Seems whenever J.P. really stepped up, it was for the benefit of someone else, which Ivan did for his brothers and sisters. Plus Stegomon and Spinomon were powerhouses, so he'd know how to handle that kind of firepower.

    Spirit of Earth is best with Cody. Tiny and standoffish like Grumblemon, and since he practiced Kendo he's probably be good with that mallet. LOL

    Spirit of Wood... for some reason, I go with Sora. Maybe because she learned how to care for flowers from her mom?

    Spirit of Water showers upon Nanami, mostly because she's a scheming biatch. LOL! Not to mention the great use she'd put to those tentacles in either form, even if they didn't all retain her likeness.

    Spirit of Steel can only be Touma. There's no other kid who did more in the way of battle strategy or underlying betrayal than him, he reflects Mercurymon perfectly.

    Spirit of Darkness seems to call to Jeri. Never quite feeling worthy of the life she lived, always hiding a pain deep inside, and able to be used as a tool for a greater evil. Plus, when cleansed, she can become a lion! XD

    Dang, is that ten already? I was having fun with this.
  5. Ingrimm

    Ingrimm Member

    Well, I'm going for Savers... ^^

    Marcus gets Earth (because of GeoGreymon) and of course Flame (because of his "burning fist of fury...:D).
    Thomas gets Steel and Thunder . Don't ask me why, it just fits that way... ;)
    Yoshino gets Wood because of her plant Digimon and Light for the beauty of Rosemon.
    Keenan gets Wind because of his bird Digimon and Darkness because of Ravemons dark side.

    Two Spirits left? ^^
    Sampson gets Ice and Yushima gets Water... :)
  6. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Oh good, you are using the Dub Names. Too horrible.

    Yoshino and Wood ? Actually fits somehow, seeing how Raramon seems to be based on Arbormon and Petaldramon aswell as Palmon and her Evos.

    BTW: I really would do something against how KaiserGrey and MagnaGaruru are used, giving all the Power to Fire and Light and leaving the others vulnerable.

    Perhaps some kind of Team Cockpit ?
  7. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Do remember, the forms they take depend on the person (points to Kouji). So, with that said, give fire to a girl, you WON'T get Agnimon, but something new. With that said, I won't be saying what they will become, but rather what spirit they'd receive.

    01: Masaru makes most sense to me with fire. Plus, he'd probably use it the best. ^-^ Also the only main/leader type character I liked at all. Taichi and Daisuke can go to hell. The others were 'okay' at best.
    02: I'll agree with most and say Hikari would get Light, since, you know, it's kinda her thing.
    03: I give Takeru Metal simply because I'm associating Hope with Metal in a fanfic I'm writing... Other than that, I don't really see anyone working with this element.
    04: Yamato gets Ice, since MetalGarurumon's attacks seem of that nature.
    05: Yoshino gets Wood, matching her partner.
    06: Going off of the DS game system, with Gaomon being earth-based, Touma gets Earth.
    07: Ikuto gets Darkness. He's the only one I could possibly see with it.
    08: Koushiro gets Lightning. Just seems to fit for him.
    09: Water goes to Jou. The only one with a water-based digimon to my knowledge.
    10: As for Wind... Miyako I guess. Only because she's the only new Adventure 02 character I liked.
  8. Yuki2

    Yuki2 Hearts Beywiki

    Awesome question, Hagaren.

    (I'll probably use dub names since I don't know a lot of the japanese ones)
    Fire: Taichi/Tai (Adventure)
    Light: T.K. Don't know why. =/
    Thunder: Rio (Tamers)
    Wind: Yolei
    Ice: Rika
    Ground: Henry
    Wood: Yoshino
    Metal: Touma
    Water: ...I want to say Joe (Adventure), but I don't know why.
    Darkness: Ikuto
  9. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    That counts for Digimentals, not Spirits. The result seems to be fully determined by the Spirit. As you might notice, Kouichi´s Spirits were corrupted, giving him a different form. And we saw Shamamon becoming Vritramon...

    So Girl + Spirit of Fire = female Agnimon.
    Please don´t let us think about male Fairymon at this point
  10. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    Not necessarily. That was just one incarnation of it. Both Duskmon AND Lowemon are Human-type Spirit forms for Darkness. Both are valid. Please have a bit more of an open mind with this and remember that there IS the possibility for multiple forms.

    After all, Greymon isn't the only champion form for Agumon, now is it? There's also GeoGreymon.

    Besides, I don't wanna think of a Jou-Ranamon. EVER. So lets just say I was right and avoid the disturbing imagery. XP
  11. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    And that´s the wrong point.

