Sign here if you ever got the RROD

Sign here if you ever got the RROD

I just got it damn ; ; disheartening to say the least... Now a new thread must be made :p

At least I have my PS3 to fall back on :)


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My PS3's disk drive doesn't read any more so I have to send it in to Sony lulz.

Xbox is doing okay though.
My mate told me when his PS3 broke sony actually came around and replaced the PS3 on the spot. I was amazed to hear that story. Lucky for me my PS3 hasn't had any problems or I would be without gaming for a few weeks.

My Xbox is gonna be sent out tomorrow though.


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My 360's just been hit by lightening. It was under warranty still at the time though. Had it two years now. Most trouble I've ever had with a system was my NES. lol.