Share your Deviantart Account!


Spirit Evolution
Share your Deviantart Account!

If any of you guys have devianart account let's post it here so everyone can keep tracking everyone artworks.

Mine is

Also I found some one on this forum too and already add to friendlist xD

I'll update this reply to add more ACC if you guys post your DA ACC xD

Shall we make a Digimon Group? xD

Let's us united to create the Digimon Socity lolz :p


Boom de yada boom de yada
I.. could have sworn there was a thread like this I added to.. but could have been at another site o_o

If we made a Digimon group I'd probably be left out... seeing as I don't draw anything from it 6_6;

I've run across your page before Constrictor :-O *gasp!*


That one guy
I have a DA account, but I barely use it. Not much point in posting.

If some random guy with a Matt Engarde avatar comments on something it's me though. >_>

...Oh, and also dayum Constrictor, you're good at CGing. Even if the RnR one made me :confused: for a bit.


Boom de yada boom de yada
FlameStream;18471 said:
I'm not an artist. I just draw.

O___o buh. I don't know how you don't concider yourself an artist. Your art and colour pallet are amazing. (I've run passed your gallery before apparently too. lol) Good luck for drawing more