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I had a spam to my e-mail adress and they say it is from you guys
I thought our e-mails is not to be seen and the idea of spamming is not something... good for all sides :(

New Private Message at DATS Forums‏
From: DATS Forums (

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!*************************** Dear Omegamon, You have received a new private message at DATS Forums from shoesmant, entitled "What shoes do you like?". To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here: This is the message that was sent:-***************HI, Omegamon!We present the new online shop of shoes http://usa-shoes.Co.CC ! In our shop you will find discount kid shoes (http://usa-shoes.Co.CC/discount-kid-shoes.php) , womah shoes, manservant shoes and children shoes. We have the best vendors of shoes:Chaco, eS, Adidas, Reebok, Acorn, Acorn Kids, of shoes for kids (http://shop-shoes.Co.CC/of-shoes-for-kids.php) , Adio, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Kids, Ahnu, AK Anne Klein, Alexander McQueen, Allen-Edmonds, Allrounder before Mephisto, Clarks, Cobian, Columbia, Cordani, Cougar Kids, D&G, Dansko, David Tate, etc. We give you up to 40% discount. Compare our prices!!! These are wholesale ones!What is more, we will ship your product for FREE to any state and give you tracking number in 1- 3 days after the payment!And at last: No hidden fees and charges! Pay us with secured PayPal merchants’ service!! Kindest Regards, shoes manager.On-line shoes-shop "dg shoes for kids ( "*************** Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message: All the best,DATS Forums


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You currently have it set up so that you get an e-mail whenever a new private message is sent. Your e-mail is not publically viewable unless you set it to be so.

We occasionally get spammers that send out mass amounts of Private Messages here on the forums. I'm sorry that you got one, but as you can see, the user has since been banned.


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Be happy they didn't completely rape the forum. RIR was hit so fucking hard DreamHost told me I had to remove the forum XD The hentai is all still there, though, except for the submissions.

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lol. I also received one of the shoe advertisements. I also saw some accounts such as "CheapOEMSoftware", I was wondering who would notice this first... At my forum in my website, I get about 25 every week (phpbb3), I also get this collection of users (fortunately, I required e-mail activation, so they couldn't do any damage since the provided e-mails were non-existant). It was a pain having to delete them one by one!

My research indicates that these malicious users came from APNIC and RIPE NCC (eastern hemisphere), especially Russia and south-east Asia (i.e. Malaysia, not Hong Kong/P.R.C./Taiwan).

I don't think these people actually want to sell us stuff, they just want to piss us off with spam =b.