    Spirit Evolution is a bit different, with having the Spirit determine the form. While alternate Armor Forms are known other than those shown in the Anime ( where the Digimental also resembles the Armor of the evolved form ), we don´t know about other Forms originating from the Spirits. Taking Sahmamon becoming Vritramon for example. Or Koucihi´s Spirits. If it would work like you said, the Spirits wouldn´t have to change.
  12. Ingrimm

    Ingrimm Member

    Actually it hurts me physically when I'm using "Keenan", but I want to get used to those stupid names so I'm not thinking "OMG that's wrong" whenever they use them on TV. :D
    (But yeah, I better return to the original names.:rolleyes:)
  13. Role

    Role Fanfic Writer & RPer Returning Member

    No, you're missing my point entirely. Was is it with boys and just not understanding anything recently?

    First: You're assuming I'm talking of Armor evolution. I'm not. And you keep making the same point about Vritramon with Shamamon. Shamamon, however, is a digimon, not a human. How would you know whether or not it affect them equally? Unless you have the words 'creator of digimon' stamped across your forehead, you are no genius on the subject. You're views are just as valid as mine.

    Second: Who is to say that that was the only ones there are? Perhaps if frontier had a sequel, the new fire might have a V-mon basis/theme or something. Don't assume you know everything about it just because your a fan. I know I don't. But I'm not stupid enough to close my mind to other ideas. After all, I didn't create the show. Who's to say that there isn't a possibility that there could be different ones. Certainly not a mere fan. Besides, though there are only two fusion forms that appeared in the anime (Ardhamon and Beowulfmon), and only one Rookie Form (Flamon), you have Strabimon as a rookie, and Daipenmon, JetSilphymon, Raihimon, and RhinoKabuterimon as Fusion level forms. Yet, they never were seen in the anime. So what are you to say that there's not other forms out there?

    Third: I think we all agree that we don't wanna see cross-gender digimon. So if for nothing else, let's just say that there's other forms. Rather than saying that so-and-so will be Agnimon, just say they get the spirit of fire. Need we go on like this and allow it to evolve into a never ending argument? Or can we just all agree to drop it here and try to enjoy ourselves?
  14. digipinky75910

    digipinky75910 New Member

    HagarenGao, you stole my game! Ah well, it's fun to open it to all.

    I'm glad that Nanami, Ivan, and Kouki were added in as possibilities - I wanted to specify in the original context that any age-appropriate characters from any season are available. In addition, I understood that they were all Human-Digimon hybrids, so Takuya + Fire = Agunimon and Kouji + Fire would likely get something different. That said, now I should probably enter in my own game.

    Darkness: Alice from Tamers. - This whole game was sorta spawned by a fanfiction that made me realize how much Alice and Kouichi (at least in the fic) were alike. I think this combo might create something like Bastemon.
    Light: Ryo or Matt perhaps, that focused lone wolf soldier quality. I did ponder what would happen if it was crossed with a girl like Kari and I imagined a sortof watered-down Angewomon. Maybe Amazonmon!
    Fire: Masaru might make a good personality, but I want to give it to Takato to help him grow. Somehow I'd like to see Tai and his hair Spirit Evolve, and as much as I love Davis, I wouldn't trust him with the Flame.
    Wind: Sora and Yolei are good candidates, but like Takato, I think it would help Sora more.
    Thunder: Maybe Izzy. Maybe Kenta.
    Ice: Cody. About as far from Tomoki as you can get.
    Earth: I'm liking Kazu. Might be good for any temperamental character.
    Water: Ruki does have a blue digivice for a reason, it's turbulent and changing nature seems to suit her. If it came to a boy, I imagine something like this - http://www.yugioh-cards.net/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/sd3/SD4-EN003.jpg
    Wood: Mimi, Jeri perhaps. For a girl, I'm imagining forms like Lilamon and Kabukimon and Sunflowmon. Maybe a joined form something like Sakuyamon.
    Steel: Yeah, I like Touma for this one.
  15. Hagaren Gao

    Hagaren Gao Guess I'm fired now

    Hm? I would never steal from you! =D *sweatdrop*
    I almost spit my soup all over the computer XD
  16. MugenSeiRyuu

    MugenSeiRyuu Savers Girls Fanboy

    Yoshino knows the Answer.
    "Men are dumb !"
    Unfortunately some Girls are also dumb.

    I´m not assuming you are talking about Armor Evolution. I´m pointing out a few things since Spirits resemble Digimentals to a degree. I assume you don´t know what an Evolution Item is. I actually think that one of these compares better to a Spirit. It´s an Item that allows a Digimno to evolve to a certain other Digimon. The Digimon that uses it does not matter ( as long as it fullfills the Evolutinary Level required to use it ) and the result is always the same Digimon. You can finf those in the first Digimon World, but also some of the V-Pets, like the iC.

    Oh, I´m aware of those. JetSilphymon currently got her second Card. Those are however not alternate Forms, but Forms created by Using two Spirits at once/using an A-Spirit in the Digivice. However, unlike alternate Armor Evos, there are no Alternate Forms to appear in any Media.

    Now I´m finished, yes.

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